Hippocrates v Hypocrite  




How is it that we can be receivers – receivers of information? It has been said that every second we are receivers of millions of bits of information, and that the main function of the brain is to filter out the vast majority of that information so we don’t suffer from overload and go mad.

One explanation is that we are temples of water. Water is the perfect conduit for electricity. All the information coming to us arrives in the form of electrical information that triggers all the thousands of nerves and synapses that make up the autonomic nervous system. But there is a distinction to be made.

I found these interesting reflections on a website mainly devoted to an exploration of the Tarot

‘Scripture has two different terms in Greek for "life": Zoe and bios. It is bios which flows from generation to generation; and it is Zoe which fills the individual in prayer and meditation, in acts of sacrifice and participation in the sacred sacraments. Zoe is vertical vivifications; Bios is biological life, vitality which flows horizontally. It is not Bios which drains the organism, rather it is electricity.

Electricity is generated through chemical decomposition and by the opposition of contrary forces.

The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - the fruit of the polarity of opposites is electricity, and entails fatigue, exhaustion, senility and death.

It is elecricity - phyisical, psychic and mental - which was introduced into the being of Adam/Eve, and therefore into life-endowed Nature, in which bios is subordinate to electricity.

The soul of life-endowed Nature in which bios is subordinate to electricity is the "Whore of Babylon".

Life-endowed Nature in which bios and electricity are in equilibrium is "suffering creation" of which St. Paul says it "sighs for deliverance."

Life-endowed Nature in which bios dominates electricity, and is dominated by Zoe is non-fallen Nature. Its soul is the celestial Virgin - Force.’



But between Bios and Zoe there is a common denominator and that is that both exist in the same matrix. The principle distinguishing feature is the electricity which accounts for our experience of life is always based in polarity, it always emanates from a separating out into opposing charges whereas the Zoe exists in eternal unity. Thus life and electricity are indistinguishable from each other and must inevitably entail fatigue, exhaustion, senility and death.

The distinction between Bios & Zoe is best understood from the opening chapters of the Tao Te Ching:



It loses its expression


It loses its definition

In its emptiness

It is the cradle of all existence

In its fullness

It is creator of all things

Ever empty

It surrenders into the mystery

Ever full

It creates into the unknown

Of one source, they differ in name

Yet both arise from the one

Oneness beyond one

Herein lies the key to all mysteries



Beauty is seen only because of ugliness

Greatness is known only for its lack

Emptiness and fullness are born of each other

Difficulty and ease create one another

Long and short grow out of each other

High and low reflect one another

Sound and listening complement each other

Front and back follow one another

And on it goes…

Thus the wise pay no heed

Their acts without words showing the way

So do all things flow without thought

Creating without possessing

Acting without attachment

Achieving without claiming achievement

Existing without laying claim to existence

Thus moves all life unto eternity




What is water? H2O is a meaningless designation that tells you how this medium is constituted, how many molecules of Hydrogen and how many molecules of Oxygen this liquid contains – which tells you nothing meaningful. It does not differentiate between the water from the Ganges, the water from the clouds, the water in the sea, the water in our bladders, the water in plastic bottles, the water in a pint of beer.

There are scientists who have developed means of observing these differences but they are studiously ignored

We believe it possible that all life on earth originated in water

See https://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/article/0_0_0/origsoflife_03  or  https://www.insidescience.org/news/did-life-begin-drop-water

Of course it’s all conjecture; we’ll never know. But one thing we do know is that water is a fantastic environment for the proliferation of molecules, and specifically the molecule that we associate with life – DNA

We know that we are comprised of 70% water .

See https://www.usgs.gov/special-topic/water-science-school/science/water-you-water-and-human-body?qt-science_center_objects

Above all we know that we have to have it. Without it we die. We can live a great deal longer without food than we can without water.

We know that water dissolves and dilutes

We know that it is the most ubiquitous of mediums.

Every single living thing on the planet contains water and needs water to continue living. Without water life cannot exist.

What we don’t know is the extent to which water – the water within us and the water without – influences the way in which we feel about our lives. It is perhaps the most critical thing we need to get our heads around.



In a Tedex talk available on youtube

Gerard Pollock explores what he calls the Fourth Phase of Water

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-T7tCMUDXU

My kids are taught at school that there are 3 phases of water Solid, Liquid and Vapour. Pollock proposes that there is a fourth phase that exists between the Solid and the Liquid and he calls this the Gel phase.

Now Pollock sees an understanding of this Gel phase of water as absolutely critical to our understanding of water per se and also the possibilities of water. For what it illustrates is two things:

 1 the capacity for water to structure itself 


2 the extent to which water can act like a battery – accumulating energy.

How does it do this?

Pollock describes how by putting water in its gel phase next to water in its liquid phase he created what he calls an exclusion zone, a zone which would exclude almost anything introduced to it. Any particles introduced to the water moved away from the interface with the gel and ‘just kept moving and moving’. He describes the water in this Exclusion zone as EZ water.

Pollack has spent several years studying the properties of EZ water and he has found it tends to accumulate in layers and the defining feature is the hexagonal structure similar to a honeycomb  that characterises each layer ‘a bit like ice but not ice’. Interestingly what Pollack found is that the structure of the molecules of this EZ water is not H2O but H3O2, that is not 2 hydrogen molecules for every 1 oxygen molecule but 3 hydrogen molecules for every 2 oxygen molecules. So there is not quite the same preponderance of hydrogen as there is in normal water.

Now your die hard orthodox scientist would say well if it’s not H2O it’s not water. But it was water before the creation of the exclusion zone which was only created by adding one form of water to another form of water. The EZ water formed as a result of the juxtaposition of two form of H2O. The juxtaposition caused a molecular restructuring, a restructuring that has clear parallels with:


See:  https://flower-of-life.net

Pollack calls it another phase of water.

Intrigued by this new phase Pollack examined its electrical characteristics and discovered it had a clear negative charge. But this only pertained in the exclusion zone. In the water beyond the exclusion zone there was a positive charge. So there was a clear separation of charge. And what he discovered was that this was equally the case for any object placed in the water. He experimented with several objects all at once and because each one created an Exclusion zone around it – negatively charged – but not affecting the positive charge of the bulk of the water - the objects would be attracted to each other in a way that contradicts the well known fact  that similar charged particles usually repel each other

Pollack gives a graphic illustration of lots of droplets all coalescing in what he identifies as a colloid crystal. He points out that the characteristics of 4th phase of water, what he calls EZ water, actually explains a lot about water that is otherwise inexplicable – the formation of clouds being only the most obvious. There is the Jesus Christ lizard, or basilisk, from South America that appears to walk on water. This can be explained by the way in which EZ water arranges itself in layers creating a surface tension allowing almost infinite malleability and resilience.

The most revolutionary claims that Pollack’s discovery of EZ water means that water could certainly become a source of free energy. The fact that you have negatively charged water adjacent to positively charged water makes it a natural battery. As Pollack points out batteries need charging and it took some time to work out how the EZ water was charged, until one day a lab assistant happened to shine a lamp on the water and it was immediately obvious that the EZ water automatically expanded. And the light doesn’t have to be direct light. It could be indirect such as the infrared light that emanates from all living organisms.

It’s no different from the way in which plants absorb photons from sunlight in order to grow and flourish, converting light energy into chemical energy. Water acts in precisely the same way absorbing light energy and converting it into chemical energy. Pollack proposes a new equation E=H20 , i.e Energy= Water.

Another major possibility of EZ water is the filtration of ordinary water, particularly sea water because salt like the majority of substances is excluded by the exclusion zone

Pollack points out that the act of light on biological organisms including the human body is something that illustrates beautifully the action of water. It is no different from the photosynthesis in plants

We have seen that human beings are reckoned to be 70% water. In fact because of the number of molecules in water the proportion is more like 99%.

Dr Tom Cowan has written extensively about water and often points out that in spite of being 99% made of water if we cut ourselves we don’t find water spewing out of us - we release something we call blood. But 99% of that is made of water molecules – that is hydrogen and oxygen molecules

Pollack concludes his talk by saying ‘And most what we like is understanding the gentle beauty of Nature’

The gentle beauty of Nature is in danger of being all but forgotten


When we understand the mechanisms of water, we begin to understand how insubstantial we are; we begin to realise that ALL the categories we normally apply to our experience of life are illusory.

 There are NO hard and fast distinctions to be made between the world we inhabit and the world we think we inhabit.

We begin to understand that we are nothing more than electrical frequency devices and that we are influenced not just by our experiences in the physical world but equally by how we react to those experiences and by how we think about those experiences. Our thoughts are manifestations of electrical frequency every bit as much as our actions.

Nikola Tesla said ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’


In a conversation with Andrew Kaufmann BARRE LANDO, founder of Alfa Vedic observes:

‘Water, which is the main component in all the fluids of the body is a conduit. It helps our body communicate with all the different parts. But with wave form physics you’re really acknowledging that thoughts are things. Every single thought that we have - Walter Russell demonstrated this best – creates an electrical event – a polarisation. Now polarisation creates a vibration just like a static guitar string. When you pluck it now it creates that vibration – a polarising event and then when the guitar string comes to rest. All polarisations are always seeking harmony, seeking rest. And so when our thoughts are producing these electrical events if they’re aligned with a true awareness of who we are in the first place our potential to manifest through our thoughts and how Nature uses the exactly same processes and the same exact patterns that we get to use through our thoughts then when those are harmonised with the way things really work that is going to create a resonance rather than a dissonance which then out-pictures – which means it’s not going to create disease

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiUcXgGHg9I&t=1282s

Lando refers to the experiments of Masaru Emoto that proved conclusively that thought can influence the physical universe. His experiments echoed the findings of Cleve Backster who proved that plants are sensitive to the emotional condition of human beings.

See: MARCEL VOGEL THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS  https://archive.org/details/TheSecretLifeOfPlants_201811

See also COLIN WILSON THE OTHER MODE on this website:



The scientific establishment of course refuses to acknowledge the importance of this research


We have seen that we are 99% water.  This is something we don’t often think about. We think of ourselves as solid, as being constructed from solid matter. But we’re not. If you add into that the fact that matter is made of molecules and molecules are made of atoms and the vast majority of the atom consists of empty space you then begin to see how insubstantial we really are; which is why we manifest in our lives so much more than can be quantified. Because we are influencing the universe with every thought that we have, with every action that we initiate. And the true nature of the quantum reality that we manifest is outside time and outside space.

The true revelation of quantum physics is that space and time is an illusion

The Bible opens:

In the Beginning God created heaven and earth. And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters

Before there was light, before there was earth - there was water. The light animated the water.

All you had in the beginning was the Creator & the Word.  The Word was sound = electromagnetic frequency = which can only be explained through mathematics and physics. The creator’s language is mathematics. But it is not just the binary mathematics of our digital obsession

In the beginning there was Yah – the Creator and there was Water = Spirit = the Word. Thus In the Beginning there was the Creator & there was the Word. And the only element was water.

And God said Let there Be Light

‘Let there be a dome in the middle of the water – dividing water from water. Let the water under the sky be gathered together into one place and let dry land appear’


There are not many meeting places between religion and science but in this one simple matter of the relation of water and light the Bible is spot on. Natural light comes from the sun. The sun contains more than 99.8% of the entire mass of the solar system. 75% of the sun’s mass is hydrogen. 25% helium. All other elements only amount to 0.1%. The sun converts hydrogen to helium in its core.

So the initial creative element and principle responsibility for light is hydrogen – the same hydrogen that forms the two thirds of every water molecule – and is therefore predominant throughout our bodies.

Quantum physicists study the creation of light by rearranging electron particles in orbit around elements such as hydrogen and oxygen. They further deduce the space between subatomic particles is much like a firmament of ether – what Len Horovitz calls ‘the electromagnetic multi dimensional background matrix of the universe’

In 1957, in a paper entitled Synthesis of the Elements in Stars (also known as the B2FH paper)Fred Hoyle and William A Fowler together with the husband and wife team of Margaret Burbidge and Geoffrey Burbidge, showed that all the elements from which our world is made – from carbon atoms to uranium atoms – have been cooked inside stars aeons ago, all from the basic fuel of hydrogen. These heavy elements were then blasted into space in great stellar explosions called supernovae, where they later congealed into planets, mountains – and humans.

It can legitimately be claimed therefore that we human beings are stardust....


When two atoms of hydrogen come together with one atom of oxygen you have the making of water. Water came first. Then came life. It would seem that science is corroborating scripture. Scripture knew how things worked long before science did.

In a lecture available on you tube DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral Dr Len Horovitz says:

‘Atomic hydrogen along with oxygen is most sensitive to sound. Assuming that the Creator’s orchestra is always playing when a human enzyme group, for instance, is struck by sound, work is achieved, primarily due to the sacred geometry of the molecules, their energy carrying capacities, and the resonance dynamics of its hydrogen. Enzymes divide and empower every metabolic reaction in your body’


Horowitz quotes Dr Fred Bell as asserting when a sacred sound is close to the right frequency of the body and vibratory rhythm the hydrogen atom facilitates energy (in the form of frequencies) to enter and be conducted through the body:

‘In the morning as the sun rises the energy comes from the astral plane into the hydrogen atom. Its various frequencies shower the hydrogen atom like a rainbow. The red end of the spectrum rainbow reaches the nucleus of the hydrogen atom, and the other end, which would be violet, is felt strongly by the electron – the outer perimeter revolving particle with a smaller mass. The hydrogen atom is more than a proton and an electron which this rainbow energy animates’

Thus the sun activates the hydrogen atoms in all biological organisms

Len Horovitz asserts this how the human being is spiritually animated and this is precisely a primary function of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. ‘These carry etheric (firmamental) energy (or spirituality) into your cells which animates all of life.’




What Horovitz is describing is no different from what Gerard Pollack is describing. The origin of all life and restructuring of molecules that defines life comes from light which of course originates in the sun.

The conclusion from this must be that life and spirituality are indivisible. Our spirituality is contained in the atoms of our bodies.

The electromagnetic field of the universe is here in the temple of the body. Think of this temple as a water temple – for this is what it is. Every thought that moves inside us, every impulse every feeling is coming to us is being processed by this water temple. We can only reflect what already is in the firmament around us

The body is not just the manifestation but is an integral part of the water temple that is the universe – our thoughts are the frequency vibrations of the universe.

The words you formulate, the words you receive from those around you are constantly changing the functioning of your water temple, and dramatically changing the structure of the water and consequently the actions of the hormones and enzymes of which you are constructed.


The simple fact is this: Water activates our DNA. DNA exists in a matrix of water. DNA acts as an antenna which is why Dehydration is the enemy of our DNA


I watched a fascinating discussion with Stefan Lanke, Andrew Kaufmann and Tom Cowan – on the subject of water

The moderator had given each of the doctors a quote from Lao Tse to comment on. The quote was this:

Nothing on earth is so weak and yielding as water but for breaking down the firm and strong it has no equal’

Stefan Lanke pointed out that the atom theory that originated with Democritus made an understanding of this saying impossible. So it becomes impossible to understand how everything comes out of water and everything returns to water. Because we have become obsessed with particles at the expense of waves, and in spite of having discovered that matter can manifest as both at one and the same time we insist on down-regulating the wave functioning of matter in favour of the particle functioning, that is the atomisation of matter, that predominates in orthodox science.

Tom Cowan made the point that the human race has arrived at a point where it must decide whether it wishes to live as a particle or as a wave. If you see yourself as a wave you can live a fulfilled happy life. If you see yourself as a particle you get sick – because you are living in a state of alienation from the world around you.

Democritus’ aim was to avoid the fear engendered through religion. Behind this is the ancient wisdom that across all the material universe is this substance that exists beyond any of our capacity to divide and separate out everything into atoms and molecules

Tom Cowan’s perspective is that we now have in the burgeoning world of Transhumanism an option to choose between being a water based organism or choose to become a quartz based organism – an in silico organism. Cowan explains that water is a receiver of information. It is a holographically organised entity which has infinite surfaces which can accept the information from the surrounding universe – from the sun, the moon, the stars, from friends, from dogs and cats, from the plants and the trees.

And the nature of water is such that the information received can be integrated into the matrix so that the information is fully assimilated, the boundaries between the broadcast information and the receiver are dissolved and there is quantitative change to the whole.

The difference between water and silicon is that whereas water is infinitely malleable, silicon never changes – it can exist almost in perpetuity. It can accumulate an equal, if not greater, quantity of information but it cannot assimilate it to effect a qualitative change

This is a fundamental difference we come up against over and over – that between the quantitative and the qualitative. A quartz crystal cannot integrate, grow and evolve like water can.

Kaufman alludes to an interview with the actor and martial arts practitioner Bruce Lee who talked about the necessity of

‘Being like water, if you fill a teapot with water the water becomes the teapot’




I highly recommend all 4 conversations available on Bitchute with these 3 champions of Reason, Truth and Logic in this time we find ourselves in where universal deceit appears to predominate.


In his book Everything You Need To Know and Have Never Been Told David Icke refers to an experiment at the Aerospace Institute in Stuttgart, Germany.

‘Researchers at the Aerospace Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, have developed a way to photograph information in droplets of water. They developed a way to photograph information in droplets of water where they dipped a flower into a tank of water and took it out again before photographing the droplets. They found that the energetic information from the flower was in all of the droplets....’

Icke understands better than any the true nature of the waveform field that constitutes the human body and the science that supports this understanding


Available at www.davidicke.com

Particularly relevant is the section in Chapter 1 headed

Trust Me I’m a Doctor – The System Says So’


The fact that the information of the flower was retained in the water even when the flower had been removed makes it abundantly clear the way in which water records everything that occurs within it. As Icke points out this is what happens in the distillation process behind homeopathic remedies. The energetic information of the plant remains in the water even after the intensive dilution process that is the hallmark of homeopathic remedies and it is this information which interacts with the body at the level of the waveform field.

Icke describes how the Stuttgart researchers also invited people from the local community for an experiment in which they were each asked to take four droplets from a tank of water and put them in a dish with their name on. When these drops were photographed each set of four was different from the other sets, but each of the four from each person were virtually identical. This illustrated the fact that the simple act of taking a droplet from the tank and putting it in a dish had transferred the person’s unique energetic signature onto the water.

The conclusion from this is that water must be a sort of recording device, which may explain why many sightings of ghosts have been near water or often in very damp environments.

I looked up the Stuttgart experiments on the internet and immediately came upon a debunking article (in spite of the fact that I stopped using Google years ago)

See: https://www.inscientioveritas.org/water-memory-myth-that-wouldnt-die

But thankfully the article included a reference to the website for the original research albeit the article observes that there is no documentation of the researches carried out.

But you have to ask what possible reason could anyone have to publish spurious research unless you want to go down the path of believing the international Homeopathic Association has commissioned it and paid for it in precisely the same way as the pharmaceutical industry commissions and pays for spurious research papers by the thousand every year. The main message from this is:






Concerning the Stuttgart experiments:

See: https://www.weltimtropfen.de/index_english.html

The World in A Drop. You can order the book Water and its Memory from Amazon:


You will also find a page entitled Homeopathy in Water – astonishing results that present conclusive evidence of the effects upon water of specific homeopathic remedies:




Now the nature and character of water, its capacity as a recording device, is of crucial importance when examining the efficacy of homeopathy. Because all homeopathic treatments are dissolved and diluted in water to the extent that orthodox science maintains there can be nothing left of the original substance.

In 2013 Professor Dame Sally Davies, UK Government Chief Medical Officer, was quoted in The Daily Mail as saying: ‘Homeopaths are peddlers and homeopathy is rubbish.’ See https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2267120/Homeopathy-rubbish-shouldnt-available-NHS-says-chief-medical-officer.html

The demonising of homeopathy arises from the contention in mainstream science that the level of dilution used in the preparation of homeopathic remedies means that at commonly used dilutions, no molecules of the original material are likely to remain in the remedy and thus there can be no physical influence. The argument runs that therefore any beneficial effect can only be as a result of the placebo effect

The interesting thing about homeopathy is that it so blatantly exposes as faulty the paradigm that underpins allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine is entirely predicated upon what can be seen and measured with the instruments currently available. The glorious thing about homeopathy is none of the remedies after distillation can be measured or quantified in the way that scientific orthodoxy normally requires. So it is hardly surprising a spokesperson for allopathic medicine would like to dismiss it.

There are two main logarithmic dilution scales used in the preparation of homeopathic remedies -the ‘decimal’ where you dilute by a factor of 10 and the ‘centesimal’ where you dilute by a factor of 100. For most of his life the founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann used the centesimal scale diluting by a factor of 100. Towards the end of his life he experimented with diluting up to a factor of 50,000. The scientific rebuttal is based on the fact that ‘the greatest dilution reasonably likely to contain at least one molecule of the original substance is around 12C.’

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeopathic_dilutions

So why did the inventor of Homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann experiment with such extreme levels of dilution? The answer is simple. He found without these levels of dilution some remedies actually induced harm, and this was something he wanted to avoid at all cost. Modern day allopaths could learn something from him. His experiments were based on real live cases in real live time, and if he found he could achieve the same results with dilutions of a factor of 100 as he could at a factor of 10 then it made obvious sense to work to a factor of 100 as a matter of simple economy.

Hahnemann knew nothing about the breakdown of substances into their chemical constituents – atoms and molecules. He was thus far less fettered than contemporary chemists and micro biologists. He was not constrained by what he observed through a microscope, only by what he observed actually worked in the patient. Somewhere along the line we’ve forgotten that when it comes to medicine this is all that matters.

This is an incredibly important point. Science has aligned itself so exclusively with the paradigm that prevailed for over 2000 years before the discovery of the quantum universe - that is, the materialistic paradigm that maintains nothing exists that cannot be perceived by our five senses and that any phenomena that falls outside its purview should immediately be dismissed as irrelevant, that it is unintentionally missing 95% of the whole picture.

Even more is this the case since the discovery of the microscope and latterly the electron microscope. For it is now the case we assume that we can see everything that there is to be seen and know everything that there is to know about everything.

Which fails to take into account the simple fact that infinity stretches in both directions out and in. Just as we will never see the furthest reaches of the universe so we will never see the smallest quantum particle there is; because in a very real sense it does not exist. Infinity is infinity. There is no boundary. There is no final frontier.

Once we accept this fact we can begin to see there is no hierarchy in the system of life – there are only different manifestations of the same thing. When we understand that we live in a holographic universe we understand that even the smallest particle of ourselves and our bodies contains the whole

The way of homeopathy is the way of the holographic principle – the understanding that the whole is contained in every constituent bit, and therefore you cannot exterminate anything. All you can do is aim to restore balance.

David Icke writes in Everything You Need to Know:

‘Homeopathy is a perfect example of mainstream medicine’s arrogance of ignorance. The programmed thought-processes of people like (Sally) Davies follow this ever-recurring pattern: ‘If we can’t explain it then it can’t be happening.’

So in order to understand the efficacy of homeopathy it is necessary to understand the nature of the holographic universe we inhabit and the crucial role played in it by water that is constantly recording and perpetuating information received from the universe surrounding us

When you understand this you will understand something critical about how your body functions and how life functions.


We live in an age when over prescription of allopathic medications is actually killing patients. And the reason is undoubtedly that the amount of any given medication contained in each prescription is often vastly more than that that is actually required to achieve a result - never mind the fact that most prescriptions are totally inapplicable to the condition being treated and only designed to give temporary relief of symptoms anyway. Allopathic medicine works on a blunderbuss principle – the bigger and more stringent the attack the more efficient the outcome.

But this is at odds with the reality of the human organism, which, as has been confirmed over and over, is a waveform field constantly vibrating in sympathy – or not – with the surrounding environment. The principle of homeopathy is the total reverse of allopathy – the principle being to find the LEAST medication necessary to achieve a result, and the result is not the disappearance of symptoms but the adjustment of the body to resume the process of self regulation that it was always designed to do.

Of course the pharmaceutical industry isn’t interested in this, because if the body can self regulate it makes their drugs obsolete. For the only aim of the industry is to create new markets and more profits for its products...

What is remarkable is the extent to which homeopathy has been tolerated as long as it has. Until very recently in the UK it was still possible to get homeopathic treatments on the NHS. And this is surely testimony to the efficacy of the approach. The National Health Service would never be permitted to subsidise treatments that were pure quackery whatever Sally Davies may have to say about the matter.

Maybe in Great Britain this has something to do with the fact that the British Royal Family have subscribed to Homeopathy. They appear to survive to a great age, only dying in their 90’s and 100’s The Queen is well into her 90’s. Her husband Prince Phillip has only just died at the age of 99. The queen Mother lived to be 101.

But clearly the very fact that the chief Medical Officer is now dismissing homeopathy as quackery would seem to indicate that tolerance is now coming to an end.

Everything about the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset is predicated on the notion of identification and control through surveillance and intervention. This can only be effective if we cling on to the notion that there is nothing that cannot be measured and regulated by the instruments of science as currently constituted.

The true ramifications of this need to quantify and regulate are only now becoming clear.  The medical paradigm that has evolved since the Rockefeller’s took control at the beginning of the 20th century has now become the central means for instigating a worlwide fascist state. And this can only be perpetuated if the notion is propagated that everything about your life can be identified and controlled - hence the insistence on the importance of biometrics, the monitoring of bodily functions on a minute to minute basis. We now have the technology to do it, so it would seem it is now encumbent upon us to employ it....

But some of us might not want to have our bodily functions monitored 24/7. Some of us may realise that actually it is totally unnecessary to monitor your bodily functions 24/7 if you are living in any sort of harmony with the world you find yourself in.

The efficacy of homeopathy is a clear indication that the functioning of the human body works on a far subtler level than is ever acknowledged by the mechanistic medicine of the allopaths.

The human organism, like every other organism on the planet, is a corporation in the true sense of the word – not the inverted sense that we see in the world of big business. A true corporation is built on co-operation. Evolutionary biologists now can identify clearly that Darwin’s contention that all evolution is driven by the notion of Survival of the Fittest is wrong.

Actually those that survive are those that learn to cooperate with the environment they find themselves in. Evolution is a constant interface between self and not self.

This fact came home to me when camping a few weeks ago in a field and observing Nature around me and how every single living thing under the sun from the smallest sod of earth, blade of grass, ant or spider to the greatest of the trees reaching up to the sky above was cooperating to maintain a perfect balance at all times. This cooperation happens unconsciously. All the disparate parts and bits are going about their business irrespective of any of the other parts but all are contributing to the whole – in spite of themselves.

It is precisely the same with the human body. All the disparate bits and pieces are working to maintain themselves and in the process to maintain the balance of the whole. And if you eradicated any particular bit you would affect the balance of the whole.

The dangers of not acknowledging the degree to which every living being is part of an infinitely complex ecosystem came home to me the other day when watching a you tube video of Swami Sadhguru talking about what would happen to the ecology of the planet if there were no worms. Within 18 months all life on this planet would be extinct. If all the insects were annihilated all life would be extinct within 2-4 years - the entire ecosystem of the planet as currently constituted would collapse. The Swami’s perspective is it is all a problem of education.

We are brought up to believe the human race is the spearhead of evolution. And this is a monumental mistake. Sadhguru points out the same infinite care has gone into the creation of a grasshopper as has gone into a human being. There is no justification in us thinking ourselves superior to any other creature. There is no justification for us looking down on the rest of Creation. See:


See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EWdz2A0lZw

It is equally a mistake to look up to anybody or anything as being superior.

Again it is a problem of education. We are brought up to respect and revere our parents our teachers our leaders and to accept what they say as gospel. In 2020/21 we see the results of this error - the entire human population being hoodwinked into believing a pack of lies.

No other creature on the planet can be so manipulated as the human being. And this is a direct result of the capacity we have for self identification – for deciding what we are and how we choose to live our lives. It is possible for a human being to devote his or her entire life working against his own self interest. No other creature has this possibility. If the State dictates this is how you will think this is what you will do....

I have seen Tom Cowan talk about how he wrote a book about the best way to bring up your children, in which he declared at one point the most important thing is not to attempt to teach – tell- indoctrinate them with into – ANYTHING. Let them discover for themselves what they need to discover, principally through play and allowing them to question and to be creative.

Dr Cowan has described an experiment that was performed by a conventional virologist who would not agree that there is no such thing as a virus. He placed two beakers of water far apart from each other. In one beaker he put only some amino acids and some genetic material, in the other beaker he put fully-formed DNA. There was nothing connecting the two beakers aside from the air between the two beakers. Nonetheless over time, the genetic material in the first beaker configured itself into the exact replica of the fully configured DNA in the other beaker.

We assume that anything contained in a sealed beaker is immune to all external influence. Clearly this is not the case. This experiment quoted by Sally Morrell is not unique. There have been innumerable such experiments that clearly illustrate DNA operates outside our normal conceptions of time and space.

The beaker experiment is a perfect illustration of what Cowan calls resonance. And this concept of resonance is critical to an understanding of how all biological systems on this planet operate. All biological cells either vibrate in sympathy with each other or not. They either resonate or not. It’s as simple as that. If they are not in sympathy disease develops. If they are in sympathy health and well being is maintained.

Every minute of our lives every cell in our bodies is actively engaged in recalibrating according to the information being received by the organism. If it’s drenched in EMF’s the capacity of the cells to recalibrate will be severely compromised. Same applies if the organism is in a persistent sympathetic activated state of flight or flight – i.e. is severely stressed,

In their book The Contagion Myth Sally Morrell and Tom Cowan give an incredibly clear explanation of why contagion is a myth and present many facts about the body that make clear how it works as a quantum whole that cannot be carved up without serious ramifications.

You will find here a very good explanation for how things change, how we adjust, how our bodies learn to cope with toxins.


Morell: Tom Cowan always gives us examples. Our bodies are 70-80% water, but if you cut yourself, water doesn’t come out of your body. That’s because the water in your body is structured; it’s more like a gel. It’s what we call the fourth state of water. It structures itself against the various membranes such as the cell membranes in your body – often only four, five, six, seven, or eight atoms deep. Those atoms form a kind of crystal that acts as an electric wire. When I think of the cell, I think of this network of wires in your cell, and that is all of the little streams of water structured against the various membranes in the cell, including the mitochondrial membranes.

See https://solari.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/sr20200910_Contagion_Myth_Sally_Fallon_Morell.pdf

For full book see:




If we think about it water is one of the best conductors of electricity there is. We all know the quickest way to electrocute yourself is to apply an electrical current to a bath full of water. But this is only the application of the crude electricity we use to power our fridges, freezers and heaters.

The electricity that informs the cells of our bodies which is the defining feature of all living organisms,  is altogether more refined, yet still needs a medium that will conduct the myriad impulses that constitute life. That medium is water. Considering all our cells are electrical in nature it makes perfect sense that we are largely constructed of water which serves as the perfect conduit for all the electrical impulses that make up the surging vitality that is life.


It is impossible to talk about water without mentioning Masaru Emoto

Dr Masaru Emoto gained worldwide acclaim by showing how water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. Born in Japan, he was a graduate of the Yokahama Municipal University’s Department of Humanities and Sciences with a focus on International Relations.

In 1992, he received certification from the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Dr Emoto was the author of several bestselling books, including The Hidden Messages in Water, The True Power of Water, and The Secret Life of Water. He headed the worldwide Hado Instructor School where he taught the ancient principle of Hado, or life-force vibration.

 Emoto revealed the true nature of water and how thoughts and vibrations affect the molecular structure of water. In his years of water research, through high speed photography of thousands of water crystals, he showed how the most beautiful crystals are those formed after water is exposed to the words ‘love and gratitude.’

The fact that water is so impressionable and that the human body is made of 70% water means that our thoughts can have profound implications for our health and the well-being of the planet.

In an interview given to ‘Fractal Enlightenment’ Emoto was asked:

What sparked your interest to discover the mystery of water? He answered:

First of all, I was using water with information to cure people’s diseases and it gained a lot of good results. However, general people did not believe that because they do not believe what they cannot see. I was thinking how I can make this visible and one day, I found a book about snow flake crystals and I thought that is it. Snow flake is basically water so I thought if I freeze the water and use microscope to see the insides of a water molecule, I could capture something in there, so I came up with the water crystal technology.

The results of his researches can be seen in a series of books with photographic illustrations of the experiments he conducted.

Asked about the reason the Ganges can be so effective in healing many believers in spite of being one of the most polluted waterways in the world Emoto answers:

I think god created water with love as an active energy and gratitude as a passive energy. Water in River Ganges is sacred and it is god’s water for Hindu people so the water contains lots of love and gratitude for them. Therefore, with these positive thoughts, water in River Ganges which is physically polluted, can become holy water.

But he adds:

However, if Japanese tourists drink that water, they would immediately get sick. I would also imagine if a pious Hindu learnt how to take water crystal photos, they would get the most beautiful looking water crystals from the water in River Ganges.

Read that last statement again. Its implications are tremendous.

Not only is Emoto saying that the water of the Ganges would have healing benefits for the Hindus who believe in its powers; he is also saying that if a Hindu were to photograph it it would exhibit a beautiful crystalline nature, in spite of the fact it is so heavily polluted.

This is truly the observer effect in action; because the inference must be if the water were photographed by a Japanese tourist, not having the faith and fervent belief system of the Hindu, it would probably manifest in the same way as the water from a New York tap i.e. as totally degraded and little better than sewage.

In other words the physical properties can easily be physically transformed by the intention of the observer

It might seem as though Emoto is a mystic, and as such his discoveries are easily dismissable by scientific orthodoxy. And we could dismiss them here if it were not for the fact that he is far from being a lone voice.

His work corroborates the findings of Prof. Dr. Bernd Helmut Kröplin in Stuttgart (see above), of Gerard Pollack and of Tom Cowan and how many other researchers willing to look. We can only find what we look for and the failure of scientific orthodoxy to corroborate these findings is purely as a result of its refusal to look.

See https://fractalenlightenment.com/14121/spirituality/dr-masaru-emoto-on-human-consciousness-and-water

Nothing in our civilisation would have materialised without a thought preceding it. Mind precedes matter. Or rather matter is only ever a reflection of mind. Matter is Mind that has been embodied. We truly live in an Intelligent Universe. And we are some of the most sophisticated receivers for that intelligence. If only we are willing to open ourselves out to receive the information that surrounds us.

The extent to which this is the case has been demonstrated by the researches of Masaru Emoto. But such research is universally dismissed as pseudoscience. Asked how he responded to this accusation Emoto had this to say:

 ‘Current science exists in a 3 dimensional world but world of water is multidimensional and I believe water crystals that I research on is in the world of 4th and 5th dimension. So they can say my research is pseudoscience in lower dimension but I hope it to be called parascience.’

See https://fractalenlightenment.com/14121/spirituality/dr-masaru-emoto-on-human-consciousness-and-water


This sentence encapsulates the thesis of this website

The ludicrous situation we now find ourselves in is that it is no longer possible to say there is no scientific justification for the assertions of the likes of Emoto, Pollack, Cowan, Gariaev et al and yet these researchers are providing just that – incontrovertible verification for the fact that matter is influenced by mind and there is no separation between the two.


We don’t need scientists to tell us this. We know it. We know it from our everyday experience. We know that how we feel physically is directly influenced by how we are feeling emotionally and how we are thinking. We also know that there is a biofeedback loop. We know that if we think negative thoughts about our lives we very quickly have negative experiences to corroborate those thoughts. And if we persist in thinking those thoughts we will make ourselves sick....

Emoto’s insistence on the importance of thinking positive thoughts of concentrating on the twin poles of love and gratitude is not just mystical mumbo jumbo. It was a conclusion arrived at from collating and analysing a mass of empirical evidence. That is scientific evidence – for that is all scientific evidence ever is – evidence gathered from empirical observation from observing the facts as they prevent themselves



Everything is to be understood in the context of resonance – pinging frequencies. Even a pencil has a frequency you can measure

Waveform mechanics accepts that everything starts from thought. The extent to which this is the case underpins the efficacy of homeopathy. Detractors will tell you that there is no possible justification for the claimed efficacy of homeopathic treatments because they are so diluted nothing remains of the original substance. What they mean is that nothing remains that can be measured by their instruments.

Nevertheless the war on homeopathy increases. For the simple reason that it threatens the prevailing paradigm wholly fixated on destroying the waveform reality of the human organism with petrochemicals, drugs and plastics.


The researches of Dr Vladimir Poponin and Dr Peter Graiaev gave resounding corroboration to the holographic nature of the universe we inhabit and specifically the DNA from which we are constructed.

 In Everything You Need to Know David Icke describes how Vladimir Poponin ‘beamed a laser through DNA and when the ‘physical’ DNA was removed it remained in the laser in energetic form under the same principle as the flower and the water. This is known as the ‘Phantom DNA Effect’ but it is not a phantom. It is DNA in waveform.’

In a video freely available on you tube Gregg Braden draws attention to an experiment conducted in 1994 ‘Structural Changes in Water & DNA Associated with New Physiologically Measurable States’

What the experiment proved was that negative emotions tended to make the DNA coil more tightly, like a knot so that it became very difficult for it to express itself while positive emotions encouraged the DNA to do the opposite – to unfurl or unravel. The scientists said it was almost as though it were going to reproduce itself. Thus positive emotions engendered an environment of openness and possibility while negative emotions closed off all possibility of the same. The scientists commented: ‘Individuals trained in feeling s of deep love and appreciation were able to intentionally change the shape of the DNA’. They went on to say human emotions produce effects which defy the laws of physics’


See https://www.heartmath.org/research/research-library/energetics/structural-changes-in-water-and-dna

See also https://paradigmshiftnow.net/heart math/Structural Changes in Water.doc


And this is the key to the dichotomy between the materialistic view and the quantum view. What science is beginning to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt is the fact that there is no clear delineation to be made between mind and matter. And this makes a mockery of the materialistic paradigm so ruthlessly pursued by the medical profession. It simply does not take into account all the facts.

If emotions ‘produce effects that defy the laws of physics’ then a paradigm that is based on the laws of physics, that is based on a rigid conception of what constitutes a cause and what constitutes an effect is going to be inevitably inadequate. More than that it is going to be actively damaging. And this is what we are seeing in 2021. This is what we are seeing with the explosion of iatrogenic deaths, with the explosion off vaccine injuries, with the explosion of auto immune diseases the explosion of diabetes and cancer. We are seeing the catastrophic results of treating human beings as though they are machines

See https://pharmadeathclock.com




On Christmas Eve 2020 Dr Tom Cowan interviewed Veda Austin about her new book The Secret of Water. In this book Veda Austin shows photographs that give astounding corroboration to the work of Masaru Emoto. Vera Austin also highlights the importance of alkalinity for all regeneration and healing. She describes how she was involved in an horrendous car accident when she was still very young. She survived but needed intensive surgery and was plagued thereafter with health issues.

Twenty years later she was introduced to a gentleman with a private well that produced water with a ph of 9.9. She started drinking this water. Then she started noticing bumps occurring in the skin of her arms. The bumps only got worse until the skin cracked and released shards of green glass that had been embedded in her arms since her accident all those years previously. Apparently the guy she was travelling with had several bottle of lager in the car which of course smashed when the car crashed sending millions of shards ricocheting through the vehicle, several of which had embedded in  Vera’s arm and jaw. Over the course of several days Vera’s body expelled 27 individual shards.

My conclusion from this story was the exceptionally high ph of the water was responsible for raising the ph of her body sufficiently to allow her body to reject the foreign substances that had entered at the time of the crash and had never previously had the opportunity to be removed. Vera doesn’t believe it’s as simple as that. She believes it was just the unique quality of the water that influenced her body to heal.

Nevertheless this provides potent corroboration for something we’ve reviewed earlier in this book namely the power of alkalinity in allowing the body to self regulate as it needs to. This is why bicarbonate of soda is such a potent treatment for all excess toxicity in the body and should be incorporated in the diet of anybody living in the industrialised western world.





This is something that was understood by the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, whom David Icke interviewed on numerous occasions following his first encounter in the 1990’s. Concerning water Mutwa had this to say as the Keynote Address at the Living Lakes Conference in 1999:

Honorable ones, our people believe many strange things regarding water. They believe that water is a living entity. That water has got a mind, that it remembers. The reason why a lake forms where it is, the reason why a river flows through where it flows, is not because it happens to be the right place for water to flow--no!

It is because in that place where the river flows, there is an energy, an invisible spirit that moves like a snake, under the ground through the fine sand and which moves in the direction opposite to the one down which the river flows. If this great fire snake, as we call it, this unseen energy, if it dies, then the river dies too.

We are told that lakes form where they form because there is an agreement between the water and certain types of rock.


Our people say that water is the first thing that happens to you. It is also the thing that happens to you throughout your life. And it will be the last thing that will happen to you. When you are born, you are bathed, and thus, you are married to the spirit of water. When you leave, you take-in water and you become one with it. You drink, you wash, and you clean your clothes. You drink in the spirit of water whether you like it or not, or whether you believe in the spirit or not. Our people also believe that when you die, you are bathed with water, not to clean you up, because who needs to clean something that has kicked the bucket in the first place? But you do need to be bathed so you can quickly go into the village of judgment and advance to reincarnation. We say that a dead body which has not been bathed will not be able to reincarnate.

Our people further say that water has got ears. We have a proverb amongst my people that says: he who makes love to another man’s wife on the bank of a river must be careful not to utter loud and stupid noises. Because why? Because water. If there is a fierce emotion near a stream, that stream somehow records it. And guess what will happen? What you did near the river will be heard by every person in the surrounding villages one day. And you will wonder how they got to hear about it.

See https://library.wisn.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/130114-Credo-Mutwa-Keynote-Address.pdf

Mutwa may be speaking tongue in cheek at the end of this excerpt but there is truth in every word this man uttered. He didn’t need scientific laboratories and experiments to prove what he knew instinctively and what he had inherited from generations of forebears.