Hippocrates v Hypocrite  




‘I want to sing like birds sing/Not worrying who listens or what they think’


If you can do that you can achieve the impossible


Throughout 2020/21 I have been obsessively listening to doctors and health professionals I respect and making notes

Here are some of them:





The microbiome is ALWAYS DOING THE RIGHT THING and we are KILLING IT. There is no such thing as a bad bacteria or pathogen. Don’t attack the pathogen with antimicrobials etc. If you destroy the microbiome you’re left only with the virome which is another way of saying you’re only left with exosomes, cellular debris

We should not have a symptom from expressing a virus. This only happens if we disrupt enzyme pathways and interfere with the extraordinarily complex action of the RNA Ribosomes – explicate Ribosomes

Vaccinations disrupt genome balance

Antibodies have very little to do with genome balance

All a vaccination has to prove is creation of antibodies – which is nothing to do with preventing disease. The vaccination prevents natural genetic updates. The more vaccinations you get the less genetic updates you get, the less protected you are from live disease.

(The weed is always the sign of a disregulation of the soil. So it is with viruses.

Viruses always appear between the 3rd week of October and may

In the 3rd week of October we see an explosion of C02 – a rapid accumulation of carbon particulates, methane pollution etc so we can always expect to see viruses expressed at this time.

Added complication is the fact that a large percentage of population is prescribed ACE inhibitors and statins – the standard of care for heart problems and both increase susceptibility to coronavirus

The PCR is an amplification method for finding small amounts of DNA . 80% false positive and 30% false negative

We are working with a faulty paradigm

The problem is we assume we are playing a two dimensional chess board gaem when really what we are dealing with is a three dimensional biology. We are three dimensional creatures

Functional medicine is as guilty as allopathic medicine of treating the problem of viral proliferation as ‘infection’

When we discharge patients from hospitals we’re saying ‘OK we’ve saved your life’. What we should be saying is we’ve just worsened your health prospects with the anti microbials antibiotics etc that we’ve given you. Therefore what you need to concentrate on is developing your microbial diversity.

We’re killing the microbial diversitywith a mono culture. Germs are the result of collapsing biology.

The approach of Western medicine is to attempt to whack the mole on the head – it disappears and pops up somewhere else

We need to redesign our health care system entirely. And it needs to start with understanding Nature’s role in health. And if we changed the food in our hospitals less people would die; if we changed the air in hospitals, such as they were breathing a diverse microbiome in a day fewer people would die, if we changed the way in which nurses and doctors get to interact with Nature throughout their day fewer of them would be depressed burnt out and helpless. And so we need to fundamentally change everything that we’ve designed in health care BECAUSE AT EVERY LEVEL WE HAVE DECIDED WE ARE AGAINST NATURE, so we purify our air, it’s all with the understanding that we are separate from, devoid of and we need to battle against Nature. That’s why we’re dying in such droves’.

I’m confident that there can be a new era in which science could be released from the restrictions imposed by institutional conformity and a new fresh period of exploration could take place which would regenerate science from the grass roots up’


People are presenting at hospital with no fever. If there’s no fever tehre’s no infection. Many of those diagnosed with CVID were not suffering from infection but from hypoxia leading to blood clots and eventually total organ failure (hypoxia is chronic oxygen deprivation – NO OXYGEN NO LIFE – which is a classic symptom of cyanide poisoning. This is as a result of pollution – of chronic toxic poisoning. We should be tackling this problem of hypoxia with anti cyanide kits

Mortality rates from COVID are entirely down to wrong management. Hospitals are working in an atmosphere of hysteria where everyone is in a ‘flight or fight’ response. We know that this state shuts down the capacity to think creatively

The worst thing about the COVID pandemic is the number of people who are dying alone. This should NEVER happen. YOU DO NOT DIE ALONE


It’s not the virus makes you ill – it’s the bodies cell mediated response against toxic overload.

The cell mediated response takes place within 6 to 7 days. The body then remembers the pathogen and makes anti bodies within 6 to 8 weeks

Antipyretics interfere with the natural function of the immune system

If the cell mediated response isn’t allowed to happen the body says ‘If I’m not going through a cell mediated response first then I’m not bothering to make antibodies’

In order to trick the body into creating antibodies we add in an adjuvant such as aluminium. The body does not recognise aluminium and there are no excretion pathways for it. So you end up with the body pumping out antibodies to tackle a problem that has been injected and that the body cannot get rid of.

Cell mediated immune system is located in the white blood cells

Humoral immune system in antibodies

If you put debris in your lungs then somebody has to stop it getting out – otherwise the lungs will instinctively reject it . This is what your kindly doctor does.

The body’s own cell mediated reaction will produce fever, pus, mucus, cough and sickness – all of which is the body’s attempt to heal itself.


The entire theory behind vaccination is to stimulate antibodies without the patient having to suffer a cell mediated response. The problem is if you stimulate antibodies you end up with people with too many antibodies which is a precise definition of autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease is diagnosed by identifying too many antibodies in the blood. How do you get too many antibodies? By being given medicine and vaccinations to stimulate antibodies.

Chronic disease comes about as a result of treating symptoms which are always indicative of the body’s natural attempt to heal itself. You suppress the cell mediated response twice a year for twenty years and you will end up with cancer or other chronic illness.


The inference from this is it’s insane to prevent the body producing a fever – which is always indicative of a cell mediated response. But this is what we do every time we take a course of antibiotics every time we resort to antipyretics – ibuprofen etc. Even the current Wikipedia article questions the advisability of suppressing fever too much




It is possible historically to trace the growth of various chronic disease conditions, for instance the whole plethora of allergies that suddenly erupted in the world, specifically peanut allergy. Peanut oil was introduced into vaccines in order to provide a protein for the antigens to bind with supposedly to enhance the possibility of an immune response.

Peanut oil has been used in vaccines since the mid 1960’s and by 1980 had become the preferred excipient. After the 1986 Act in America, conferring immunity on all vaccine manufacturers, the schedule was ramped up as follows:

The Mandated Schedule of vaccines for children doubled from the 80s to the 90s:


1980 – 20 vaccines

1995 – 40 vaccines

2011 – 68 vaccines


And suddenly there was an explosion of reports of peanut allergy.

And it wasn’t just allergy that was being seen. ‘A new kind of anaphylaxis appeared with peanut reactions: reverse anaphylaxis. The reaction was not only to the sensitizing antigen, but to the weird new antibodies that had just been introduced in the human species by the new antigen without the usual benefit of the evolutionary process.

That is the body was rejecting not just the peanut oil but was also found to be reacting against the very antibodies it was creating to fight the antigen.


As vaccines doubled between the 1980s and the 1990s, hundreds of thousands of kids were now exhibiting peanut sensitivities, with frequent cases of anaphylaxic reactions, sometimes fatal.

But nobody talked about it.

Following the next enormous increase in vaccines on the Mandated Schedule after 9/11, whereby the total shot up to 68 recommended vaccines, the peanut allergy soon reached epidemic proportions: a million children: 1.5% of them.

In the same time occurred the explosion in autism and asthma – both also caused by an inappropriate immune response to toxic invasion.


Aside from Anaphylaxis and Autism what is the other chronic condition that has exploded in recent years? Asthma

Autism is hyperactive immune system response in the brain

Asthma is a hyperactive immune response in the lungs

Returning to Anaphylaxis:


The problem is highlighted in an excellent article by Tim O’Shea:


‘Before 1900, anaphylactic shock was virtually unknown. The syndrome of sudden fainting, respiratory distress, convulsions, and sometimes death did not exist until vaccinators switched from the lancet to the hypodermic needle. That transformation was essentially complete by the turn of the century in the western world.

Right at that time, a new disease called Serum Sickness began to afflict thousands of children. A variety of symptoms, including shock, fainting, and sometimes death, could suddenly result following an injection.

Instead of covering it up, the connection was well recognized and documented in the medical literature of the day. Dr Clemens Von Pirquet, who actually coined the word “allergy,” was a leading researcher in characterizing the new disease. Serum Sickness was the first mass allergenic phenomenon in history. What had been required for its onset, apparently, was the advent of the hypodermic needle.

When the needle replaced the lancet in the late 1800s, Serum Sickness soon became a frequent visitor to the child’s bed. It was a known consequence of vaccinations. Indeed, the entire field of modern allergy has evolved from the early study of Serum Sickness coming from vaccines.




‘Von Pirquet recognized that vaccines had 2 primary effects: immunity and hypersensitivity.  He said they were inseparable: the one was the price of the other.

In other words, if we were going to benefit from the effects of mass immunization, we must accept the downside of mass hypersensitivity as a necessary co-feature. Modern medicine has decided that this double effect should be kept secret, so they don’t allow it to be brought up much.

Many doctors in the early 1900s were dead set against vaccines for this precise reason. The advertised benefit was not proven to be worth the risk’

Introduce a foreign protein into the blood and you will automatically create the possibility of an allergic reaction. Effectively what you have done is red flag that particular substance so that when the organism meets it next time it over – it reacts.

And in this one sentence we have encapsulated the fallacy of vaccine theory.

The theory is that you prime the immune system to create an immune response – and this is certainly proven to be the case. But the problem is it is often an entirely inappropriate immune response, such that actually leaves the individual more sick than if they had contracted the actual disease. What you have created is hypersensitivity to whatever it is you have introduced to the organism. And if you consider the whole raft of different antigens that are employed in any one vaccine you can see the dangers of hypersensitivity down the line become compounded according to how many vaccines you administer.

And if you are administering 68 vaccines all with let’s say half a dozen toxic components any one of which could induce hypersensitivity then you have a grand total 408 possible vectors for hypersensitivity, that is allergic reaction if not anaphylactic shock which can be fatal.

The whole notion of introducing oil into vaccines was in order to create a time release mechanism for the adjuvants. This means that you won’t necessarily see a response immediately, you may see it days, weeks or months after the introduction of the vaccine. Effectively you have introduced into an infant child a ticking time bomb...


Tim O’Shea’s article concludes:

‘Childhood allergies doubled between 1980 and 2000, and have doubled again since that time.

Theories abound. Childhood vaccines doubled at the same time. Why is there a virtual blackout of viable discussion about this glaring fact?

The epidemic of peanut allergy is just one facet of this much broader social phenomenon. We have the sickest, most allergic kids of any country, industrialized or not, on Earth. A study of the standard literature of vaccines is identical to a study of the history of adjuvants – an exercise in cover-up and dissimulation. Unvaccinated children don’t become autistic. And they don’t go into shock from eating peanuts.

But there can never be a formal clinical study where the control group is unvaccinated. NIH would never do that. They cannot. They know the outcome.’





For a wealth of valuable information


Because there has never been a study commissioned whereby you can compare the health of a vaccinated population against the health of an unvaccinated population it is almost impossible to quantify or prove the extent of the harm being done

However what we can do is compare the health of a population of children that is being heavily vaccinated – such as the American population with the health of a population that is not being heavily vaccinated. An American child could get up to 7 vaccines at any one time:













Varicella (chickenpox)


Seven“shots” given in one visit? By contrast, an infant in 1968 would have been given just 3. In Iceland today, there are no scheduled shots at 15 months of age. At 18 months, there are just 2…

Iceland’s child mortality rate is 1.25 per 1,000 live births while the rate in the US is a dismal 5.82. That seems like a pretty good starting point to me. Of course there will be other factors cited but there has got to be some overriding factor that means the USA’s infant mortality rate is nearly 5 times higher than Iceland’s infant mortality rate. Remember we’re talking infants. They haven’t had time to max out on junk food, alcohol and barbiturates. These are tiny kids.

Robert Kennedy JNr in a recent interview asked why he was dedicating his life to revealing the dangers of vaccines didn’t pull his punches. He said it was like witnessing a mugging or being at the train station in Warsaw when they were shipping Jews off to the death camps and realising that something has to be done. You can’t just stand by and allow atrocity to prevail. Which is precisely how I feel




Epstein Barr becomes Lymes Disease

Polio becomes myelitis

Since 1986 vaccine manufacturer have had blanket immunity from liability. This was brought in after vaccine manufacturers threatened to cease manufacture if government didn’t relieve them of pressure from claims made re vaccine damage

CDC exempted biologicals (vaccines) from safety testing on the pretext that they needed to implement mass immunizations as a matter of State security at the time of the Anthrax scare.

The problem of pathogenic priming: vaccines can produce 2 types of antibodies. Neutralizing antibodies and Binding antibodies. Binding antibodies make the spike protein stickier – it primes your body to get sick.

This is precisely what happened with Sanofi’s Dengue vaccine. It is also what happened with the attempts to make a Coronavirus vaccine in the 2000’s and had already been seen in the 1960’s in Britain when they attempted to create an RSN vaccine

In 2014 Sanofi rolled out the Dengue vaccine in the Philipines and had massive problems. 100 children died. Sanofi are now being prosecuted by the Phillipine government


1994 Roundup Introduced for mass spraying of crops – food crops that is. This meant you could accelerate harvest

Roundup=Glyphosate associated with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

From 2006 can be dated explosion of celiac and gluten allergies. The conclusion must be: it’s not that humans are allergic to wheat – they’re allergic to glyphosate.

Roundup has been found to be ubiquitous in the urine of pregnant women

Kennedy refers to the Daubert standard established in 1993 whereby you cannot bring to a jury science that is speculative. There is no precise definition. This means there has to be a critical mass of scientific studies that associate a particular exposure with a particular disease. Since the industry works strenuously not to fund studies that will be injurious to their market it is almost impossible to accumulate sufficient scientific evidence to present to a jury


We inject someone with peanut protein. They develop a peanut allergy; that is - when they are confronted with real peanuts their bodies reject them. They develop an enhanced immune response and this is the meaning of pathogenic priming. The enhanced response is a response that is inappropriate to the challenge being presented.

This is what is happening with all the vaccines. They are inciting the body to produce antibodies in excess of what is required – thus creating autoimmunity

We know that all soft tissue cancers are caused by viruses and retroviruses like XMRV virus, and it is more than likely that we are causing cancer with adjuvants in vaccines. But because there’s no placebo testing it is impossible to identify the risks involved; so its correlation not causation.

In 1963 in USA only 400 cases of measles mortality – the year before measles vaccine introduced – and most of these were among poor black kids who were universally malnourished.

Even the CDC has concluded vaccines had little to do with drop in mortality from smallpox in the 1st half of the 20th century. This means the drop in mortality was almost exclusively occasioned by better nutrition, better sanitation and better hygiene – running water, proper sewage systems and the widespread introduction and accessibility of refrigeration.

All diseases disappeared on same timeline – nothing to do with vaccination

The Cochrane Collaboration conducted intensive study of effectiveness of flu vaccine. They studied several vaccines designed to prevent a case of flu - and concluded there was zero evidence that any vaccine prevents hospitalization and death from flu.

The longevity of senior citizens has been declining since the widespread rollout of the flu vaccine.

They say it prevents transmissibility. In fact it’s quite the opposite. You are 6 times more likely to spread the flu if you’ve been vaccinated. You are therefore more likely to get the flu if you live in a largely vaccinated population.



Bill Gates has devoted his wealth to controlling FOOD AND HEALTH. He has turned his wealth into Philanthropy but is profiting hugely from it. He does not have to pay taxes. He invests in government agencies and the W.H.O. which is dictating public policy and enabling him to continue capitalising


Effectively he has moved money away from central issues such as nutrition, sanitation and sustainable agriculture and purveyed the idea that all health is to be acquired through vaccines

He discontinues non patented vaccines i.e. if he can’t make money out of it he won’t use it – regardless of how efficacious it may be.

Once vaccine viruses leave body in faeces, sweat and urine they contaminate the community.

70% of polio in the world today is coming from the Gates vaccine. Live polio is very rare

But vaccine is causing innumerable cases of paralysis – Guillaume Barr syndrome and Acute Flaccid Myelitis – which is the redesignation of polio.

Polio was almost certainly caused by mass spraying of DDT

DDT was abolished in 1974. By 1979 polio had all but disappeared.

The polio vaccine was first introduced in 1957. When they isolated the virus for the first time they found that actually it wasn’t responsible for the paralysis – which was caused by Guillaume Barr Syndrome and Acute Flaccid Myelitis. Polio dropped by 80% not because of a vaccine but because the disease was reclassified.


Polio has existed since the beginning of time. Before the introduction of DDT symptoms were very mild. Contaminants such as DDT created lesions on peoples’ spines that allowed the polio virus to enter the spinal fluid – causing the paralysis.

Polio epidemics are caused by toxic contaminants associated with swimming in contaminated areas such as farm ponds and holes - drainage areas for agricultural waste

DDT was replaced with glyphosate, which came with a whole new set of problems for instance many birds - in particular the peregrine falcon - went extinct






Recently Gates has been rolling out the DTP vaccine in the third World. DTP was banned in USA because it was realised it destroys the immune system so that hundreds of children were dying from other diseases because of it.

Peter Aaby, normally a vaccine advocate, called for the DTP vaccine to be discontinued because he realised it was killing children.

The innate immune system is compromised

Peter Aaby came to prominence by advertising the fact that vaccines can help train the immune system. In an interview in 2015 at the ECCMID conference he declared that his researches proved that if you had been in receipt of the full schedule of vaccines you would have better health for life:


See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQPrWnT7tys

But it was only a couple of years later he was drawing the world’s attention to the dangers of the DTP vaccine:

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74hho25zH5w

The issue for Aaby is what is known as NSE’s -  Non Specific Effects – that is effects that can’t necessarily be traced back to the vaccine. Hitherto he had assumed these were purely beneficial. His analysis of the ongoing DTP vaccination campaign in the Third World has forced him to revise his thinking.

Peter Aaby has since been extremely forthright about the fact that not only DTP vaccine but 6 of the vaccines are causing increased mortality in children, and particularly girls in receipt of inactivated vaccines. He has said very clearly that the vaccines deregulate the innate immune system, that is, they deregulate the first line of defence for all human beings.

He has been very clear: children are dying as a direct result of DTP vaccination

It is all the more outrageous considering the WHO must know of the dangers – why else would it have been withdrawn from the US market. Is this just a question of moving inventory? That is once it was withdrawn from the US market the vaccine manufacturers were left with large stocks of the vaccine until somebody had the bright idea of rolling it out in the Third World. Presumably the thinking is that the collateral damage done to third world children is acceptable in a way that it’s not for US kids. If I was an Ethiopian parent I’d have something to say about that – wouldn’t you?


In 2014 WHO launched a programme of tetanus vaccination in Kenya. There is not a problem of tetanus in Kenya so why are they doing this? They were only giving it to women of childbearing age. Why?

It has since been discovered that every vaccine contained sterilization hormones – given to pregnant women the vaccine caused spontaneous abortions

Africans have been used as guinea pigs

The HIV vaccination programme did nothing to prevent HIV. It spread it.

Bill Gates coerced third World governments into instigating vaccine programmes. How? Simple: by saying ‘if you don’t instigate the vaccine programme we withdraw all funding’.

The problem we have is that the media is owned by Big Pharma. Even supposedly independent media – including The Guardian – they’ll tell you the truth about everything except vaccines

Pathogenic priming means you prime the system to get sick.