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In 2020, when I first started researching the subject of medical malfeasance in depth I was extremely impressed by an interview with Dr Rima Laibow that I have referred to in my book.

Dr Laibow relayed how on her very first day at medical school a lecturer informed the class that a vast proportion of the patients they would be seeing throughout their careers would be suffering from the toxic effects of pharmaceutical medicine because all pharmaceuticals interfere with the body’s natural enzyme pathways. She took the lesson to heart and vowed never to prescribe a pharmaceutical product. And she has held fast to her vow throughout a long career.

In the same interview Dr Laibow relayed how she once had a distinguished patient from the so called elite class of society who informed her ‘It would soon be time for the great culling of the human race..'

We are in the midst of that great culling now.
Dr Laibow has been working tirelessly to uncover the mechanisms by which the culling is being achieved. She understands that it has been long in the planning. In a recent interview with Dr Ana Mihalcea she stated:

‘In 2011 the Department of Defence required all companies, licensed to deploy injectables in the USA, to sign contracts by which they agreed when instructed to do so by the Department of Defence (NOT Health and Human Services) to introduce nanotechnology into their products as instructed by the Department of Defence’

Laibow observes ‘You have to understand that this current campaign has been laid out, planned and structured legally, scientifically and medically, pharmaceutically for much more than a decade’


The fact that anybody having the temerity to question the COVID Scamdemic is to be labelled a domestic terrorist gives credence to the notion that the foundations for the Psyop were laid not by the medical but by the military industrial complex.

If you want to review further evidence of this unpalatable fact see here:

There is currently a huge push to get everybody to have a Flu and a COVID shot at one and the same time. This is because health departments across the globe have huge piles of unused inventory for the COVID shot. In Septemberof this year Albert Bourla said he expected 24% of the American population to get the COVID shot. By 31st October he had to admit: “So far, maybe 7, 8% have done it”. Uptake for the flu vaccine averages at 51% of the population. Include the COVID vaccine with the flu vaccine and you automatically increase your uptake from 7 or 8% to 51%......


How successful this rebranding campaign will be remains to be seen....

Thankfully it would appear the global population’s appetite for the clot shots is waning. But when you consider 70% of that population has already received at least one injection (and most many more), and you also consider the information divulged by Dr Ana Mihalcea, Karen Kingston et al , namely that the unvaccinated are becoming contaminated from the shedding of the vaccinated, and the accumulating evidence that nanotechnology is being included not just in vaccines but in regular medications such as insulin and dental anaesthetics, and throughout the food chain, it is impossible not to conclude we are ALL contaminated to some degree or another.

It is therefore essential we ALL take evasive action and concentrate on as many detoxifying protocols as possible, This means High Dose Vitamins, Supplements, Saunas, Sleep, and above all Alkalization and Oxygenation.

Nobody knows the extent of the contamination we are living through, and whether or not we can truly rid ourselves of it; but as human beings we have the inalienable right to self determination, and we have the duty to exercise that right. In the last interview he gave Dr Rashid Buttar made one final plea to humanity: Exercise your free will!

It may seem a simple thing but in truth it was our free will, our inalienable right to self determination, that was most under assault throughout the COVID19 Plandemic. Think of the whole thing as a training exercise – for that is what it was - a training exercise in obedience.

The millions, nay billions, who lined up to be injected with a highly dangerous, untested experimental concoction designed to change the very identity (for that is what DNA is) of every man, woman and child on the planet, would seem to indicate the training exercise was successful.

But it may just have backfired. Nobody can ignore the explosion of excess deaths sweeping across the planet and finally people are beginning to ask questions....and hopefully realise it is time now to exercise that inalienable right to self determination and free will we were all given at birth and learn to say NO to something that is demonstrably dangerous and does absolutely nothing for the public good whatsoever....


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