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In a brilliant article published today by The Expose, a former virologist explains how he came to question the science upon which the discipline he worked in was based.

Simon Lee is a published Biomedical Scientist with over 30 years in his field nearly a decade of which he worked in the field of virology. Simon is the Science Officer of Anew UK

He writes:

‘I used to believe in viruses. I even did diagnostic tests for viruses in a hospital lab for many years. I never believed any of the COVID nonsense when it kicked off in 2020, but at that stage I did still believe that Coronaviruses were real. However, I didn’t believe that they could cause anything more serious than the common cold.

I was aware that some people did not think that viruses were real and that the pictures of alleged viruses were in fact usually exosomes, which are particles produced by cells that are damaged and are dying.

So I decided to investigate these claims for myself and began to do some detailed research into the foundational science that supposedly underpinned the diagnostic testing that I used to do.

I discovered some brilliant people like the Kiwi couple Dr Sam Bailey MD and Dr Mark Bailey MD, Mike Stone and his brilliant viroLIEgy website, Dr Thomas Cowan MD, Dr Andrew Kaufman MD, Christine Massey MSc, Dr Stefano Scoglio PhD. There are many others too (see the signatories to the virus challenge further down). I quickly came to recognise that virology is a fraudulent pseudoscience and that there is no good evidence for the existence of pathogenic human viruses.


The takeaway from this article should be this:

It’s not just whacky conspiracy theorists who are questioning the pseudoscience of virology. It’s highly qualified medical professionals who have taken the trouble to take a step back and examine the foundation principles upon which the science of virology is based and who have had the courage to acknowledge those principles MAKE NO SENSE and therefore can be designated as FALSE i.e. WRONG!

Dr Mike Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer is one such professional. Simon Lee is another. We need many many more to do the same...


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