Hippocrates v Hypocrite  



In February this year I happened to come across this video on You Tube:



Listening to Michaela something clarified in my mind and I wrote her this letter, which I now consider of general relevance to the theme of this website

Jordan Peterson suffered a massive health collapse following an attempt to break what materialised as a chronic physical dependency on benzodiazepines.

Doctors of good conscience like Vernon Coleman and Peter Brebbin have been campaigning for years about the dangers of these prescription medicines.

Otherwise I think the letter speaks for itself:


Hi Michaela, I just watched your You Tube video responding to the Sunday Times article. Two things leapt out at me. The first is obvious: the ‘woke’ media will do anything to discredit an intellectual of your father’s stature. The tedious reiteration of the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’ only underlines the ‘woke’ mentality driving the article. And this woke mentality is critical to the globalist agenda that we are witnessing being rolled out across the planet under the cloak of COVID19.

The second thing is perhaps not so obvious but I am certain is the main reason for the assault against you personally: we are living in an age of medical fascism and the pharmaceutical lobby is now the largest on the planet dictating government policy across the globe and is the controlling influence across all media. The new definition of a heretic is anybody who has a mind of their own, most particularly when it comes to health matters. The fact that you have been so vocal about the obvious dangers of Benzodiazepines, the fact that you have been so vocal about the complete failure of the Canadian health system to find a suitable treatment for your father, the fact that you have a mind of your own and have researched the dangers inherent in pharmaceutical interventions, the fact that you have clearly identified that self care is the best way forward when confronting any health predicament, the fact that you freely dispense the wisdom of attending to your diet and lifestyle, the fact that you have had the courage to up sticks and travel wherever you need to travel in order to find the treatment required, the fact that you have exercised your divine right to be self determining - now makes you an enemy of the State! And that is no mere hyperbole. Witness the egregious censorship of all alternative narratives ref COVID19 and the dangers of Vaccines. Your family represents a huge threat to the global agenda we see being rolled out under the flag of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset and Agenda 30 where we will all ‘own nothing and be happy’.

And it is not only because you have a mind of your own it is also the solidarity exhibited by your family and your emphasis on the importance and possibility of taking personal responsibility for your lives and destinies. The message underpinning the current Pandemic is the total reverse of this. The message is: you are all hopeless victims and must rely on the State and pharmacology to save you.

Your father should in no way be embarrassed by his illness. Everything about the way in which he has tackled it and surmounted it, with your help, is in accordance with the philosophy he expounds. The only mistake he made was to trust the medical profession in the first place by accepting the original prescription of the Benzodiazepines. But how was he to know? Should we not be able to trust those who set themselves up as experts in medicine? When he realised the medical profession was not worthy of his trust he took charge of his own destiny as should be the inalienable right of every human being. From that moment he will have become a marked man....because in the New World Order that willingness to assert the sovereign right of individual autonomy, most especially in medical matters, has become a cardinal sin.

The attack on you and your family is not personal. It’s strategic. And it just indicates how what you have to offer, what you represent, is more important now than it has ever been.

As Winston Churchill used to say – KBO!!!