Hippocrates v Hypocrite  



1 Why have we abandoned ALL rationality when it comes to Vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs in general?

2 Why is IATROGENIC death (death caused by medical error) third of all causes of death and what are we doing to address the situation?

3 Why is the medical profession not remotely interested in the huge stash of peer review scientific literature that associates antigens and mercury in vaccines with levels of autism?

4 Why is nobody interested in the tireless work of RF Kennedy Jnr to expose the dangers inherent in many vaccines?

5 Why is no one interested in the fact that according to W.H.O. the ONLY polio virus circulating in the Third World is vaccine induced?

6 Why is no one interested in the fact that bona fide physicians and scientists have identified the fact that tetanus vaccines being introduced throughout Kenya contain known sterilizing agents?

7 Why is nobody interested in the fact that there have been massive and deleterious effects recorded across the globe for the Gardasil vaccine?

8 Why are doctors and nurses across the globe, with only a very few honourable exceptions, allowing a new genetic engineering technology to be introduced into millions of human beings under the cloak of a vaccination campaign without a murmur?

9 Why have vaccine companies successfully lobbied governments across the globe to be immune from ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for their products?

10 Why have mortality rates among the elderly in nursing homes skyrocketed since the introduction of the COVID vaccine?

11 Why was it necessary to introduce a ruling that anybody dying within 28 days of a positive test regardless of ANY other disease condition was to be designated as having died of COVID?

12 Why has influenza disappeared from the planet since the introduction of COVID19?

13 Why has the COVID19 virus never been isolated or shown to exist?

14 Why is the disease being tested for with a device - the RT PCR Test - that was never designed to designate any disease let alone a disease that has never been proven to exist?

15 Why were the instructions for using the PCR test deliberately ignored and run at levels of amplification known to produce almost 100% false positives throughout the year of 2020?

16 Why has there been virtually no excess mortality across the globe until the introduction of the vaccine?

17 Why is ANY contrary narrative concerning COVID19 or the untried and untested vaccines being rigorously censored across all media platforms?

18 Why have mask mandates been introduced across the globe in spite of minimal scientific research proving efficacy and clear scientific research proving the highly dangerous consequences of long term mask usage?

19 Why are we not allowed to question the safety of 5G and most pertinently the Agenda behind it?

20 Why has the notion of a Great Reset been branded a conspiracy theory when the World Economic Forum is clearly propounding the same?

21 Why is the no 1 proponent of vaccines in the world today Bill Gates, the chief sponsor and manufacturer of vaccines standing to profit by billions of dollars?

22 And finally why are we not being allowed to ask any of these questions?

Why is it now a crime to have a brain of your own?


There is absolutely ZERO logic or rationality behind any facet of the whole COVID pandemic and yet we are supposed to swallow it hook line and sinker, and accept the fact that we can no longer earn a living, that we can no longer meet our loved ones, that we can no longer even meet our families except in 1’s and 2’s...unless we take an entirely experimental vaccine that has already been proven to be lethal.