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Until we accept the quantum nature of the human organism and all biological organism we cannot hope to make any progress in our approach to human health

What do we mean by quantum? We mean the whole the holistic gestalt of the organism that cannot be separated out into its constituent parts

This understanding has been at the heart of cutting edge science for decades now. But for all the reasons we have examined in this book the medical establishment does not want to know. Because the industry – the business model is based on a false paradigm and it is essential to the survival of the business model that the paradigm does not change. But science is science and truth is truth and eventually there will have to be acknowledgement that the current paradigm has led to an epidemic of disease and iatrogenic harm that amounts to genocide – and those who have wilfully propagated the false paradigm that is responsible for this genocide will have to be held accountable.

Of course we know nobody ever will be held accountable. Any more than the officers of the Inquisition were ever held accountable, the innumerable outrages of Catholic Popes and Christian missionaries , the slaughter of millions in the name of eugenics, the doctors in Nazi concentration camps who were given prestigious positions in American universities- nobody will actually be held accountable. It will all be put down to errors of judgement, false paradigms, faulty reasoning. No individuals will be held accountable. Because everybody is just doing their job...


What we find through reviewing the researches of Bechamp, Reich, Rife, Naessens , Enderlein, and in our own time Zac Bush, Bruce Lipton, Peter Gavriaev and Sayer Ji is that all biological systems operate as a holon – that is as a whole. And they are based on a vast interconnecting system of interconnecting cooperation between trillions of microorganisms and minute particles. We talk about a hive mind and this is precisely what is illustrated by every living biological organism that has ever lived.

But this smart grid of electromagnetic radiation that is being unfurled across the planet is a gross abuse and distortion of the true hive mind that underpins biological systems. It is being used as a political weapon for surveillance and control but is inevitably going to de regulate the natural hive mind of biological systems which exhibits a complexity and self regulating ingenuity that will never be replicated by humanity’s gross attempts to replicate it. This is nowhere better illustrated than in the evidence now coming to light that bees are suffering extinction level decimation because of the effects of 5G while birds are being massively confused in their capacity to navigate the planet by the high degree of electromagnetic interference from man-made cellular radiation technology.

The expression’ the birds and the bees’ has become synonymous with our view of Nature. If we are decimating the birds and the bees we are decimating Nature. Both groups are also, of all living creatures, characterised by a hive mind. The fact that our attempts at replicating a hive mind in the human population are decimating the prime examples in Nature should give us pause.

What does this hive mind consist of? There have been enough experiments to prove that above all it is an electromagnetic phenomenon. The fact that 5G has such as egregious effect upon the birds and the bees proves this beyond reasonable doubt. What is perhaps not appreciated is that this is an interference at the cellular level. The reason it is disorienting the creatures of the air is it is preventing the individual constituents of each organism from cohering and communicating as they naturally seek to do. What we are looking at is the deregulation of the Microbiome AND the Macrobiome.

Dr Zach Bush has outlined how every organism contains 1031 microorganisms, how the sea contains the same, the land contains the same, the air contains the same. We have seen how we are living in a viral soup. Every microorganism contains genetic information, every particle of genetic information communicates with every other particle of genetic information. If we view ourselves as having a hard drive like the laptops and computers to which we are so addicted every single second we are receiving trillions of software updates.

The supreme irony is that it is this very understanding of this hive mind aspect of all living systems that underpins the monstrous roll out of the internet of things, now being transformed into the internet of bodies is based on the scientific understanding of the quantum nature of reality. There would be no internet there would be no smart phones there would be no laptops if it wasn’t for the quantum understanding of reality. Because we can use our (extremely limited) understanding of the quantum world to make laptops we have jumped to the ridiculous conclusion that we are qualified to re program life.

So it is criminally insane to ignore these revelations when it comes to human health. And yet that is what has happened for nearly a century now. And what we are witnessing in 2020 is the final weaponization of the refusal to acknowledge the quantum nature of all biological organic life.

The reason it’s criminal is that if the medical establishment were to apply the very same principles that the scientific technological professions have applied to create the internet of things it would be possible within a matter of only very few years to eradicate most chronic disease and  causes of human suffering.

Nowhere has this been better demonstrated than in the work of Peter Gariaev and Guido Ebner:


Peter Gariaev proved to his own satisfaction  that the living organism’s genetic information is unified in what he calls a chromosome continuum, a kind of stable wave train that travels throughout the organism along the highly ordered geometric structure of the DNA molecule. All the information is contained in a kind of grid or quasi-crystalline gel stage.

This relates to the fourth stage of water, explored by:

Dr Gerald Pollack  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-T7tCMUDXU

and Dr Thomas Cowan (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFUomLdn9aQ&t=1s

This fourth stage of water is a gel like substance that has an exclusively negative charge. Dr Pollack refers to it as an Exclusion Zone or EZ for short. In the body of any living creature it is this Exclusion Zone that stores genetic information in form of electromagnetic and acoustic holograms. Gariaev recognized this as the true source of the blueprints of life and biological function.


The critical word here is continuum – a chromosome continuum. A continuum is precisely what it sounds a continuous interlocking matrix – which cannot or should not be broken up.

All disease emanates from the deregulation of this continuum.

Now it is one thing to develop a revolutionary theory. Anyone can do that. It is quite another to develop means of practical implementation for therapeutic benefits based on that revolutionary theory. This is precisely what Gariaev did.

He realised that the spectrum of the electromagnetic holographic code can be captured through laser interferometry using a broadband laser that is focused onto the DNA. Because DNA is equally laser-like in its highly coherent photon emissions an electromagnetic interference pattern is created that can be stored and transmitted. This means genetic information can be transmitted or teleported through light even over a distance.

See https://stop5g.cz/us/wave-genetics-peter-p-garyaev

In a 3 minute presentation available on you tube Gariaev explains the practical implications of his research

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH62MfJNUyQ

Basically what Gariaev is saying is that it is possible to re-programme the human body in exactly the same way as it is possible to re-programme a computer. You simply have to find where the chromosome continuum has been disrupted and re write it by projecting the correct information to replace whatever fault has occurred.

Now this could be dismissed as insane nonsense if it wasn’t for the fact Gariaev achieved astounding results in his own work and his work has been replicated by other scientists. For instance:

Gariaev achieved remarkable results with a Down Syndrome baby

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27ak-3ArIc8

He also succeeded through his therapy regenerating decayed teeth in a dog

See https://wavegenetics.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Regeneratsiya-zubov-DNA-Decipher-Journal.pdf

And most spectacular of all was his work with rats that had pancreatic cancer – the most lethal of all kinds of cancer. The rats received a pancreatic poisoning and then the genetic information of healthy pancreas cells were re-transmitted by laser and the animals were programmed back to health.

At the time Gariaev was working in Canada and Gariaev narrates how after this breakthrough, he returned to the laboratory one morning and found all equipment, research results and documentation removed. The lab was empty. Such stories are not uncommon. We have seen how precisely the same happened to Wilhelm Reich and to Royal Rife and how many others.



Guido Ebner  - the experiment which was lost and forgotten proving the quantum nature of biology


In laboratory experiments the researchers Dr. Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch exposed cereal seeds and fish eggs to an "electrostatic field" – in other words, to a high voltage field, in which no current flows. Unexpectedly primeval organisms grew out of these seeds and eggs: a fern that no botanist was able to identify; primeval corn with up to twelve ears per stalk; wheat that was ready to be harvested in just four to six weeks. And giant trout, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks. It was as if these organisms accessed their own genetic memories on command in the electric field

See http://www.rexresearch.com/ebner/ebner.htm

Indeed, Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch appear to have discovered a biological method of effectively creating antecedents from progeny without using genetic engineering. Or as both researchers put it: "Our experiments do not involve a mutation of the organism in question, which in the case of genetic engineering involves channelling an additional gene into the organism. No entirely new organism is created. In the electrostatic field, only the gene expression is altered the retrieval of the existing gene. That is something different."

"In the case of our 'manipulated' wheat, growth was so rapid that it was ripe in four weeks instead of the usual seven months", Heinz Schürch recalled. "However one has to say that although the ears and stalks were somewhat smaller, there were more ears per plant. The actual benefit is that we could cultivate this wheat in regions where spring and summer are short where conventional wheat cannot be grown at all." In this case, one can also cheerfully refrain from using pesticides and herbicides: "The pests that have adapted to the growth process of normal wheat have not yet developed when we harvest our wheat as early as four to eight weeks after planting."

The Third World in particular could benefit from this method of cultivation that is both environmentally friendly and inexpensive. For "primeval cereals" from an electric field yield more than modern genetically engineered varieties and do not require fertilisers. Furthermore, it is completely natural and thus healthier. It can be grown by anybody at minimal cost.’

See https://web.archive.org/web/20190106031737/http://www.urzeitcode.com/index.php?id=19

The importance of these experiments cannot be over estimated. You could say that isn’t this just another type of genetic engineering. But there is a critical difference.

Where the CRISPR technology being used by those experimenting with genetic engineering – and incidentally creating the mRNA vaccines being mandated across the planet – involves tinkering with the alphabet of life, what Gariaev and Ebner were experimenting with and advocating was a restructuring at the quantum level.

This was truly reprogramming the computer at the quantum level thus allowing the organism to transform itself.

Gariaev was acutely aware of the revolutionary nature of what he was proposing and how it could be used as much for evil as for good.

Gariaev had discovered a means of revolutionising how we approach the whole issue of human health

Guido Ebner had discovered means of revolutionising the food supply.

Between them they had discovered means of addressing Mankind’s most pressing problems, much as Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich had in the 1920’s and 30’s. Gariaev was defunded and died in 2020. Guido Ebner and his associate Heinz Schürch both passed away unexpectedly in 2001. I wonder how and why?

Ebner’s son Daniel is in no doubt:

The Swiss pharmaceutical group Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis) patented the process and then stopped the research in 1992. Why? Because "primeval cereals" generated by an electric field, in contrast to modern strains of seeds, require hardly any fertilisers or pesticides i.e. crop protection agents, sold as priority products by Ciba at that time. The discovery was soon forgotten, without the global scientific community taking any notice.


It is significant that this research can only be accessed through the Wayback machine. It is in the process of being ‘disappeared’.

See also https://web.archive.org/web/20130908084456/http://www.rafoeg.de:80/index.php/seite/10,Forschungsprojekte/80,Biologische

This article makes the point:

The Basel-based chemical giant, annual sales at about 22 billion Swiss Francs 94 000 employees. Each employee sold statistically for 235 000 Swiss Francs in chemistry. Research on and with the electrostatic field is, with the eyes of the chemical businessman, has called sawing the branch on which it sits.

See below the full patent for Guido Ebner advocating a new way of breeding fish infinitely more efficient than current methods.


The patent now rests in the drawers of the European Patent Office and its imitation is prohibited.

You’d have thought this might have been of interest to the employers, namely Ciba-Geigy, a method that could revolutionise food production. But of course that would be naive.

Ciba-Geigy announced:

"Ciba has given up by now all these studies, there have been no further scientific work undertaken in this area because they can not be assigned to one of the priority research areas of the company. For this reason, the research industry in many, many interesting approaches in exploratory projects will be dropped. "

See http://www.rexresearch.com/ebner/ebner.htm

I am convinced that science has discovered simple and cheap – safe and effective – means of addressing the issues that threaten the world with the 6th Great Extinction. We have the knowledge. We have the capability.

The only thing thwarting us is monstrous vested interests that rely upon the world’s citizenry being poor, sick and starving.

It is these same vested interests that are determined to see us locked down and incapacitated in the COVID era. The great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Singularity depend upon it.

Here is an excerpt from Ebner’s Patent:


US5048458 // EP0351357

Applicant: CIBA GEIGY CORP [US]     
EC: A01K61/00G     
IPC: A01K61/00 // (IPC1-7):A01K63/00     

There is disclosed a novel method which, based on the brief application of electrostatic fields, induces lasting useful and desirable properties in fish, which properties cannot otherwise be induced at all or can only be induced by dint of substantial additional investment in time and material resources. The simplicity of the measures proposed in this invention and the significant results obtained will revolutionize the breeding of fish, especially edible fish, but also ornamental fish.

The present invention relates to a novel method which, based on the brief application of electrostatic fields, induces lasting useful and desirable properties in fish, which properties cannot otherwise be induced at all or can only be induced by dint of substantial additional investment in time and material resources. The simplicity of the method of this invention and the significant results obtained make it possible to improve very substantially the breeding of freshwater and saltwater fish, especially of edible fish and also of ornamental fish.

The method of the present invention essentially comprises exposing early development stages of fish, such as juvenile fish or preferably eggs, before, during or after fertilisation, especially eggs in early phases of cell division, for a short time to electrostatic fields, without the flow of electric currents. It is particularly preferred to use eggs during or immediately after fertilisation.

Specifically, in the practice of this invention, tanks (aquaria) filled with freshwater or saltwater and containing the fish or eggs, and consisting preferably of electrically non-conductive material (insulator), are placed between the electrodes of a capacitor. A directcurrent voltage of one to tens of thousands of volts is then applied to said electrodes. Instead of using the non-conductive aquarium material, it is of course also possible to use electrodes which are provided with an insulating layer and to immerse these electrically insulated capacitor plates direct in the tanks. Of sole importance is that the electrodes of the capacitor are insulated against the freshwater or saltwater acting as dielectric medium. As no currents flow in this apparatus, no perceptible loss of energy is observed. Hence energy is not a cost factor in this invention.

A further essential feature of this invention is that, because no electric current flows, the chemical identity of the system "fish" does not undergo change.

Interest in the investigation of parameters which exert a direct or indirect activity on physico-chemical interactions in living organisms has so far centered almost exclusively on the influence of temperature, pressure, electromagnetic radiation and electrodynamic fields (alternating fields). In contrast, far less attention has been paid, for example, to the investigation into possible interactions of electrostatic fields on the development of higher organisms, especially fish.

Only recently have reports become more frequent on the possible effects of gravitation and magnetic fields on biological systems. Thus, for example, Goodman and Henderson [Bioelectromagnetics, 7: 23-29, 1986] have found indications that a correlation exists between electromagnetic fields and the rate of transcription in biological material, the rate being influenced favourably by the applied electromagnetic field so that enhanced transcription results.

In contrast, it would appear that the possibility that electrostatic fields might also have an influence on the course of physico-chemical interactions in organisms, especially also in early development phases, has so far been ruled out from the start. Hence there have to date been no reports on the possible effect of electrostatic fields on the development of fish.

Experiments have, however, been described (C.A. 95: 165 987b; Vosyliene et al.), in which trout (Salmo iridens) and carp (Cyprinus carpio) were exposed over long periods to field strengths of 0.03-0.08 V/cm and 0.06-0.10 V/cm. These experiments dealt principally with the influence of the voltage applied on brain development and the excretion of noradrenalin, depending additionally on the season.

The reason why there has been so little investigation into the effects of electrostatic fields may primarily be that, in the light of conventional teaching, it has been assumed that an electrostatic field in a medium filled with charge carriers is shielded by the spontaneous formation of an electric double layer and consequently remains inert in its effect.

This teaching is based essentially on the equation formulated by C. Gouy and D. L. Chapman, according to which the actual thickness of a diffuse double layer for an electrolyte is ##EQU1## wherein d=the thickness of the double layer
F=the Faraday constant
.epsilon.=the dielectric constant
R=the universal gas constant
T=the absolute temperature, and
i=the nature of the ions of concentrations ci and valences zi.

Surprisingly, this prejudice has now been overcome with respect to fish in the practice of this invention by the application of simple measures.

In contradistinction to the conventional teaching elaborated above, the aim has now for the first time been successfully achieved, within the scope of this invention, of providing a method by which it is possible to induce in fish lasting desirable and useful changes, which method is based on a modification of physico-chemical interactions induced by the effect of an electrostatic field.

As previously stated, this aim can be achieved most simply by exposing juvenile fish or fertilised fish eggs to an electrostatic field, such that the physico-chemical interactions which take place during cell division and differentiation, and which it is desired to modify with the aid of the method of this invention, take place under the influence of a defined electrostatic field under controlled conditions.

Accordingly, the present invention relates to a method of inducing desirable and useful properties in fish, which comprises a) exposing early development stages of fish to an electrostatic field, such that the physico-chemical reactions which it is desired to modify take place under the influence of a defined electrostatic field under controlled conditions, but without thereby changing the chemical identity of the system itself, and

b) keeping said early development stages of fish in said electrostatic field for a period of time necessary for a stable development of the desired modification.

Throughout this specification, the expression "early development stages of fish" shall be understood as meaning all stages starting from the egg (egg cell), preferably the fertilised egg, through the different embryonic stages right up to the hatchable or hatched juvenile fish. These are the stages of frequent cell division and differentiation in which the electrostatic fields produce favourable and lasting results.

Especially preferred in this connection are fish eggs which are actually fertilised in the static field or which are exposed to the influence of an electrostatic field only after fertilisation -- most preferably directly after.

A favourable, and therefore within the scope of this invention preferred, period of time during which these early development stages remain in the electrostatic field, is the time until the eggs ripen, especially until they hatch. This period of time will normally depend on external conditions, for example water temperature, the oxygen concentration and the like, but most especially on the species of fish.

Afterwards, the juvenile fish are transferred to larger tanks, as is usual in fish breeding, where they mature to a desired growth stage.

The really surprising feature is that these juvenile fish which have been pretreated in the described manner and transferred to normal breeding tanks differ significantly from untreated control groups.

Firstly, a substantially higher hatching rate of the treated fish eggs is observed, with frequently an increase of 100 to 300% and even higher values being achieved. Secondly, these juvenile fish make a far more agile and more vital impression than the untreated comparison fish. Very significant is their markedly higher survival rate which extends not only to their first few days, but virtually to their entire life cycle. This feature becomes all the more marked if all medication is dispensed with. For it is then observed that, in the first few days and weeks, the untreated control group (not exposed to an electrostatic field) is at least twice as heavily reduced by the non-artifically inhibited and naturally occurring population of pathogens as the fish that have been exposed to treatment with an electric field. In addition, the treated fish, while receiving identical feeding, grow in weight and size far faster and reach adulthood significantly earlier, and hence can be transferred to natural waters or are available for marketing as edible or ornamental fish. Further, no deleterious changes in the progeny of these treated fish are observed. On the contrary, a certain element of the vitality seems to be transferable to the progeny.

All in all, the fish treated by the method of this invention are substantially more vital than the untreated comparison fish and reach adulthood earlier. For the fish breeder this means a reduction in the consumption of medicaments and antibacterial agents, even to the extent of dispensing with such substances completely, a perceptibly more efficient utilisation of the fish feed employed, and a shortened rearing phase. These are advantages which no other expedient at present known is able to afford.

The mechanism on which the method of this invention is based is at present not known and will require elucidation in the future.

On the whole, the application of the method of this invention results surprisingly, for example, in a favourable change in the development and growth efficiency, in the morphogenesis, possibly in the gene expression patterns, in proneness to stress, resistance to pathogens, and many other characteristics.

A primary object of this invention is accordingly the provision of a method of enhancing the efficiency of the development and breeding of freshwater and saltwater fish. Especially preferred is a method of enhancing the efficiency of the development and growth of edible fish.

Also falling within the scope of this invention are the fish themselves in which change has been induced by the application of the method of this invention, which fish have an enhanced development of growth efficiency, and the progeny thereof, provided these latter still have a novel and characteristic property of at least one of the parents in which change has been induced by the method of this invention.

Within the scope of this invention, an enhanced development and growth will be understood as meaning, for example, an increase in the hatching rate and an enhancement of the growth rate.

A further object of the present invention is the provision of a method which modifies the specific stress reactions of fish in desirable and useful manner, especially such that the treated fish are more robust and reach adulthood faster.

Thus, for example, it is possible to reduce very substantially the susceptibility of fish to diseases by the application of the method of this invention, and so to breed the fish under conditions which would normally be critical to their health and which would not permit a normal and controlled development.

Hence the present invention also relates to fish whose specific reactions to specific stress parameters are modified in a desirable and useful manner by the application of the method of this invention, especially those fish which exhibit increased resistance to pathogens.

More particularly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a method of vitalising fish, which comprises

a) exposing fertilised fish eggs to an electrostatic field, without flow of current, or fertilising eggs in said field,

b) adjusting the field strength to values in the range from 1 V/cm to 10@5 V/cm, and

c) maintaining the electrostatic field until the juvenile fish hatch or mature.

The fertilisation step can, of course, also be carried out in apparatus of this invention (aquarium with electrodes) with the voltage already applied.

In the practice of this invention, the electrostatic field is preferably produced between the electrically insulated plates of a capacitor.

The field strength of the electrostatic field is determined by the following equation:

where U is the potential difference between the capacitor plates, and d is the distance between the plates.

The potential difference U is produced by a high-tension generator. Any kind of high-tension generator may be used in the method of this invention. Preferred high-tension generators are those based on the transformer principle with rectifier.

The preferred potential difference within the scope of this invention is from 1.0 V (volt) to 10@5 (V) volt.

For the application of the method of this invention to fish eggs, potential differences of 1 V to 20 000 V, preferably of 100 V to 10 000 V, are used. Most preferred is a potential difference of 500 V to 3 000 V.

The distance between the plates of the capacitor depends on the dimensions of the aquarium, and is, for example, from 0.01 mm to 1 mm, but is preferably from 1 cm to 10 cm.

In practice, the field strength of the electrostatic field at the given distance between the plates of the capacitor is regulated by the strength of the voltage produced by a high-tension generator.

In the practice of this invention, the field strengths are preferably from 1 V/cm to 10 000 V/cm, more preferably from 50 V/cm to 5 000 V/cm but, most preferably, from 500 V/cm to 1 000 V/cm.

For the application of the method of this invention, it is most preferred to use biological material which has a high rate of division and/or still exhibits little differentiation, for example cells capable of division. Specifically, suitable biological material in the context of this invention comprises fertilised of unfertilised eggs as well as early embryonic stages right up to hatchable juvenile fish.

The rate of fertilisation and hatching of fish eggs can be significantly enhanced under the influence of an electrostatic field.

All these foregoing particulars cited by way of exemplification are solely intended to illustrate the invention and in no way restrict the subject matter thereof.

Most particularly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a method wherein the development of the fertilised eggs to juvenile fish takes place in an electrostatic field in which the field strengths may vary preferably from 10 V/cm to 3 000 V/cm. Field strengths of 500 V/cm to 1500 V/cm, more particularly of 500 V/cm to 1 000 V/cm, are especially preferred.

First and foremost, the invention provides a method of enhancing the growth and development efficiency of fish, which method comprises enhancing the fertilisation, hatching and survival rate as well as the growth of fish by

a) treating fish eggs with male sperm,

b) placing the treated eggs in incubators in which an electrostatic field is produced,

c) providing field strengths for the electrostatic field of 10 V/cm to 3 000 V/cm,

d) removing the juvenile fish, after hatching, from the sphere of influence of the electrostatic field, and

e) rearing said juvenile fish by methods which are known per se.

The treatment of the fish in the electrostatic field in the practice of this invention is preferably effected in special incubators which, in the bottom and in the cover, contain built-in electrodes which are water-tight and insulated and are connected to a source for producing a high direct-current voltage, and with the aid of which an electrostatic field can be produced inside the incubators. It is, of course, possible to use any other experimental apparatus for treating the fish, provided it meets the basic conditions as set forth above.

After the juvenile fish have hatched, the electric field is removed and the further rearing of the juvenile fish is continued by conventional methods free from the influence of an electric field.

Contrary to all theory, and hence extremely surprisingly, it has been found that, compared with the controls, the juvenile fish which have hatched in the electric field have, in addition to a substantially enhanced fertilisation and hatching rate, further advantageous properties which then also develop after removal of the electric field and influence the further development of the fish.

These further advantageous properties comprise, for example, an enhanced rate of growth compared with the controls. Furthermore, the treated fish, compared with the controls, have a markedly enhanced vitality.

The present invention further relates to the use of the method of this invention for modifying specific stress reactions of fish.

Particularly preferred fields of use relate to the enhancement of resistance to stress, for example to specific environmental factors such as increased salt concentrations in the culture medium, limitation of specific nutrients, limitation of light and/or oxygen, acceptance of pollution and the like.

One of the most frequent stress factors in the living environment is deficiency stress, where one or more factors can simultaneously have a limiting effect.

Deficiency stress occurs as soon as one or more of the factors essential for optimum growth or development, for example light, supply of oxygen/carbon dioxide, supply of nutrients, vitamins and the like, attain suboptimum values. The consequence is that the affected organism is no longer able to maintain to the full its ability to generate the syntheses essential for optimum development and growth, resulting initially in a retardation of growth. If this deficiency stress continues for a prolonged period of time, it results in an impairment of essential functions, leading then as a rule to early onset of senescence and hence ultimately to the death of the affected organism.

Not only a deficiency, but also a superfluity, of specific crucial factors is able to trigger stress reactions. Increased salt concentrations in the nutrient medium leads, for example, to a rise in the osmotic value in the medium and, consequently, to a loss of fluid in the cells present therein, owing to the onset of osmosis and hence to cell shrinkage. The loss of fluid can usually be compensated for to a certain extent by self-regulatory steps taken by the affected organisms. But if a critical threshold is exceeded, then this will result in the death of the cells.

The method of this invention can, in principle, be applied to all species of fish, but preferably to species that are bred on a commercial scale. In this connection, the treatment of edible fish is of particular importance, as it is expected that production costs can be reduced very considerably with the aid of the method of this invention.

To illustrate the somewhat general nature of the foregoing description and to contribute to a better understanding of the invention, reference will now be made to specific working Examples which are non-limitative in character, unless special attention is drawn to them. The same applies to all particulars of an exemplary nature which are contained in the foregoing description.

See http://www.rexresearch.com/ebner/ebner.htm

The conclusion from this research must be – THE FIELD IS EVERYTHING

This fundamentally is the recognition Pasteur had at the end of his days when he supposedly said:


There are those who would like to claim Pasteur never said this. It is immaterial whether he said it or not; the evidence of how many researchers like Bechamp, Naessens, Enderlein, Reich, Rife, Ebner and Gariaev, not to mention the evidence of sheer common sense is if he didn’t say it he should have!