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When I was growing up in the early 1970’s I came across in my local bookshop a large volume entitled ‘Seth Speaks’ The Eternal Validity of the Soul

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7mGDHMwu-Y

Seth was an entity that took possession of a psychic medium called Jane Roberts. If you are of a hard nosed materialistic disposition you might dismiss it as New Age Woo-hoo. I urge you to overcome that prejudice. I found more wisdom and more common sense concerning the human condition in this one book than I have found in any other book. I keep it by my bedside to this day.

Whether you believe it is an entity called Seth or the writer Jane Roberts speaking, whether you label Roberts as being schizophrenic suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder or some other invented condition matters not to me. The fact remains he/she/it/they understood more about the human condition than is understood in all the halls of academia or corridors of churches and seminaries combined.

In March 2020 I was touring the internet when I came across this:



As I would have expected Seth is on the nail when it comes to discussing the nature of viruses and pandemics.

For instance:

"Many viruses INHERENTLY capable of causing death, in normal conditions contribute to the overall health of the body, existing side by side as it were with other viruses, each contributing quite necessary activities that maintain bodily equilibrium.

"If (certain viruses) are triggered, however, to higher activity or overproduction by mental states, they then become 'deadly.' Physically they may be passed on in whatever manner is peculiar to a specific strain.

"Literally, individual mental problems of sufficient severity emerge as social, mass diseases."

See The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 802

The full text can be found here:


https://www.law-of-attraction-haven.com/support-files/the-individual-and-the-nature-of-mass-events-jane-roberts.pdf  or here:



Seth points out that the obsession with identifying and inoculating against specific viruses means that the human being is often creating antibodies unnecessarily – the immune system is over extended unnecessarily. Seth has a very distinct perspective, namely that people only die when they have decided to die, when they no longer have anything to live for. Therefore it could be said that mass vaccination campaigns assist those who have decided to die already, while many who still desire to live will survive the intrusion.

But the fact of the matter is the inoculation is always an intrusion, and inevitably there is a cut off point where the degree of toxic intrusion will outstrip the organism’s capacity to repel it. This is now happening with the introduction of mRNA vaccines with their nanoparticles and the mechanism that instructs the cells to produce spike proteins that have been identified as themselves being dangerously pathogenic.

Seth identifies pandemics are mass suicide events – that is a decision on the part of the race to die in large numbers, and this is often occasioned by despair.

Seth never ceases to emphasise the psychic component and how this affects the biological, physical realm. For this is what we are first and foremost – biological creatures:

He writes:

Your proud human consciousness rests on the vast "unconscious" integrity of your physical being. In that regard your consciousness is as natural as your toe. In terms of the species' integrity your mental states are, then, highly important. Despair or apathy is a biological "enemy." Social conditions, political states, economic policies, and even religious or philosophical frameworks that foster such mental states, bring about a biological retaliation. They act like fire applied to a plant. The epidemics then serve many purposes — warning that certain conditions will not be tolerated.’

He points out that in epidemics there are often those who survive in spite of the rampant nature of the disease. And these people who survive are those that have a reason to live – just as Viktor Frankl found those who had a reason to live were far more likely to survive the Nazi concentration camps than those who didn’t.

He also makes the important point that medicines and vaccines often work because those who take them believe they will work. See:



and for more comprehensive understanding:




From Lipton’s (and Seth’s) perspective it is not the vaccine that works but the belief of those who take it that it works. This can apply to any number of medications – such as chemotherapy – that make no rational sense at all but may appear to have some efficacy. It is not the chemotherapy that is curing the disease, which from any rational standpoint would be impossible, but the belief of the individual that submitting him or her self to the horrors of the medication will inevitably effect a cure. Therefore the medication becomes a sort of rite of passage.

As Seth points out ‘You cannot be inoculated with the desire to live, or with the zest, delight, or contentment of the healthy animal.’

In an incredibly important passage Seth observes:

‘Despite all "realistic" pragmatic tales to the contrary, the natural state of life itself is one of joy, acquiescence with itself— a state in which action is effective, and the power to act is a natural right. You would see this quite clearly with plants, animals, and all other life if you were not so blinded by beliefs to the contrary. You would feel it in the activity of your bodies, in which the vital individual affirmation of your cells brings about the mass, immensely complicated achievement of your physical being.

That activity naturally promotes health and vitality. I am not speaking of some romanticized, "passive," floppy, spiritual world, but of a clear reality without impediments, in which the opposite of despair and apathy reigns. This book will be devoted, then, to those conditions that best promote spiritual, psychic, and physical zest, the biological and psychic components that make a species desire to continue its kind. Such aspects promote the cooperation of all kinds of life on all levels with one another. No species competes with another, but cooperates to form an environment in which all kinds can creatively exist’

What he is saying is that health is the natural condition of all life and disease is always as a result of a failure of the organism to appreciate and enjoy its own existence. Therefore disease is a failure of life to fulfil its own conditions. Thus quality of life is more important than the quantity of life.

People die when they fall into despair or resignation and lose all quality of life. This is precisely what Wilhelm Reich found in his researches into cancer. That cancer is always as a result of the organism having resigned itself – or consigned itself – to dying.

Seth points out:

‘The dignity of a spirited life demands that a certain quality of experience be maintained’.

And if that quality of experience is lacking then the organism will choose death.

He makes the incredibly important point that all of life is sociable and based on a constant interaction between self and the environment in which it exists. Even the most solitary recluse depends upon the inherent sociability of the cells of his body to continue existing and the cooperation of the natural world and/or the social world to provide his subsistence. There is no such thing as a life that doesn’t belong in some capacity or other. All lives are part of an integrated whole that seeks to sustain itself and propagate itself.

This innate sociability and innate regenerative power of all living matter is a precondition of life. Germs and viruses are appropriated by the organism in order to sustain itself. We are constantly inoculating ourselves and being inoculated by the environment we live in. This complex interaction with the environment is occurring all the time at an autonomic level. With human beings the interaction is impeded and interrupted by the complexity of out thought processes and internal emotional states that all have an impact on the biological field.

This is something that modern medicine almost entirely ignores

Seth points out that modern medicine probably creates as much disease as it cures. I would argue that this balance has almost certainly been tipped – certainly in 2020 – to the point where modern medicine is engendering MORE disease than it cures for you are everywhere hounded by the symptoms of various diseases, and filled with the fear of disease, overwhelmed by what seems to be the body's propensity toward illness — and nowhere is the body's vitality or natural defense system stressed’

I was on holiday this last week and noticed in the pubs and hostelries we visited that the topic of conversation among the elderly was almost entirely focussed on physical ailments. It would seem that we have succeeded in extending life only in order to live sick.

These human beings are not living their lives. They are not capable of being creative. They are not using their lives as we are meant to live them – to engender more life, more vitality, more creativity – but to live out a twilight existence devoted only to contemplating their ailments and infirmities. We have engendered an entire generation of invalids.

This is something Arthur Firstenbirg has addressed:

Contrary to popular belief, the lengthening of the human life span is not due to modern medicine. It is instead caused by the interference with metabolism that slows down our rate of living. And also contrary to popular belief, this is not a good thing: we are all living slower, sicker, less vital lives. This was observed in 1880 by Dr. George Miller Beard in his book on neurasthenia: “Although [neurasthenia] may tend to prolong life and to protect the system against febrile and inflammatory disease, yet the amount of suffering that [it] cause[s] is enormous.” And the same observation was made by Yasuo Kagawa in 1978 about the remarkable increase in lifespan in Japan: “Extended life expectancy but increased diseases.”

See https://apokalypsnu.nl/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Interfering-with-the-Fires-of-Life.pdf


And these are the people that Seth is referring to when he says that people die only when they need to die.

This is borne out in the COVID pandemic when only the very elderly or those with co morbidities are dying, i.e. those whose quality of life has almost reduced to zero anyway.

This is a very difficult principle to acknowledge, so inured are we to the notion that life is an ultimate value – REGARDLESS OF THE QUALITY OF THAT LIFE.

And there can be no question that it is incredibly important that we hold on to this fundamental recognition that life is an ultimate value if we are not to fall into the cesspit of the eugenicists and fascists who believe they can play god and dispense life or death as they see fit.

But we should also bear in mind that life and quality of life should be indistinguishable from one another. Where there is life there should be quality of life. And quality of life is not to be ensured by vaccinations and pharmaceuticals. Quality of life is ONLY to be ensured by ensuring that all the necessities of life are spoken for and that life has the capacity to express itself to the best of its ability.

Seth writes:

In your species the spiritual, mental and psychic abilities add a dimension that is biologically pertinent. There simply must be, for example, a freedom to express ideas, an individual tendency, a worldwide social and political context in which each individual can develop his or her abilities and contribute to the species as a whole. Such a climate depends, however, upon many ideas not universally accepted — and yet the species is so formed that the biological importance of ideas cannot be stressed too strongly.

When quality of life is undermined so is life itself. This is why we die. Because quality of life has fallen below a certain level that we no longer consider it worth living. When we lose the sense of the worth of being alive then we die.

Seth repeatedly returns to this notion of quality of life as the natural birthright of all natural organisms:

‘During their lifetimes animals in their natural state enjoy their vigour and accept their worth. They regulate their own births — and their own deaths. The quality of their lives is such that their abilities are challenged. They enjoy contrasts: that between rest and motion, heat and cold, being in direct contact with natural phenomena that everywhere quickens their experience.’

It is hardly surprising that human beings usually die when confined to a hospice or a nursing home. Because now it is clear there is no possibility of quality of life.

Quality of life must inevitably involve a sense of having a future. This is what distinguishes human beings from all other creatures. A future is a purpose. Without a future there is no purpose. All animals have a natural sense of purpose, a natural sense of a future. But human beings dwell upon it, think about it.

With human beings the critical thing is how we think about ourselves. The reason for the current impasse can entirely be laid at the feet of our tendency to arrogate ourselves above Nature:

‘If you believe that the body is sinful, for example, you cannot expect to be happy, and health will most likely elude you, for your dark beliefs will blemish the psychological and biological integrity with which you were born.

The species is in a state of transition, one of many. This one began, generally speaking, when the species tried to step apart from nature in order to develop the unique kind of consciousness that is presently your own. That consciousness is not a finished product, however, but one meant to change, [to] evolve and develop." Certain artificial divisions were made along the way that must now be dispensed with. You must return, wiser creatures, to the nature that spawned you — not only as loving caretakers but as partners with the other species of the earth. You must discover once again the spirituality of your biological heritage’

And in that one phrase Seth encapsulates the challenge we face namely -  ‘to discover once again the spirituality of our biological heritage’

The characteristic consciousness of the average human being on Planet Earth in 2021 is almost exclusively left brain having little more breadth and depth than an average desk top calculator. Human consciousness has divorced itself from our biological origins, divorced itself from the universe that surrounds us and made us, divorced itself from the incredibly powerful forces of intuition that are open to us if only we will listen. Effectively we are divorced from life. We are disconnected and therefore unable to think rationally; because to think rationally is to compute from all the facts – known and unknown. That is to question and never cease from questioning. It is apparent if we ever had that capacity – and we certainly did when we entered the world – it has been taken away from us. It is time for us to reclaim it!

Our spirituality is contained within our biology. Our potentials and possibilities are entirely contained within our biology. It is not possible to discuss anything relating to the human sphere without referencing our biology.

But our biology is not something that can be dissected and itemised. It is something that can only be experienced from within. It can only be experienced by each individual organism that is in the process of experiencing this thing that it is to be a living breathing organism. Anything else is like a car mechanic examining the screw that holds the dashboard in place or the metal that encases the carburettor in a car engine. The only ones that can really understand the nature of a motor car are the designer and the driver. The designer because he understands how all the component bits that have been thrown together to make the car cohere – or not as the case may be – and the driver because he experiences the quantum net result of all these components cohering.

To experience our biology we first have to become aware of it. To become aware of it we have to silence the chattering of the mind which is almost entirely produced by the left hemisphere, responsible for logical computations.

The fact of the matter is we have become little better than digital units. It is like the distinction between analog and digital.

Analogue and digital signals are used to transmit information, usually through electric signals. In both these technologies, the information, such as any audio or video, is transformed into electric signals. The difference between analogue and digital technologies is that in analogue technology, information is translated into electric pulses of varying amplitude. In digital technology, translation of information is into binary format (zero or one) where each bit is representative of two distinct amplitudes.

We were told that digital was a massive improvement on analogue. It wasn’t.

I realised this many years ago.

I would say the main difference between analogue and digital is that between a living breathing human being and a robot. The capacity to reduce information to a two bit binary system is wonderful when it comes to storing and transferring large amounts of data – but how much information is lost in the process?

The digital geek will tell you nothing is lost but I early in my life realised the distinction.

I have always been a music lover and amassed a large collection of vinyl before digital music systems were even thought of. Then along came the CD and it sounded too good to be true. Apparently you could play Frisbee with your CD’s – unlike vinyl records they were indestructible ( this was a bare faced lie – most CD’s perish long before vinyl) and whereas a vinyl record needed to be turned over every 20 to 30 minutes a CD would play for up to 90 minutes. It sounded wonderful – until that is you came to play one...

And then you realised it was anything but wonderful. It was a quantitative advance on the LP but it most definitely was not a qualitative advance. The only way I can describe it is whereas a good LP gave a 3 D semblance of an orchestra playing in your living room – a CD was determinedly and irrefutably 2 D - that is the sound stored on a CD was two dimensional. It only went in one direction and that was linear. The sound travelled in a straight line. It was aimed at you. And if you had sensitive ears it quickly became painful to listen to. I discovered the only way i could listen to my CD’s was to transfer them to an analogue source. I recorded all my CD’s onto a cassette tape.

The difference was between an organic sound and a metallic inorganic sound.

Such is the world we live in that the organic is being sequestered as being old hat – just like vinyl.


Digital is but a tool that we can use to help us organise data. This seems to have been overlooked. Science has over reached itself to such an extent that we are now required to align ourselves with the digital world as though this was a natural development in our evolution.


I see this distinction between analogue and digital as emblematic of the disease that has infested modern medicine, and indeed all our culture in only a very short space of time – the last 20-30 years.

What has happened? We have become obsessed with the digital, because it appears to have transformed our lives. And of course in so many ways it HAS transformed our lives.

The advent of the world wide web, the development of the mobile devices that have become a ubiquitous part of our lives – laptops, smart phones, ipads, iphones, all the smart devices in our houses and our cars – the internet of things, digital banking, digital currencies- it would appear as though each and every one of us now has the world at our fingertips – literally.

But it comes with a price. And the price is that our lives have become increasingly virtual. So we no longer interact in real time with real people. We no longer have to go into a shop, we no longer have to go into a bank, we no longer have to go anywhere. We can if we so choose spend our entire lives in an armchair.

And that’s not all.

All the time that we’ve been revelling in the new technologies the new possibilities, the extensions of our freedom, our capacity to do so much more in our lives – so much more than our immediate ancestors (my parents) would have even dreamed possible we have been sowing the seeds of our own destruction.

And that has been revealed in this year of 2020.

Suddenly we find we now no longer have the option to be human. We find we are being compelled to be virtual, to live virtual lives. If we want to speak to someone we can’t go knocking on their door we have to Skype them or Zoom them on our mobile devices.

And now we are told we have become vectors for disease. And this now is the only definition of what it is to be human – you are a vector for disease. And if you want any chance of regaining any sort of normality in your life you will have to submit to invasive medical procedures designed to deregulate, and even transform the nature of your biology.

The digital is antipathetical to the biological. This is the critical point. It is in fact an abstraction from the biological.

Seth continues in the passage quoted above:

‘The majority of accepted beliefs — religious, scientific, and cultural — have tended to stress a sense of powerlessness, impotence, and impending doom — a picture in which man and his world is an accidental production with little meaning, isolated yet seemingly ruled by a capricious God. Life is seen as "a valley of tears" — almost as a low-grade infection from which the soul can be cured only by death. Religious, scientific, medical, and cultural communications stress the existence of danger, minimize the purpose of the species or of any individual member of it, or see mankind as the one erratic, half-insane membei of an otherwise orderly realm of nature.

Any or all of the above beliefs are held by various systems of thought. All of these, however, strain the individual's biological sense of integrity, reinforce ideas of danger, and shrink the area of psychological safety that is necessary to maintain the quality possible in life. The body's defense systems become confused to varying degrees.’


He describes here the state of alienation that comes from the human consciousness being trapped in the circular logic of exclusively left brain computation – which let’s face it is essentially digital. That is it is binary. It can only see anything in oppositions. And from this way of perceiving and thinking can easily be controlled into thinking anything. Thus the population becomes easily brain washed by what they are told through the media. Seth addresses this head on in Chapter 2

‘Unfortunately, many of your public health programs, and commercial statements through the various media, provide you with mass meditations of a most deplorable kind. I refer to those in which the specific symptoms of various diseases are given, in which the individual is further told to examine the body with those symptoms in mind. I also refer to those statements that just as unfortunately specify diseases for which the individual may experience no symptoms of an observable kind, but is cautioned that these disastrous physical events may be happening despite his or her feelings of good health.’

In other words you are being trained to see your body as the enemy.

The analogue way of living takes in ALL the information. The digital way can only ever absorb one fact at a time