Hippocrates v Hypocrite  




There is one man who has called out the truth about the COVID19 pandemic from the start – David Icke. For his pains he has been de-platformed from all social media platforms and is universally shunned by the mainstream media.

There is only one reason for this demonization – he has remorselessly since Day 1 been telling the truth.


When the pandemic hit in 2020 David Icke wasn’t on my radar at all. I vaguely remembered him as a sports presenter who had then for a short time headed up the Green Party. I hadn’t seen the Terry Wogan show in 1991 which caused such a furore and meant that for decades Icke was dismissed by swathes of the British population as just a nutter.

So when quite by chance I came across the interview Icke gave to London Real TV in April 2020 I had no idea what to expect. I certainly was not prepared for the level of intelligence and critical thinking that Icke demonstrated over the course of a two hour interview, an interview which was almost immediately censored from the internet.

The question we have to ask is why was Icke’s interview so quickly censored? The answer is of course simple. He was exposing the scam almost before it had gotten started and laying out in fine detail the agenda behind the plan – an agenda that has played out in almost every particular since.

Icke went on to give four more interviews through 2020, all of which can be seen here:




I consider these interviews essential viewing for anybody who wants to understand what is happening in the world today.

Every Friday Icke issues a podcast on his website that he calls The Dot Connector Videocast, which may seem a clumsy title but is actually a superbly accurate description of what he is doing – joining up the dots, that is making sense of what may otherwise appear to be random and unconnected events.

The supreme value of his work is that he places current events in the historical and cultural perspective that is essential to have any hope of making sense of what is transpiring.

And this is why he has been so virulently censored and de-platformed from all mainstream media.

You don’t censor someone if they are telling the truth and you are happy for people to know the truth. Equally you don’t censor someone if they’re talking a load of bollocks which can easily be proven to be a load of bollocks.

You only censor someone if you don’t want people to hear what that person is saying, because what that person is saying can be easily proven to be correct and is information which if it gained currency could become massively inconvenient to your agenda.

Icke has been labelled a conspiracy theorist. Such a title did not exist before the CIA in America introduced it to discredit anybody who questioned the official story surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963

Icke would say, and I believe justifiably, that he deals in conspiracy facts not theories.

The favourite way of discrediting him is to draw attention to his assertion that the ruling elites consist of shape shifting reptilians. I have addressed this issue in the essay ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY which can be found on David Icke’s website:


or here on this website.

The thing I appreciate most about Icke is his absolute integrity. He will not stand down from his beliefs and convictions for anybody – however inconvenient. And this is a very very rare attribute.

The problems that Icke has had in terms of the generality of the public appreciating his work is that he is essentially a mystic in the same way the physicist David Bohm was a mystic, in the same way the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich was a mystic (though neither would probably have ever owned to such a title). What links these three together is the fact that they see reality whole in a way that very few human beings manage.






David Bohm proposed something that we find almost impossible to comprehend with our logical thinking – namely the non locality of the physical world. He divided the world into an Explicate Order and an Implicate Order. The implicate order is responsible for everything in the Explicate Order, that is everything that we perceive and experience is created by a level of organisation that is beyond our comprehension.

In later years Bohm formed an unlikely alliance with J. Krishnamurti, and this was due to a recognition that the poets and mystics have had an understanding of the Implicate Order that far outstrips what is possible for scientists and mathematicians. See:



What Bohm was exploring was the quantum nature of Reality, the way in which Reality cannot be understood while we insist on separating everything out into its constituent parts. This applies as much to human affairs as it does to the world of physics and biology, and I believe it is this understanding more than any other that Icke brings to the table. At this stage of human evolution it is critical that we attempt to understand what he is trying to communicate. Our very survival as a species depends on it.

A scientist who has understood this and worked tirelessly to communicate this vision is cellular biologist Bruce Lipton:



and for more comprehensive understanding:


This understanding is the polar opposite of the scientism that drives all our governments and medical technocracies. Bohm was ridiculed and marginalised for his views by the establishment. Yet he was only building on the discoveries of Einstein, Niels Bohr and Heisenberg.

In turn David Icke and Bruce Lipton are building on the discoveries of David Bohm. There is a direct line of descent in their thinking from the giants of science who formulated quantum theory.

The problem is the conclusions of this branch of science have become increasingly inimical to the political agendas being prosecuted by the global elite. Hence the marginalisation and hence the virulent censorship of David Icke – because he understands the extent to which the true discoveries of science are being ignored in order to perpetuate a junk science that serves an evil agenda and is doing everything he can to alert the world to the deception.

I mention Wilhelm Reich here because he was an admirable example of what Icke has described in his most recent book as a Renegade Mind – a mind that refused to ignore the evidence of his researches because it happened to be inconvenient. Unlike Bohm Reich directly threatened a monstrous vested interest – the cancer industry. For his pains he was demolished, his books burned and he was flung into jail where he died not long after. See:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoDpWHy0Q9U &




Reich’s demise illustrates the possible penalties for challenging the official narrative. It is my conviction the only reason David Icke is still permitted to function and broadcast is that the mainstream everything has only to point to his declaration that the corridors of power are populated by shape shifting reptilians to discredit him with the general public as being a crackpot. More propaganda...

Another bona fide scientist who was largely ignored and marginalised by the establishment was Peter Gariaev who died in 2020 and to whom Icke paid tribute to in his weekly podcast:



For more information on Gariaev see my essay TERENCE MCKENNA AND PETER GARIAEV on this website

What unites these disparate thinkers is the attempt to see Reality whole. And this seeing reality whole includes all the phenomena in our lives that is labelled paranormal, supernatural, extraterrestrial, mystical, or irrational. It is fundamentally a quantum view of reality that refuses to deny phenomena that we all have experience of at some points in our lives, and that yet cannot be fitted into a tidy box, phenomena that make us question our most basic assumptions about what life is.

I have included on this website five chapters from a book I have recently finished about the English maverick philosopher Colin Wilson, and I believe there are parallels to be drawn between Icke and Wilson.




See also:



One of the most striking parallels between Wilson and Icke is the ability both have to explain the most abstruse metaphysical speculations of philosophers and scientists in simple terms. Perhaps there’s something in the water of the city of Leicester in the East Midlands of England where both Icke and Wilson hail from. It would seem this particular city breeds a certain type of bloody minded individualism that absolutely refuses to be categorized or limited by preconceived notions about what life is.

Colin Wilson made a reputation exploring the limits of human experience. His two bestsellers were The Outsider (1954) and The Occult (1971) but he wrote over 160 books in total. The range of subjects was immense but the unifying feature of his work was an interest in the limits of human experience, whether it was the works of the great poets and composers, the hideous exploits of serial killers or the outer reaches of occult phenomena. Above all he was interested in the question of human freedom.  And this more than anything links Icke and Wilson.

Where Wilson devoted his life to exploring what Immanuel Kant called the Empire of the Mind, Icke has turned the beam of his enquiry onto the contemporary world and in the process has raised himself to almost demagogic status with a huge following, in a way that was never going to appeal to Colin Wilson who spent most of his life happily secluded down a country lane in Cornwall.

At the end of his life Wilson became interested in Ancient civilizations and became convinced that the history we are taught in school is fundamentally flawed and that as a race we fundamentally fail to understand our origins and possibilities.

Icke has provided a rationale for this which is based on the notion that the world we are born into is ruled over by archontic forces that seek to keep us entrapped in a limited five sense reality that excludes the vast majority of the possibilities and potentials that we have. Wilson would have wholeheartedly agreed; the precise details of what those archontic forces comprise, is really neither here nor there.

What both Wilson and Icke point out to us is the fact that the average individual in the Western world is living in a state of alienation from his/her true self.  And the reason for this is the nature of the society into which we are born with its everlasting preoccupation with trivialities and irrelevancies.

Wilson was fond of quoting Fichte ‘Freedom for What?’ Icke has realised that very shortly the question will be an irrelevance; because our very capacity for freedom is in the process of being eradicated....

To get a flavour of the quality of David Icke’s mind here is an interview devoted to the Nature of Reality, which remarkably is still available on You Tube:



Now of course the reason this is still available is it is not primarily concerned with current affairs. It is primarily concerned with the nature of Reality and the nature of Perception and can be comfortably be bracketed away as New Age Woo hoo...

But actually an understanding of what Icke is talking about is critical to an understanding of what is transpiring in the world today.

What Icke refers to as the Cabal is the coordinated conglomeration of oligarchs and corporations that can be bracketed as the military medical industrial complex that has increasingly been driving the agenda of control that has reached its acme with the COVID pandemic.

Since the interviews on London Real Icke has been virtually deplatformed from mainstream media. But he can still be accessed at his website where he provides a daily commentary from his own uniquely idiosyncratic perspective on all the top stories in the news and each Friday publishes a podcast commenting on the week’s news:

See www.davidicke.com

He has also recently created his own media platform Ickonic which can be found here:



Icke has worked tirelessly over the last 30 years to alert the human race to the peril in which it stands. He has written over 20 books most of which are available from his website. He has also toured the world giving marathon presentations most notably at Wembley Arena in 2012. This particular presentation is still available on you tube. See:


Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4NJc...

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PSIS...

Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKyCI...

Part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCzWT...

What becomes immediately apparent and what first impressed me about Icke is he has a total intolerance of bullshit, and he articulates very clearly how we have all been suckered in by bullshit.

Nevertheless it would be possible to argue that the man is just paranoid – possible that is if there were no evidence for his assertions. But the evidence mounts by the day that he is a first rate investigative journalist who has identified a very clear agenda by a small elite of technocrats and globalists to take control of the entire globe, an agenda that has now reached its end game.