Hippocrates v Hypocrite  



A Parent’s Perspective

I recently had cause to write to the Centre for Countering Digital Hate. I was outraged to discover their Anti Vaxx Playbook listing innumerable health professionals and activists who have been working tirelessly to alert the human population to the dangers inherent in the proposed mass vaccination programme. To see these doctors equated with racists and terrorists made my blood boil.

Of course health professionals like Sayer Ji, Joseph Mercola, Sheri Tenpenny and Kelly Brogan had long seen the writing on the wall. Censorship had been ramped up through the late teens of our century and in retrospect it can be seen that full scale medical fascism was coming of age in 2018 and now in 2021 has finally flown the nest and entered the public domain.

Ever since the Flexner Report was published in 1910 Allopathic Medicine has been working to demonise all natural and holistic medicine, that is the medicine and protocols which have served the human race for millennia, in favour of drugs and treatments derived from petrochemicals.  Now in 2021, just over a century later Allopathic Medicine is making its final bid for world hegemony and the extermination of all alternatives. This has got to be stopped.

If you think this is an exaggeration try googling any one of the above mentioned and you will have the impression that they are just a bunch of quacks and pseudoscientific profiteers. The truth of the matter is they represent the sad remnants of what used to be a respectable and noble profession devoted to assisting people to heal naturally from disease and discover the true meaning of health, struggling heroically against a tidal wave of abuse and misinformation, a campaign being funded and driven by a cartel of companies so corrupt they would have been closed down decades ago were it not for the fact they are serving the ends of a globalist agenda.

Sign up to any of these practitioners’ mailing lists and it’ll land in your Junk Folder – guaranteed, regardless of the fact you actually asked for it

When the whole pandemic hoax broke over us in March 2020 I remember saying to a friend:

This is pay-back time for a faulty health paradigm’

I couldn’t then have known how apposite that thought was....

My friend just looked at me as though I was vaguely deranged.

But I had an advantage over my friend. I had had a rehearsal. I had already had intensive experience of the strange cultish ways of the medical profession when my youngest daughter Erin was diagnosed in 2011 with a Wilm’s tumour, a cancer of the kidney.  We were told that she had an 80% chance of survival.


Over the next two years we entered upon a journey that could only be described as a nightmare, not just because of the immense suffering endured by my little girl but also because we entered a world where nothing was what it appeared to be, where the goalposts shifted from day to day, where we were routinely lied to, cajoled, blandished, intimidated, pleaded with, blackmailed, threatened, defamed, wooed, insulted and above all else manipulated...

Sound familiar...............?

When we started on our journey we were model parents. That is to say we accepted what we were told and we did as we were told.

Things began to unravel in 2012 when Erin was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer and her chances of survival plummeted from 80% to 20%.  None of the treatments appeared to be making any impact on the disease and we realised we could not just sit back and hope that the medical profession would remedy the problem. It was quite clear the medical profession did not have the means, in spite of what we were told. Things came to a head when we were presented with a consent form to sign giving permission for Erin to be subjected to high dose chemotherapy. We refused to sign.

Clearly this was unheard of. Clearly this was tantamount to telling the Pope you didn’t believe in the Immaculate Conception.

But I had done my research and I knew there was no proof of efficacy from this therapy and every indication of immense long-term harm. Effectively it was designed to wipe out the immune system. One therapist we visited likened it to dropping an atom bomb. Where was the sense in that?

The troops were called in. We were sat down with a consultant oncologist who wanted to know what business we thought we had to tell our oncologist how to do his job?

I found out later this gentlemen was largely employed by the EU to advocate for doctors to attend to the economics of their profession, and when presenting conflicts of interest would declare links to Accord Healthcare, Bernstein, European Generics Association, Hospira, Merk Serono, Napp, Pfizer and Sandoz. In other words he was a Big Pharma flunkey sent in to put the frighteners on us. He was so obnoxious that my wife was reduced to screaming hysteria (something that hardly ever happens), the meeting was terminated and henceforth there was an uncomfortable stand-off with Erin’s oncology team.

At the same time as we were receiving our education in medical fascism a story hit the headlines of a young boy called Neon Roberts who had reportedly been kidnapped by his mother to avoid her son having radiotherapy to reduce a deadly brain tumour. The woman was presented as deranged. I knew differently as I knew somebody who had assisted her. For his pains this man’s home was raided in an SAS style raid, armed officers descending from helicopters looming overhead. You would have thought he and the woman he was attempting to assist were political terrorists. The writing was on the wall.

Sally Roberts was only trying to do what was best for her son. Andrew Wakefield has often referenced a mother’s instinct as being the best guide as to what is right or wrong for her children. I can testify to this.

Why do we think because somebody operates out of an imposing building, wears a white coat and has a string of letters after his or her name they have the right to override a mother’s instinct? We only think this is OK because we have been conditioned to believe that somebody who works in an imposing building, wears a white coat and has a string of letters after his/her name is important. This is the greatest fallacy of the modern age and needs to be expunged. In my experience anybody who works in an imposing building, wears a white coat and has a string of letters after his/her name is just a flunkey who surrendered the natural right of every human being to instinctual life and native intelligence decades ago. They – and we – have been brainwashed to believe we are powerless and have no rights to do anything other than obey.

The real issue here is an issue that is at the heart of the human experience.

From the moment we are born we are told what to do. We are conditioned. We are programmed.

We are taught from our earliest days to do what we are told, first by our parents, then by our teachers, then by our employers, and that’s before you factor in peer pressure, the continuous propaganda streaming from the television, the dictates of your religion if you subscribe to a religion, the dictates of the medical profession when you go to see your doctor. We are always told ‘doctor knows best’. In my experience he very rarely knows best, and these days it’s not a doctor you’re consulting anyway. It’s a pharmacological textbook brought up on a computer screen.

As the Russian mystic philosopher G.I Gurdjieff understood we are no better than programmed robots. Our capacity for freedom is virtually zero.

The result of all this is a steadily encroaching compartmentalisation of our lives. We must trust the experts and listen to the science to the point that we are no longer accorded the right to form an opinion of our own. In areas of specialisation, such as virology and biology, we are told we cannot understand the issues involved because we are not sufficiently educated. Native intelligence and common sense are no longer permitted. And most of all the right to question is not permitted.

And the irony is that we, as individual, non-specialised human beings, now have a resource at our fingertips that was never available to our ancestors – the internet. With the advent of the internet arrived the means to research and learn about anything we choose to turn our minds to. There has never been a time in human history when the entire human race has had so much knowledge at its fingertips. Knowledge is no longer the sole province of a small educated elite. It is available to all. And we have to start using it before it disappears; more than that we have to start shouldering the responsibility that this access to knowledge confers.

The rampant censorship occurring at this time represents a last desperate attempt to control the narrative to the extent that the field of knowledge that has been available to us hitherto (or rather in the last 20 years) is now drastically reduced to that which is convenient to our lords and masters. Nowhere is this clearer than in the operations of the Centre for Countering Digital Hate and their attempt to classify all alternative physicians concerned about the damage being done by a one size fits all vaccination campaign that makes no logical sense to anybody with half a brain cell left in their head, with terrorists, racists and other hate criminals.

It quickly became clear to me that even back in 2011 this access to knowledge provided by the internet had become a thorn in the side of the medical profession. Because now access to all the research papers for every conceivable condition known to Man is available to everybody through PubMed, Jama, BMJ etc It is now possible for any patient, or parent of a patient, to examine ALL the evidence in a way that was never previously possible. Thus it becomes possible to truly become informed. This is what I did in 2011/12 and there came a moment when I realise we were being hoodwinked. We were not being told the truth.

I could therefore challenge statements that were made to me that I knew to be false. This made me extremely unpopular. And this more than anything else explains the rampant censorship in 2021 of any contrary narrative concerning COVID19. The information is still available, but becoming increasingly difficult to find, and well nigh impossible if you are using Google to search.

Sayer Ji has compiled an amazing resource on his website


See  https://www.greenmedinfo.com

I have seen him accused of cherry picking the science. This is a laughable accusation coming from the profession that has made cherry picking into a fine art form and that has effectively ignored 20 years of advances in science and medical research. All Ji is doing is bringing together in one place all the research that is being ignored and sidelined by the vested interests that control the medical industry.

There came a moment in my daughter’s journey where we were told that all the medical profession could offer now was palliative treatment. In other words she was sent home to die. I commenced an intensive period of research into alternative cancer therapies trawling the internet 24/7 for anything that I could find that might represent a ray of hope. It was a sobering experience.

I was appalled to discover that we are now at the mercy of a medical cartel that clearly has a vested interest in perpetuating the myth that cancer is incurable and would do anything, literally anything, to protect its profits; to discover that the War on Cancer announced by Richard Nixon in 1971 was a war that was never meant to be won; to discover that numerous physicians and researchers who had identified and attempted to make known treatments that were superior by levels of magnitude to the endlessly repeated triumvirate of Chemo, Radiation and Surgery, had been persecuted, imprisoned, and ‘disappeared’ for nothing more than attempting to alleviate human suffering and alert the world to possible means of curing what the medical profession  was determined to designate as incurable.

There was a positive side of course to my research and that was that I discovered there were innumerable things I could do not just to increase my daughter’s chances of surviving the disease but also ameliorate the long term effect of the extremely toxic treatments she was being subjected to. Of course there was no discussing any of this with Erin’s oncologist and we found that every attempt to instigate alternative treatments from home was baulked. It slowly dawned on us that once your child has cancer you are expected to surrender all your rights as a parent.

With the help of a friend we started a fund to raise money to fund alternative treatments for Erin. We started a website. We planned to take Erin to a clinic in South America where we felt sure we would get all the treatments we had identified she needed, and was never going to get while under the auspices of the NHS. We were told we would not be allowed to fly. I attempted to have a conversation with the oncologist concerning the benefits of Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda in the US). He pretended to know nothing about it. We requested that Erin be allowed Hyperbaric Oxygen. We were told this would inhibit the effect of the radiation Erin had received (a bare faced lie – all the evidence is Hyperbaric Oxygen improves outcomes with radiotherapy); we invested in a GB4000 machine to give Erin Rife frequencies. The nurse who came to our house saw the machine and reported back that we were Scientologists....

We were now referred up the line to a lady who was supposedly the top paediatric oncologist in the UK at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.

This lady sat us down and proceeded to turn Erin’s diagnosis and prognosis totally on its head. At the conclusion of the interview she stood up and hands on hips demanded to know if we accepted her proposal? Since it contradicted everything we had been told in the previous eighteen months we said we’d need some time to think about it. She was clearly outraged. I remember thinking ‘my god, she thinks she has some sort of divine mandate and we’re supposed to grovel in the dust at her feet’.


I was looking out of my bedroom window this morning at the unfolding of spring, the miraculous budding and emergence from a long winter of all the infinite variety of trees, plants and shrubs in our garden and I was thinking how insane to think we can control all this, this miracle of life beyond comprehension. And it struck me forcibly the only sane stance before this extraordinary miracle of life that we find ourselves in the midst of is one of humility, and how all the problems we face in 2021 come down to a total absence of any humility on the part of the science community, the medical community or the governments that rule over us.

The attitude of all these institutions - and that is all they are – institutions - is no different from the consultant oncologist my wife and I had to deal with. The message we are being given is ‘You are ignorant and you know nothing. Therefore you will do as you are told. You will not have a point of view. You will not think for yourself.’

There is no humility. There is only overweening arrogance and what the Greeks would call hubris.

The other day I came across this on Moderna’s website concerning mRNA Vaccines:

‘The main goal of a vaccine for a particular infectious agent such as the virus that causes COVID19 is to teach the immune system what that virus looks like. Once educated the immune system will vigorously attack the actual virus if it ever enters the body’.

When I read this I realised here is the main problem we face. We no longer trust Nature. We believe that Nature, the same Nature that gave us life in the first place is inadequate. The medical and scientific establishment believes we have to ‘educate’ Nature.

Well guys I’ve got news for you: Nature is a darned sight more intelligent than you’ll ever be and when you stop trying to educate it and start learning from it we might get somewhere. Because unlike you Nature has been fine tuning its functioning for billions of years....


And yet here are our virologists, bacteriologists and scientists (computer programmers) conjuring up a vaccine in three months and telling us how we should live our lives, when we can go to work, when we can visit our parents, when we can go outside, when we can go inside, what we can say, what we can’t say – all on the basis of computer predictions based on entirely unwarrantable assumptions.

How many times has Neil Ferguson been proved wrong? Why are we listening to them? Why are we taking any notice of them?

The fact is if we weren’t so utterly brainwashed we wouldn’t. It is perfectly clear there is no pandemic. All the statistics have been manipulated to convince you there is a pandemic.

I’m not going to rehearse here all the reasons it is not a pandemic. This has been done by specialists and professionals far better qualified than I.

It is perfectly clear that what we have been enduring since March 2020 has nothing to do with a health epidemic.

If you doubt this as you unquestionably will if you’ve been listening to the Mainstream Media, I suggest you spend half an hour on the website Questioning COVID where you will find an incredible array of videos from the likes of Sayer Ji, Andrew Kaufmann, Rashid Buttar, Kelly Brogan and many, many more explaining precisely why there is no pandemic.

See https://questioningcovid.com

Then if you want to know why we are being persuaded there IS a pandemic, when there very clearly isn’t, I suggest you spend half an hour downloading the following documents:





The Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 paper:



and you will quickly understand why we are being told we have to Build Back Better!

In one hour you will have discovered precisely what is going on. It may take a few weeks or months to come to terms with it – but you can’t afford to take any longer because this assault on humanity is now being rolled out at a rate of knots and the only way to stop it is if enough people wake up to what is going on and refuse to have anything to do with it.


The history of vaccines is a history of iniquity. More people have died as a result of vaccines than ever died of any naturally occurring disease. This may shock you, but the evidence is all there for anybody with the will to do the research to see. The principle reason the immense harms caused by vaccines have been concealed from the general public for so many years is they are not subjected to anything like the same scrutiny as are other medical interventions. They are classified as biologicals, which is the misnomer of the century. There’s nothing biological about them.

Vaccines are poisons designed with the express purpose of creating an immune response – classified as anti bodies. And the interesting thing is that the virus being targeted cannot on its own create an antibody response. Inject a bit of virus – the only biological content in the vaccine – and the body will ignore it. Hence the inclusion of multiple poisons such as mercury, aluminium, polysorbate 80 etc. These are what elicit the ‘immune response’, what are called antigens.

So the immune response caused by your vaccine has nothing whatsoever to do with the virus you’re being inoculated against. It has to do with the antigens. You’re not ‘immune’ to anything other than the toxins that are added into the vaccine and you don’t need immunity to these toxins. All you need is never to see them in your blood stream, because they were never meant to be there and will invariably and inevitably cause complications; because there are no excretion pathways in the human body for many of these toxins.


This is what happened in Wuhan in December 2019 when the flu vaccine was mandated for all citizens at the same time that a new technology called 5G was switched on. The combination of the two together with the fact that Wuhan happens to be one of the most polluted places on the planet (as is Lombardy in Italy, as is New York – the next ports of call for the so called virus) provided a perfect storm of factors likely to produce an epidemic of respiratory illness.

Shortly after people started dropping dead in the streets... Of course there was no connection to be made between the two events. Hence the risible story of the Wuhan virus emerging from bats being sold in a fish market.

Why do you think all information about vaccine is being censored? Why do you think Senator Robert F Kennedy Jnr is being censored when he has been campaigning successfully for years in the American courts to make vaccines safer for our children?


See: www.childrenshealthdefense.org

Kennedy always makes a point of saying he is not Anti Vaxx. I make no such disclaimer. I am virulently Anti Vaxx. Why? Because it makes no sense to me whatsoever. Spend an hour on Kennedy’s website and you will discover facts about the history of vaccines which will make your blood boil.

The rampant censorship represented by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate is not saving you from misinformation. It is preventing you from seeing information which would almost certainly make you determine to never have another vaccine in your life, let alone participate in a trial that won’t be concluded for nearly two years to come.


We live in an age when you can find out anything about anything. If you Google: ‘How To Make A Bomb?’ I’ve no doubt you could find numerous articles and videos explaining precisely how to make a bomb. But if you want to find out about the risk of taking vaccines you’d be hard pressed to find anything that isn’t labelled misinformation.

Why is this?

You’re not trying to harm anybody. You’re looking for information that may prevent you from coming to harm.

But you’re no allowed to know that. Why is this?

This is part of the same syndrome of being lied to. Being denied the possibility of accessing information

Why do you think the film Vaxxed was denied exposure at the Cannes Film Festival in spite of originally having the support of Robert de Niro?



I have told Erin’s story at some length because I want you to see the parallels to the situation we are now all in. The goalposts keep moving but one thing has remained constant. The playbook has never altered.

Nothing goes back to normal till every man woman and child on the planet has been vaccinated.

Now we have a whole plethora of vaccines and nothing is going back to normal; nevertheless we are told we must still ‘follow the science’, the same science that attempted for 30 years or more to create a vaccine against Coronavirus and failed miserably.

And yet suddenly miraculously in the space of three months the Big Pharma companies produce a whole plethora of vaccines out of thin air?

We are told the vaccine is safe and effective, in spite of the fact the US Supreme Court was forced to admit in 2011 that vaccines are:

 ‘UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE’ (Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC, 562 U.S. 223 (2011)

See https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/562/223

And the vaccines coming out of Pfizer and Moderna don’t even qualify as vaccines at all.

All the emerging evidence concerning these COVID vaccines points to the fact they are neither safe nor effective. The official numbers of reported injuries and deaths is alarming enough. When we consider that the official figures may only represent a very small percentage of the total ADR’s being endured (a report in 2001 suggested that only 1% of vaccine injuries get reported) then the true scale of the problem becomes clear.

Since there have been no long term studies performed for these vaccines, least of all the experimental mRNA vaccines, and we are in the middle of a trial that is not due to conclude until January 2023 (in the case of Pfizer) there is no way of knowing what the effects will be 3 months down the line 6 months 2 years or even 10 years.

As for effective we are told there is no reason to think we will not still be contagious after we have had it nor that we may not still be susceptible to infection. So what on earth is the point...?

And why do you think it is every time somebody posts a video of someone suffering from violent attacks of palsy, paralysis and other chronic conditions subsequent to a COVID vaccine, the posts are being removed almost instantly from your social media platform, from Facebook, Instagram, You Tube etc and labelled as Misinformation. How can this be Misinformation?

INCONVENIENT INFORMATION might be more accurate.

Why would anybody in their right mind take a medication that is proven to be neither safe nor effective and yet is almost guaranteed to make you sick?

It seems to me no different from the argument presented to me when Erin’s oncologist wanted to submit her to high dose chemotherapy. No proof of efficacy, yet ample proof of possible harm.

And yet the human race is lining up with alacrity for the greater good; because this is the prime messaging being given out now...

I saw a Norwegian journalist telling her viewers that she would be taking the vaccine in the full knowledge it might kill her but was happy to do so, because she would dying for the greater good.  In the UK the Queen was wheeled out to tell the British public ‘Don’t do it for yourself, do it for your neighbour’. Sorry Ma’am but ‘How in the name of Heaven is shooting poison into my veins going to help my neighbour?

Would it help my neighbour if I shot myself full of heroine? It is most definitely not going to help my neighbour if I shoot myself full of chimpanzee adenovirus, aborted fetal cell tissue, aluminium, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid or whatever else they decide to chuck in. Where did this notion come from that shooting a poisonous concoction into your bloodstream was going to do anything for you but make you sick? I’d rather have a dose of heroine thank you very much. At least I might die happy.

The fact is this is based on junk science, science that has been commissioned by – that is paid for - by those who hold patents for the vaccines and even by those who, unbelievably, have a patent on the virus itself.


Why has the WHO changed the definition of herd immunity?

Herd immunity used to be achieved by allowing a virus to circulate in the community. The WHO has long boasted that vaccines contribute to achieving herd immunity but still acknowledged that the mere fact of the natural virus circulation was a contributory factor. Suddenly in the middle of 2020 the WHO’s website was updated with this:

Herd immunity’, also known as ‘population immunity’, is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached’.

In other words Nature no longer has any part to play whatsoever. Without a vaccine there is no possibility of herd immunity.

There must have been significant kick back against this egregious piece of propaganda because I understand in January 2021 has since been removed from the site but not before millions of innocent citizens will have seen it....

Next question:

Why did it take the WHO till January 2021 to alert health professionals to something they had known all along namely that running the PCR test at cycles above 35 would inevitably result in vast numbers of false positives?

Even Anthony Fauci, Health Tsar in the USA spelt this out in an interview in July 2020, at which time the NHS in England and goodness only know how many other health authorities were running the PCR at 45 cycles. Why?

There can be only one answer they wanted false positives, they needed false positives, they were determined to have false positives..............

We are being lied to. The evidence is there in plain sight for anybody who takes the trouble to look for it.

The Governments of the world are in contravention of the Nuremberg Code which states quite clearly that nobody should be enrolled in a medical experiment without giving informed consent. Since nobody is being informed how can they give informed consent?

If somebody lies to me I do not trust them. Because I know they are concealing something from me.

And yet millions are allowing themselves to be lied to and seem content to take everything they are told at face value even if it makes no logical sense whatsoever – like being told flu has vanished off the face of the earth because we’ve all been masking up and social distancing.

Yet COVID hasn’t vanished has it? Masking up and Social Distancing hasn’t impacted on COVID at all. Otherwise it too would have vanished from the planet surely? And nobody has tried to pretend that COVID isn’t a flu like disease with flu like symptoms. How can we listen to such nonsense?

The first thing we need to do is look at the organisations behind the vaccination campaigns. Go to:



and inspect the record of the companies retailing these vaccines, and ask yourself this question: if you were searching for a second hand car and read the history of this company would you trust this company to sell you a reliable car?

Read the history of Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and Astra Zeneca, and you will read a history of fraud, malfeasance and rampant profiteering with zero regard for the customer’s health or well being.

The worst that can happen to you with a dud car is you find yourself landed at the side of the road. The worst that can happen to you with a vaccine is you end up disabled for life or dead. There is a distinct difference.

Another question: would you buy a car from a company that had never sold a car before?

Well that is what you are doing when you sign up to a vaccine from Moderna. The company has no history because it has never done it before.

And yet if you visit Moderna’s website you will find the company proudly declares it is going to install in you ‘the software of life’. Well I certainly wouldn’t be buying a car from a company with no track record and in my opinion you’d have to be mentally deranged, or at the least suicidal, to allow them to install the ‘software of life’ in you.....

In any relationship the moment one party is found to be lying it sounds the death knell of that relationship. Because a rubicon has been crossed. It is no longer possible to trust that person.

There is only one reason people lie. They do not tell you the truth because they know that you will not like the truth.

And the only reason the lies have not been exposed is the efficiency of the propaganda campaigns being run by Behavioural Insights teams that know precisely how to manipulate the target population.

You are the target population!

Every pronouncement is designed for one thing and one thing only and that is to promote fear. The media has finally been revealed for what it is - a monstrous PR company working on behalf of the governments and the oligarchs that control them. In other words the media is just a gigantic propaganda machine no different from the media controlled by Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany.


Now add together the lies concerning the lethality of the virus, the manipulation of the mortality statistics, the suppression of perfectly effective natural treatments and existing drugs, the insistence on a vaccine for 100% of the population against a disease that is killing less than 1% with an average age no different from the average age of mortality generally i.e 82, the suppression of any narrative that conflicts with the official line , the rampant censorship of all alternative health providers and professionals, the total de-platforming of anybody that suggests there may be a conspiracy afoot, the instigation of Behavioural Insights teams to ramp up fear on a daily, hourly basis through the mainstream media, the continuing absence for 99.9% of the population that there is any evidence that there is anything to fear, the criminalisation of citizen journalists who expose the fact that the hospitals are in many cases deserted, and yet the mass cancellation of all routine surgeries and appointments, the sudden appearance of military style police on our streets, the international roll out of vaccine passports to prove vaccination with a totally experimental technology never tested on a human population and already admitted to neither prevent contamination nor infection, the fact that the vaccine has been manufactured by some of the corporate world’s most fraudulent and sinister operators, the fact that you must continue virtually under house arrest even if you do as you are told and allow yourself to be assaulted with a totally experimental vaccine and tell me there isn’t something fishy afoot...

I think it was Stalin who said ‘When one person dies it’s a tragedy when millions die it’s a statistic’

This seems to be the point we have arrived at.

Nothing happens without a reason. There is no pandemic. As the months have passed this has become painfully clear. And yet there is a concerted effort to make you believe there is a pandemic and what is more there is going to be another and another.

Why else has the UK government just set up The UK Health Security Agency and the Office for Health Promotion to prepare for the next pandemic and convince citizens that testing for a virus with a test not testing for anything other than a ramshackle collection of DNA should become a way of life?

We are told there will be no going back. Instead we have to build back better and that better is predicated on two things: Zero COVID and Zero Carbon.

We accept this nonsense without reflecting that Zero Carbon would result in the total collapse of all life on Earth and Zero COVID has already been achieved because there never was any COVID in the first place. Which is not to say there isn’t always plenty of disease in the human population - but that disease is caused by innumerable factors all related to toxicity in the environment that have nothing to do with a virus.

And what is the net result in your individual lives? You can no longer live your life as you want to live it. You will wear masks for the foreseeable future, you will socially distance for the foreseeable future. You will not be able to travel abroad without a Vaccine Passport, eventually you almost certainly won’t be permitted to enter into society in any capacity at all without a vaccine passport...