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I have found another politician I can respect. His name is Christian Terhes. He is the MEP for Romania. He grew up in a totalitarian state. He grew up in the Romania of Ceausescu.

We were in a totalitarian regime 30-some years ago in Eastern Europe or up to 30-some years ago in Eastern Europe. But you guys in the West, you were not. The problem is that we are witnessing right now the installation of a new totalitarian regime all across the globe. A few months ago, the WHO signed a contract or whatever, an agreement, with the European Commission to use the digital Covid certificate across the globe. It will be on your cell phone. They're talking right now at the European level about the digital vaccination certificate.
So clearly the direction is that we will not be able to exercise many basic fundamental rights unless we have a pre-approval from the government. This is the definition of a totalitarian state. You have the options, only the one that are provided to you or to us by the government. This is the reason why we need to fight together.’

Christian Terhes


Go to Robert Malone’s Substack and watch this man. His bottom line is ‘WE NEED TO SPEAK THE TRUTH’. You will hear him tell:

‘So a few days ago, the European Commission released an official answer to one of my colleagues, the Croatian guy. The one with long hair, Ivan Sincic. He asked, "In the amount of August this year, how many people died after being injected with this medical product?" And the answer was the following, and I quote, "11,977 people died spontaneously," and I repeat, spontaneously. They were injected and they died a few minutes later. 11,977, that's a lot of people. And they even clarify in the answer that this is not including people who died after side effects months or years after being vaccinated.'

And Mr Terhes concludes:

‘So what we see right now happening around us is pretty much a genocide.’



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