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I urge you to listen to an important interview with Karen Kingston made by Peter and Ginger Breggin.

The Breggins have long been warriors in the fight against invasive treatments for psychological illness and ever since the inception of the COVID Scamdemic have been battling to awaken humanity to the true nature of the agenda being rolled out by the UN and its associated NGO’s.

Now they discuss with Karen Kingston – who has featured repeatedly in this blog – the dangers inherent in the mRNA vaccines being rolled out presently against COVID but being developed for every medical condition under the sun ranging from the flu to cancer.

The main concern with mRNA vaccines is that, as Karen Kingston has clearly demonstrated, and has been verified by innumerable other researchers, principally Ana Maria Mihalcea and David Nixon, these vaccines (which bear no resemblance to vaccines as we used to understand them) are being used as a means to introduce nanotechnology into human being; that is to effect a merging of biology and technology - with inevitably catastrophic effects on the human organism.

Breggin explains:

‘Biotech analyst and med-legal advisor Karen Kingston reveals in her interview with us that mRNA technology is the gateway into using nanotechnology in human beings in nefarious ways. She explains that nanotechnology particularly causes damage to the neurological system and, hence, to the brain, mind, and spirit. The industry has always known this, Karen explains, remarking that even gold nanoparticles without biomarkers on them just love going to the brain.
Karen says, “It is a very high risk to have these new biotechnology products that really enjoy going to the central nervous system,” breaking through the blood-brain barrier that protects our neurons and their incredibly complex and vulnerable signaling system.’

I’d say.


You can find the podcast here:


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