Hippocrates v Hypocrite  



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When I talk about the disease of modern medicine I am not talking about the thousands and thousands of men and women of good conscience who have devoted their lives to saving lives and looking after the sick and the wounded. I am talking about the weaponization of a noble profession against the human race by monstrous vested interests in a process that has been creeping up on us for decades now and with the COVID19 Pandemic Hoax has reached its End Game.

The vast majority of the human population is oblivious.

I’m not quite sure why I am not oblivious. I have never been remotely interested in politics. I have always suspected it was an irrelevance. Now I am convinced of it.

The response to the COVID19 Pandemic is not being driven by governments and politicians. It is being driven by a huge conglomeration of NGO’s overseen by the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation all financed by a tiny cartel of financiers and globalists.

Health policy globally has now become the primary method of social engineering, and has very little to do with your individual health.

In the essay PAY BACK TIME I have described my experience of being the parent of a child with cancer. This experience was fading into the back story of my life until March 2020 when the sudden instigation of medical fascism across the globe brought back forcibly my experiences negotiating the nebulous realm of paediatric oncology departments.

At the time of my daughter’s illness I had commenced writing a book about our experiences. Life took over, and the project remained in the bottom drawer of my desk. With the instigation of national lockdowns, and finding myself unable to work, I suddenly had the opportunity to pick up where I left off.

I also commenced a period of intense research into the history of medicine and incidentally the history of the globe. Above all I wanted to answer the question: Why? How is it that, in spite of all our much vaunted technology and scientific achievement, we could still be held to ransom by a virus so insignificant that it used to be known as the common cold.

What I discovered was alarming but not entirely surprising to me. For it became clear to me that the whole subject of human health care and management had become co-opted by nefarious forces that had no interest in furthering the cause of human health, but were solely interested in using manipulation of human health as a prime means for profiteering and social engineering.

In order to achieve this, the one thing needful was the demonization of what has been known as the human immune system. I have recently learned that the whole concept of an ‘immune system’ is a total misnomer since it perpetuates the notion that the human organism is at war with the rest of Creation – which is nonsense. But the fact remains that until relatively recently we all accepted the notion that the human organism had the capacity to self regulate - and the name for this was the immune system.

Yet in the past 20 years - the same period that has seen the explosion of the internet and social media – the human immune system has almost been written out of the medical textbooks. Or rather it has been turned on its head. It has been weaponized against us.

Suddenly we are being told that we have auto-immune diseases, that is, diseases caused by the immune system attacking itself.

The narrative has become clear. The human immune system is not fit for purpose. It needs to be assisted or supplanted by pharmaceutical therapeutics.

What this is really saying is that natural biology does not know what it is doing, is incapable of self regulating, is incompetent to look after us. Therefore we have no option but to turn to pharmaceutical medicine, and in particular vaccinations, in order to look after us.

The standard of care in the treatment of cancer is cytotoxic drugs that wipe out the immune system. Presumably the immune system is useless.

This past year we have seen the World Health Organisation change its definition of herd immunity from a state where sufficient of the population has been exposed to a particular pathogen that the pathogen is no longer a danger to human health, to the statement that herd immunity is achieved when sufficient number of the population have been vaccinated.

Clearly the human immune system is a relic of the past to be expunged.


I am not a medical professional and I am glad that I am not. But I am a reasonably intelligent human being with a modicum of common sense and I feel it is important to reinstate the importance of common sense as an essential feature of what it is to be a human being amid the welter of specialists, scientists, experts and academics all of whom appear to have abandoned any semblance of common sense decades ago. When somebody says to me we have to follow the science I wholeheartedly agree. But it needs to be ALL the science not just the bits and pieces that may suit an ongoing agenda...

I decided to set all that I have learned down in a book to be entitled The Disease of Modern Medicine. My original plan was to publish it on Amazon Kindle. Then I became aware of the rampant censorship of all alternative information concerning medicine and health generally, and the fact that Amazon is implicated up to its eyeballs in the very social engineering experiment we are living through. So I abandoned the idea of a Kindle book and instead have decided to launch this website with a downloadable pdf for anyone that’s interested in retaining a copy of all the information contained in it.