Hippocrates v Hypocrite  



Here is an excerpt from my diary last week March 2021:

The right to free speech has been cancelled. The right to be an intelligent freethinking human being has been cancelled.

And it’s all being done by the oldest trick in the book – divide and rule

Divide everybody from everybody else. Place every single individual into isolation

This came home to me particularly this week:

The government has just announced that children must wear masks throughout the school day. I view this as a direct assault on my children’s health. I therefore wrote an extremely strongly worded letter to the school headmaster, a letter which I copied to the local MP.



The government has also insisted that the children be tested three times a week with a Lateral Flow Test which involves an extremely invasive procedure of inserting a swab high up into the nasal passages. I’ve done a lot of research and know this to be a completely meaningless test.

The government has said this is not mandatory, but have strongly urged everyone to consent.

In my letter to the headmaster I made it clear my children would not be participating in the testing.

But then I find that my children are traumatised by the thought of being singled out, of being odd ones out.

I find my wife is worried about having to tell the teachers that our children will not be participating and is irritated with me because she will have to deal with it on her own, because only one parent is allowed into the school at any one time.

And suddenly I realise the extent of the psyop and the diabolical cleverness of it.

If only one person is allowed into any setting at any one time there is no possibility of collaboration there is no possibility of reinforcement.

In the normal way of things if there was something difficult to confront at the school I would accompany my wife to provide moral support. Moral support is not allowed. Moral support has been outlawed. The government can congregate as much as they need to, but the proletariat are being segregated out so there is no possibility of presenting a united front in any context whatsoever. We are not even allowed to shop together.

Now you could say well the solution to this would be for me to go into the school and back up the contents of my letter in person; which I would be more than happy to do.

But then I come up against the problem of peer pressure.

If I go into the school on my own the first problem would be I refuse to wear a mask – which immediately is going to traumatise the children because every other parent and all the children will be wearing a mask and my children will feel not just conspicuous but ostracized

Because the message being generated by the mainstream media (sponsored by the government) is that if you don’t wear a mask you’re a psychopathic sociopath who doesn’t care about his fellow human beings

And how can I explain to anybody in a couple of sentences the extent of the psyop that is being executed against the human population. I can’t. I’d need ten hours like David Icke needed to give his presentation in September last year.

And they know it. They’ve made sure that live dissent is all but impossible

For which reason I haven’t been in a shop. I haven’t been out of the house since March last year. 12 months under self imposed house arrest.

But that’s not the issue. The real issue is that my wife and my children are going to be made to suffer ostracization and shaming if I insist on them abiding by what I have said. And I’m not willing to put them through it on my behalf

Thus I find myself cancelled

So the question has to be how much am I willing to compromise just to appease those around me?

There is a British Journalist, Peter Hitchens, who has been vociferous about the lockdown legislation and the threat of mandatory vaccines, who at the weekend revealed that he had capitulated and allowed himself to be vaccinated – because many his family live abroad and he wants to be able to visit them. And he tells us he hasn’t done it for anyone else; he has done it for purely selfish reasons – which was a direct hit at HM the Queen who came out this week and said everyone should be doing their duty for the public good and getting the vaccine.

The significance of Hitchens’ kowtowing to the pressure to get the vaccine should not be missed. For effectively the message is this:

‘Look if you don’t get the vaccine life is going to get extremely difficult for you - even Peter Hitchens, who has been deploring everything about the pandemic, has done the sensible thing.’

My brother is umming and aahing . My sister is umming and aahing. Each for their own reasons

Everybody has their reasons

What worries me is everybody seems to be already thinking it’s mandatory – when it isn’t! Yet then mainstream everything has made sure it FEELS as though it’s mandatory. And this is the crux of the matter.

They’ve made sure the message has got across that it’s your social responsibility. It’s your social responsibility to genetically transform yourself....

Well I don’t think so!

I run three community choirs mostly comprised of elderly people, many of whom still with spouses. And I have wanted to tell them all DON’T GET THE VACCINE!

But then it came home to me it would be selfish to tell them ‘Don’t get the vaccine’. Why? Because it was clear to me they all saw it as hope for the future – the only hope of getting ‘back to normal’. How could I tell them there is not going to be any getting back to normal? How can I tell them they’re being swindled - the government is lying to them. The medical profession is lying to them. It’s all a gigantic hoax to further an entirely nefarious agenda to transform the human race. They’d tell me I was nuts.

The reality is the vaccine is almost certainly going to ensure a future of declining health or, worst case scenario,  an early death - a future of declining health from a vaccine supposedly to safeguard against a totally insignificant ‘virus’ little different from the annual flu.

But the question that has presented itself to me is this: 

What right have I to destroy their illusions at the end of their lives?

How could they ever comprehend the scale of the scam?

They would never be able to recalibrate the thinking of a lifetime which is built on the notions

 Doctor knows best,

Government knows best,

Everything is being done in our best interests

Then there’s my responsibility to my family. All 3 of my choirs have continued to pay me something throughout the pandemic. There are those elements in the choirs that would see me as being dangerously subversive if I suggested they not do what the government tells them. And then I’m thinking what right have I to jeopardise those payments?

And then I realise THIS IS HOW EVERYONE IS THINKING. And this is how it’s being done

Millions across the globe are now presented with the conundrum NO JAB NO JOB, and probably NO JAB NO SOCIAL SECURITY which means in stark terms NO JAB NO LIVELIHOOD

How do you tell someone with a young family NOT TO KOWTOW...???

It has been proven in several instances around the globe the only solution is MASS NON COMPLIANCE

If a workforce can show a united front and effectively hold the employers and the government to ransom – either you remove the mandate or you don’t have the workforce you don’t have the services – YOU CAN WHISTLE!


Achieving a critical mass of people who understand the true import of what is transpiring in the world to subvert the ultimate agenda is not going to be easy

The fact of the matter is these vaccine mandates are in contravention of every moral statute that Mankind has ever dreamt up – most recently the NUREMBERG CODE


But when a population has been led to believe a complete fiction, namely that vaccines have been the Saviour of Humanity – how do you convince them otherwise?


I wanted to stop members of my family from getting the vaccine. But the problem is they mostly see me as some sort of crank and wouldn’t have listened to me anyway. They’ve all had their first jab and will shortly be getting the second jab and will soon be lining up for their booster shots and flu jabs and whatever other jabs they’re told they have to have....

How will I feel if one or more of them keels over after it all?

In dark moments I think how can people be so stupid?

And then I realise the problem is they’re not stupid. They’re just trusting. They’ve been brainwashed since birth. We’ve all been brainwashed since birth into believing a fiction

The fiction that governments have our best interests at heart

I watched an interview with the operatic baritone Bryn Terfel, and realised somebody like that - a Welsh singer from the valleys has never given any of it a thought. The only thing concerning him is how is he going to meet his next tax bill because he hasn’t been able to sing?

At one telling moment in the interview Terfel said ‘I wonder what the arts mean anymore?’  And there’s the rub. They don’t mean anything because they have been rendered totally superfluous - irrelevant

The man’s a brilliant singer, a great artist, an intelligent artist, but like millions of others he doesn’t question anything outside the matrix of his everyday life. He doesn’t interest himself in global politics. He doesn’t interest himself in anything outside his job, his family, his golf and his whisky.

Anymore than I did before all this hit.

Anymore than the vast majority of the 60 million that inhabit this nation.

Anymore than the vast majority of the 7.8 billion that inhabit this globe

I suppose the most difficult thing to accept is that we’re being treated like mugs and largely we’re reacting like mugs

And from the moral dilemmas I myself have faced it’s all too easy to see how easy it was to achieve.