Hippocrates v Hypocrite  


Dear Headmaster,


I write to object in the strongest possible terms to the notion that my children should be compelled to wear a mask virtually uninterrupted from 8.45am - 3.15pm. 5 days a week.


Not only is this a gross infringement of their human rights - principally the right to life, liberty and bodily autonomy, but it is a gross assault on their physical health and the well-being of adolescents who are still in the process of growing towards adulthood.


Since the primary requirement of any human organism is the intake of oxygen in order to allow the cells of the body to respirate freely this is an assault on the health of our children.


I am not ignorant of medical matters. Both my children have suffered from asthma. Erin has survived metastatic lung cancer


You will have on record that Erin suffered a cancer of the kidney at the age of four, and subsequent to that suffered from metastatic lung cancer. The medical profession virtually washed its hands on her and sent her home to die. I was thus compelled to conduct my own researches as how best to salvage her life.


These researches led me to understand the absolute primacy of a free flow of oxygen in the human organism, and the fact that ALL cancers, without exception, arise from an excess of toxicity in the interstitial tissues of the body causing the lack of capacity of the cells to respirate properly; for which reason Erin has lived ever since on a dietary and lifestyle regime that has been engineered to ensure the maximum possibility of a free flow of oxygen in her system, including weekly treatment of Hyperbaric Oxygen. The notion that she should now be muzzled and deprived of the breath of life due to some idiotic government mandate for which there is no scientific justification whatsoever is insupportable.


It should not be necessary to underline the health implications of impeding the natural intake of oxygen through the mouth and nostrils. It is a matter of common sense. The fact that it has become necessary to spell it out is symptomatic of the cognitive dissonance that has taken hold of society at large. The effect of impeding the intake of oxygen means that the individual subjected to wearing a mask for hours at a time is forced to re-breathe their own carbon dioxide persistently with inevitably deleterious consequences.


The mask will also in itself become a repository for germs, viruses and bacteria, all of which are excreted from the body through the out-going breath, not to mention the dangers of psoriasis and associated disorders caused by the lack of oxygen available to the pores in the skin. The long-term consequence of re-breathing one's own carbon dioxide will be oxygen starvation of the tissues, not least to the brain. The long-term consequence of such oxygen starvation will inevitably be acidosis - the deregulation of the body's ph balance - which is the precursor to ALL disease conditions, including susceptibility to COVID19. The logic appertaining to these mandates is precisely zero.

I draw your attention to a talk given in the summer last year by German neurologist Marguerite Griesz Bresson, in which she clearly identifies the dangers of mask wearing – particularly for children and young people:


I attach an article that contains a transcript of the main points in her talk.

Since Erin's illness I have dedicated the past ten years to safeguarding my daughters' health and well-being. I do not intend to stand by and watch these efforts undone in a matter of weeks.

The long-term health consequences for this generation of children will be catastrophic - guaranteed. The notion that these consequences should be permitted in order to protect against a 'virus' which is killing virtually NO children and has an overall mortality rate no different from the seasonal flu, of which the average age is 82, (which just happens to be the average age of mortality in general), in spite of all the government's best attempts to trump up the figures through persistent re designation of other illnesses and causes of mortality, makes this an outrage against humanity.

I was prepared to accept the idiocy of mandating masks in the corridors without comment. I am not willing to remain silent about what I consider to be a criminal assault on the health of my children represented by this new mandate.

Were it not for the fact that my children have already suffered immense psychological and emotional damage from months of being locked up in their home with no access to friends, family, recreation or creative pursuits in the most impressionable years of their lives, I would be withdrawing them forthwith from the school.

As things stand, I would request that the time that my children be required to wear a mask be kept to an absolute minimum. I also insist that they should not be allowed to wear a mask in classes such as PE, Drama and Games generally where a premium is placed on the respiratory system through the inevitable physical exertion required, since this would only compound tenfold the deleterious consequences envisaged.

With reference to the proposed testing I find it inconceivable how the government considers it possible to test for a virus that has never been isolated See https://www.andrewkaufmanmd.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Statement-of-Virus-Isolation-SOVI-by-Morell-Cowan-and-Kaufman.pdf

Statement on Virus Isolation (SOVI)

2 . bacteriophages. 1. and so-called giant viruses in every virology lab, then allows the virologist to demonstrate with electron microscopy thousands of


I do not know which test you are considering instigating in the school. If it is the PCR test I draw your attention to the following article which provides a succinct resume of the reasons PCR is not a suitable method of testing for any disease. Indeed the inventor of the test was quite clear this is not a diagnostic tool:




I suspect it will rather be the Lateral Flow Test that will be employed. This has been confirmed by the British Medical Journal as even less meaningful than the PCR test See this article published in January this year:




Covid-19: government must urgently rethink lateral flow test roll out - The BMJ

Up the line to death: covid-19 has revealed a mortal… Peter Doshi: Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% effective”… What makes new variants of SARS-CoV-2 concerning is…


Both tests are highly invasive, and in my view, utterly unwarranted. Therefore I shall not be permitting my children to participate in weekly testing. Since my understanding is that testing is not mandatory I do not anticipate this should be a problem for my children, and trust you will closely monitor any excess peer pressure they may be subjected to.



I acknowledge that your hands are tied and that you are compelled to abide by the regulations imposed upon you. If the world were rightly ordered and the nation had not been brainwashed by a propaganda campaign worthy of Nazi Germany you would now witness a max exodus of students from your school. Sadly all too many citizens have been brainwashed by the government's incessant propaganda campaign and the systemic censorship of any information that might alert the population to the extent of the fraud and corruption that has underpinned this so-called pandemic ever since March last year.


I have no political affiliations or interest. My only concern is the health of my children and the millions of other children being affected. For which reason I shall be sending a copy of this letter to the local MP, Sherryl Murray and requiring that as our elected representative in Westminster she alert the government to the fact that not all citizens are willing to kowtow to this idiocy any longer.


I also give notice that neither of my children will be participating in any untried, untested vaccine trial and should vaccines be mandated in school both my children will be withdrawn forthwith and without hesitation.


Yours sincerely


Jonathan Lewsey (father of Megan and Erin Lewsey)