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I came across a video today about the immune system and it was explained ENTIRELY in terms of warfare. Everything including soldiers, intelligence cells and weapons factories and everything from bombers to kamikaze pilots:


How The Immune System ACTUALLY Works – IMMUNE

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


The video is wildly popular. It was uploaded 2 days ago and already has 4 million views and is no 50 in trending videos on You tube, and has an impressive array of rave reviews.

There’s no question it’s extremely clever and informative

But it propagates the notion that we are carrying around within us an internal battlefield – an unceasing war whereby health is seen as a ephemeral and unlikely achievement under a constant barrage of enemy fire

I found only one vaguely intelligent comment underneath it which read:

‘New guilt level unlocked: my reckless actions are the catalyst for war and cellular genocide. I am truly the America of my body...’

I’m sure You Tube and Google must love it. For this is precisely the image they want you to have. This is the paradigm that has been propagated ever since Pasteur gained ascendancy and became the darling of autocratic regimes the world over.

We are at war with the universe. The universe is at war with us. And it is only by the grace of God and vaccines that we manage to survive another day

And it was then that I came across a video on vaccines from the same source


And realised that this is the purest form of propaganda perpetuating the myth that vaccines have saved the human race and that the greatest danger to the human race is the unvaccinated

The method is simple. It’s the usual ploy. Discredit your enemy. The Antivaxxers are working on gut feeling, hearsay and speculation while the vaccine industry is working on science and statistics. I googled ‘Who Funds Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell’ and came up with nothing more than their own sales pitch:

‘Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism. We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful. Currently we make one animation video per month. Follow us’

WTF is ‘optimistic nihilism’ I’d like to know? I would hazard a guess it is something to do with extreme relativism whereby we don’t give a shit what we say really because nothing really matters anymore........and so we’ll say whatever we want to say so long as it serves our agenda..

The main message of course is that Science is Beautiful and therefore we must all ‘Follow the Science’, even if it leads us to our own extinction – which is what it’s trying to do very fast

Other videos in the series make it look like a roll call for Woke agendas – Should we eat meat?’, Overpopulation, Climate change etc etc

Eventually I got to the truth of the matter when I came to their video on the Microbiome which openly acknowledges that it is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzPD009qTN4

If there was one organisation I would NOT go to tell me about the Microbiome it is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This explained a very curious feature of this video.

Having discussed how gut dis-regulation can lead to a host of terrible diseases – cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease the commentary continues:

‘If your body is overrun by bacteria that harm you there is often only one solution. You bring in an army of good guys. That’s very easy. You just transplant some healthy poop. You do that literally by transferring poop from a healthy person into your gut.’

Now I have read a lot about fecal transplants and I have absolutely no doubt they can be extremely useful and efficacious. But what struck me as strange was the way in which this video would appear to be attempting to normalize something which is anything but normal and I had previously assumed would be something of a last resort. Not according to Bill & Melinda. Very soon it appears this will be the standard of care. Obviously a fecal transplant  is not something that could be done by anybody in their own kitchen – or bathroom. Obviously it would require proprietary technology.

The video goes on to explain that this modality is already used to treat chronic cases of diarrhoea that’s caused ‘when C difficile bacteria take over a gut microbiome’ and also to acknowledge ‘we don’t know enough about the complex interplay at work here yet...’. I’d say.

To illustrate this point the video explains how a fecal transplant was used from an obese person to a slim person to cure the slim patient of diarrhoea. The woman was cured of diarrhoea, but went on to become obese. Whether the scientists ever inquired if the recipient of the transplant had subsequently developed a predilection for doughnuts is not disclosed. It is assumed her subsequent obesity was as a direct result of receiving poop from an obese donor.

It might sound like we’re heading back into the dark ages where people were routinely subjected to bloodletting with leeches. I’m not sure which I’d prefer – a poop transfer or leeches clamped to my arms or chest...

What is not made clear in the Kurzgesagt video is that the point where a fecal transplant could become necessary is so far down the line of gut dis-regulation that hopefully very few of us will ever have to encounter it. There are innumerable modalities which can be employed to ensure we never ever get to that point i.e. a rich and varied diet replete with all the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary to ensure the microbiome has all it needs to regulate itself. Probiotics and Anti Oxidants should obviously be a part of this diet. But when you hear the scathing way in which antioxidants are dismissed in this video: Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?


You realise that the aim of all the ‘science’ is to perpetuate the allopathic myth whereby you can do and eat anything you like until such time as your body finally revolts..... and then we’ll give you a poop transplant.

When you realise that these videos are being funded by the likes of Bill Gates it explains the curious slant of the information being relayed. The worrying thing is it is being purveyed as incontrovertible truth. Makia Freeman recently summed up Bill Gates’ reach succinctly:

Bill Gates has not only become the consummate NWO frontman but also has become a villain of cartoon-like proportions, with his finger in seemingly every pie. Gates either invests in, funds or directly controls GMO crops, GMO animals (e.g. mosquitoes), synthetic food, eugenics-driven research on fertility (e.g. testicle-smashing contraceptives), chemtrails/geoengineering, vaccines, the media, manmade climate change propaganda, pandemic simulations (i.e. pandemic planning and orchestration), organizations modeling pandemics like The Imperial College and IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation), large international health organizations like the WHO, GAVI and CEPI, and much much more – all the while buying up more farmland in the USA than any other single person. Gates’ most recent wacky idea is to combine the GM mosquitoes and vaccines to produce flying syringes – genetically modified mosquitoes that would inject you.

See https://thefreedomarticles.com/anti-human-agenda-behind-covid-and-nwo

These Kurzgesagt videos are an example of how Gates sets about propagating his nonsense. Specifically they are designed to perpetuate a faulty paradigm, the same faulty paradigm that has issued in the COVID era and is being used to instigate the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

Going back to the video on the Immune system what is never stated is that there is a vast amount of peer reviewed science collated by the likes of Sayer Ji , Joseph Mercola and Robert F Kennedy Jnr and the Weston Price Foundation, that totally refutes this notion of Nature being at permanent war with itself, and instead looks to highlight the way in which the immune system works though a complex system of interrelating support systems that keep us constantly updated - not in order to exterminate and ward of the exterminators, but in order to maintain a constant healthy cooperation between the cells of the bodies and the cells of the universe that surrounds us and of which we are an integral part.

Now what we are seeing is a concerted effort to permanently deregulate the human immune system so it is entirely dependent upon external interventions – i.e. vaccines!







Along with Sayer Ji the man who understands more about the Microbiome than any other is Dr Zach Bush. Here are some notes I made on a talk given by Zach Bush and a link to his talks at the bottom:


The microbiome is ALWAYS DOING THE RIGHT THING and we are KILLING IT. There is no such thing as a bad bacteria or pathogen. Don’t attack the pathogen with antimicrobials etc. If you destroy the microbiome you’re left only with the virome (which is another way of saying you’re only left with exosomes, cellular debris).

We should not have a symptom from expressing a virus. This only happens if we disrupt enzyme pathways and interfere with the extraordinarily complex action of the RNA Ribosomes.

Vaccinations disrupt genome balance

Antibodies have very little to do with genome balance

All a vaccination has to prove is creation of antibodies – which is nothing to do with preventing disease. The vaccination prevents natural genetic updates. The more vaccinations you get the less genetic updates you get, the less protected you are from live disease.

The weed is always the sign of a disregulation of the soil. So it is with viruses.

In the 3rd week of October every year we see an explosion of C02 – a rapid accumulation of carbon particulates, methane pollution etc so we can always expect to see viruses expressed at this time.

An added complication is the fact that a large percentage of the population is prescribed ACE inhibitors and statins – the standard of care for heart problems - and both increase susceptibility to coronavirus.

The PCR is an amplification method for finding small amounts of DNA. 80% false positive and 30% false negative.


The problem is we assume we are playing a two dimensional chess board game when really what we are dealing with is a three dimensional biology. We are three dimensional creatures.

Functional medicine is as guilty as allopathic medicine of treating the problem of viral proliferation as ‘infection’

When we discharge patients from hospitals we’re saying ‘OK we’ve saved your life’. What we should be saying is we’ve just worsened your health prospects with the anti-microbials, antibiotics etc that we’ve given you. Therefore what you need to concentrate on is developing your microbial diversity.

We’re killing the microbial diversity with a mono culture. Germs are the result of collapsing biology.

The approach of Western medicine is to attempt to whack the mole on the head – it disappears and pops up somewhere else.

‘We need to redesign our health care system entirely. And it needs to start with understanding Nature’s role in health. And if we changed the food in our hospitals less people would die; if we changed the air in hospitals, such as they were breathing a diverse microbiome in a day, fewer people would die, if we changed the way in which nurses and doctors get to interact with Nature throughout their day fewer of them would be depressed, burnt out and helpless. And so we need to fundamentally change everything that we’ve designed in health care BECAUSE AT EVERY LEVEL WE HAVE DECIDED WE ARE AGAINST NATURE, so we purify our air, it’s all with the understanding that we are separate from, devoid of and we need to battle against Nature. That’s why we’re dying in such droves’.

‘I’m confident that there can be a new era in which science could be released from the restrictions imposed by institutional conformity and a new fresh period of exploration could take place which would regenerate science from the grass roots up’

Notes taken from various talks which can be found here: