Hippocrates v Hypocrite  



I’m not an expert. I don’t have a PHD. I have no medical training. Thus the fact checkers can happily dismiss me and my ramblings in these pages as irrelevant

Nevertheless I think I represent something that is under threat in the looming New World Order, namely an averagely intelligent human being, with a mind of his own, and a determination to use it.

When we are being told NOT to think for ourselves, NOT to have an opinion, to just DO AS WE ARE TOLD - something has gone terribly wrong

I started life as an opera singer and will always consider myself first and foremost as a musician. Nevertheless I was not attracted to the life of a full time professional singer and did everything to avoid it. For four years I co directed The Mayer-Lismann Opera Centre in London. Then in 1994 I moved to Cornwall for a six month sabbatical to concentrate on writing, fell in love with Cornwall and never returned to London. I published two books on the operas of Wagner and Verdi, quickly ran out of money so became Director of a bankrupt Art’s Centre (not a sensible career move admittedly). I remained at the arts centre for nearly 10 years until I myself went bankrupt. I shall always be proud of the fact the Arts Centre didn’t!

I then took to running a pub for the next six years. In 2013 the pub sold and I found myself back on the street and was forced to take stock, and realise it was time to get back to what I was passionate about – namely music. I took on two community choirs, soon added a third and resumed teaching singing, which I’ve been doing ever since. I recently finished a book on the work of Colin Wilson who, until I discovered David Icke, I had always assumed to be the only intelligent man on the planet. Some chapters of the book are available on this website and it’ll shortly be available in its entirety on Amazon Kindle.

I give you these facts about my life to show that my life has been anything but straightforward yet I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. It seems to me a human life is an organic thing that should be allowed to unfold as the individual sees fit - which is how my life has unfolded. At the age of 60 I feel infinitely better equipped to cope with life than I did at the age of 20. And this is how it should be. And this is what I want for my children.

I have two beautiful daughters aged 14 and 16 and I want them to have all the opportunities and possibilities that I had to direct my life as I saw fit.

I am extremely alarmed by the way in which these possibilities and opportunities are being eradicated as I write this. How will it be possible for a life to unfold organically when the most fundamental of freedoms is being taken from us – that is our right to bodily autonomy?

All my life I have felt threatened by the medical profession. This stems undoubtedly from the fact at the age of 6 I was taken off to hospital to have my tonsils removed. It was an excruciating experience. I only learned 20 years later that I apparently nearly died because I bled so profusely post surgery and the hospital did not have the required blood type to give me transfusion. I don’t hold it against them. We’re all human after all. In 1967 nobody would have thought of suing the hospital as might well be the case now.

I managed to avoid hospitals until my 40th year when my spleen suddenly ruptured on Boxing Day 2001. I shall forever be grateful to the surgeon who saved my life on that occasion.

It was nearly 10 years before I had to enter a hospital again. This time it was with my youngest daughter Erin who, aged 4, had developed a Wilm’s tumour in one of her kidneys. Again I shall always be grateful to the surgeon that saved her life by removing the kidney with the offending tumour.

My wife and I had to acknowledge we now had a daughter with cancer and we were assured this was a life sentence. Once you’ve had cancer you always have cancer. This is the sort of bollocks they like to tell you to ensure you remain a good client for life.

But my daughter was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer which we were told was inoperable and if it didn’t respond to treatment her chances of survival were reduced to virtually zero.

And this was a massive wake up call.

It quickly became apparent to me that the chemotherapy was utterly useless and far from curing her was likely to kill her if we allowed the oncologist to keep piling it in. So when the oncologist said they were going to submit Erin to High Dose Chemotherapy we called a halt. We only found out later the only reason they didn’t ignore us and give her the treatment anyway was they knew if compelled to stand in a court of law they’d have a hard job convincing the judge that the proposed treatment would have a better than 50% efficacy in spite of the known horrendous side effects.

It was at this juncture I realised we had to wash our hand of the medical profession. If we wanted our daughter to survive we needed to address the problem ourselves.

I commenced an intensive period of research into alternative treatments for cancer. This in turn opened out to me a whole new way of looking at the nature of disease and more importantly the nature of health.

Health is not an absence of disease. Health is our natural birthright. But we are slowly and surely being robbed of our natural birthright by:

The air we breathe

The water we drink

The food we eat

The toxins we ingest

The stress we live under

& last but by no means least:

The pharmaceuticals we are prescribed


The thing I learned most is there is only one disease condition and that is toxaemia – an excess of toxins in the lives we are leading.

This is responsible for every conceivable disease condition and the only answer to it is to provide antidote for the toxins, antidotes that are readily available in the vitamins and minerals we should be receiving in the diet we consume, but most of all in the way we go about living our lives, the way in which we approach our own bodies, the way in which we deal with the stress of living in the 21st century.

Everything about the modern industrialised food supply chain, the use of aggressive chemicals in the food chain, the toxicity of the air we breathe, the toxicity of our lives from dawn to dusk mitigates against the smooth functioning of our biology.

 We have been entrained to believe that we are something separate from our biology that we have a life distinct from our biology, that we are creatures of the mind and of the intellect and we can leave our biology behind – or leave it in the hands of our kindly doctors and nurses.

This is the main theme of my book about Colin Wilson. And it is the main theme of this website and the book that will eventually be available on this website as a downloadable pdf.

We have allowed ourselves to be led down a road of crisis management. We are led to believe that what we eat, what we drink, how we live, what stress we accumulate, has no impact on our lives and if it does the medical profession will be there to pick up the pieces.

And I have first hand experience of how brilliant can be our doctors’ crisis management. But I also have first hand experience of how inept they are when dealing with chronic conditions.

Cancer is a chronic condition. It is not acquired over night. It is grown over a matter of months and years. It has nothing to do with the genes we inherited at birth. It has to do with how we express those genes in our everyday lives.

No chronic condition can be cured with drugs. In order to cure any condition it is necessary to address the cause of that condition. And the cause is always toxaemia to some degree or another.

And if the cause is toxaemia what possible sense can there be in piling in more toxins? This is what is happening every time a patient visits their GP or enters a hospital. It makes no sense.

I am utterly convinced we are working under a faulty health paradigm and there will be no improvement in outcomes until the paradigm is drastically revised.

I am convinced my daughter’s cancer and probably most instances of kidney cancer in children are caused by the ramped up vaccine schedule. Vaccines are highly toxic – see separate pages on this website. A new born infant should never be subjected to these toxins.

My understanding of what health truly is reached a whole new level with the discovery of electro-medicine and the work of Wilhelm Reich and the work of Raymond Royal Rife. This new understanding can be summed up in the title of one of the pages on this website


If you want to ensure health you have to ensure that every cell in the body is vibrating as it should to do the job it was designed to do.

In order to achieve this there is only one thing needful and that is OXYGEN

The degree to which our bodies are able to acquire the requisite amount of oxygen to function as they are supposed to function is entirely predicated on:





There is a word for this understanding and it is this:


Epigenetics is the way in which the environment we inhabit impinges upon the expression of our biology.

If we live right we live right

If we live wrong we live wrong

If we live right we remain healthy

If we live wrong we get sick


With this understanding my wife and I instigated a whole raft of lifestyle changes into Erin’s life - lifestyle changes that were designed to ensure she never got sick again...

These are lifestyle changes that the whole family has embraced.

After my spleen ruptured in 2001 I was told I would have to take antibiotics for the rest of my life and present myself annually for flu vaccines and every five years for pneumococcal vaccines. For the first 5 years I complied because I knew no better. If I’d continued for the last 15 years I’d probably be dead. After 5 years I was feeling so ill I could barely drag myself out of bed in the morning.

So I applied all that I had learned from my researches for Erin to myself. I gave up the antibiotics. I adjusted my diet and commenced a regime of vitamins and supplements that have kept me alive and kicking in spite of the fact I’m a total couch potato, and still a chain smoker. I have enjoyed better health in the past decade than through the preceding half century.


All this was to be included in a book to be called Erin’s Story which I’ve worked on intermittently over the past ten years since Erin was finally released from treatment. But the sense of urgency was lost as it became clear we were somehow managing to keep on top of Erin’s illness and she was year on year developing into a beautiful vibrant young lady who has recently finished her second novel and who takes pleasure in running marathons to prove anything is possible even for someone who has only half the lung capacity of her contemporaries..

The book was put aside.

And then came March 2020 and I realised that the problems and issues I thought pertained just to me and my little family applied to the entire human race and something has to be done – and fast

 I have always had an enquiring mind and always sought to answer the question: Why? It seems to me the capacity to ask this question is the defining feature of what it is to be human.

Musicians communicate principally through feeling and intuition. Feeling and intuition have been telling me for months now that something is desperately wrong.

I don’t like being lied to!

As 2020 progressed I came to realise that the entire human population was being lied to and encouraged to believe in nonsense, and if failing to believe in nonsense was being subjected to historic levels of propaganda (lies) and abuse.

Again I have to ask: Why?

The most basic human right there can be is the right to have your own thoughts. In a free society this should mean you can direct your life according to the thoughts that you have.

The only moral mandate there should be is to do no harm to any other living creature.

In 2021 we are being told that we are all of us as individuals intrinsically harmful. We are harming the planet by consuming (global warming) and we are harming each other just by breathing (COVID19)

Are these two assertions true?

I have examined a vast amount of evidence and have come to certain conclusions.

The main conclusion is this:

The only harm being perpetrated on this planet is by human beings who do not respect the sanctity of Nature and the sanctity of Life – synonymous with Love – and who devote their lives to exploitation, aggrandising themselves at the expense of others.

This includes serial killers, murderers, rapists, misogynists, confidence tricksters and any who sell their souls to a monstrous vested interest. Most especially it includes those who think they have a right to dictate terms of life and death over their fellow human beings.

History is littered with megalomaniacs, tyrants and psychopaths who have imagined they can dictate terms to the people they rule over. Read Colin Wilson’s Criminal History of Mankind to see what I mean.

In 2021 we are in the extraordinary position as a race of being held hostage by an agglomeration of vested interests managed by a tiny handful of individuals who seem to think they have the right to dictate terms to the vast majority of the human population.

And it’s all being done in the name of the public good.

What is the public good?

Surely it is nothing more nor less than the right of each individual to live your life as you want to live it creating the maximum good and causing the minimum harm in the process, with the least intrusion possible from the forces of organisation that we have created in order to protect that right.

This is the importance of the Constitution in America, the Bill of Human Rights, the Nuremberg Code, the Ten Commandments and every other charter of moral authority that the human race has ever dreamt up – to protect the rights to liberty and independence of every single individual human being on the planet.

This seems to have been forgotten

The aim of this website is to redress the balance. Vast numbers are being told they have to get an experimental vaccine in order to hold on to their jobs, in order to have a life at all.

In order to be able to give permission for someone to inflict upon you an experimental medical procedure it is necessary to give Informed Consent

In order to give informed Consent you have to be informed of ALL the facts.

The human population is not being given ALL the facts

This website aims to address that issue