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James Roguski has drawn attention to the heroic efforts of just ONE British MP to alert the British public to the multiple harms being inflicted upon them by a supposed medical intervention i.e. the COVID vaccines.


A Voice Crying in the the only way to characterise Andrew Bridgden MP’s efforts

The Vigilant Fox has supplied a useful summary of Bridgden’s speech:

Bridgden’s speech concluded thus:

“In conclusion, Mr. Deputy Speaker, the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are not safe, and they’re not effective, despite there only being limited interest in the chamber from colleagues. And I’m very grateful for those who have attended. We can see from the public gallery there is considerable public interest. I would implore all members of the House present, and those not, to support calls for a three-hour debate on this important issue. And Mr. Deputy Speaker, this might be the first debate on excess deaths in our parliament. Indeed, it might be the first debate on excess deaths in the world. But very sadly, I promise you, it won’t be the last.”


I don’t need Mr Bridgden to alert me. I’ve witnessed for myself the health catastrophe that has ensued upon the roll out of the COVID vaccines – in my family, in my local community and, from the evidence presented by official sources, across the globe.

Nevertheless I am extremely grateful that just ONE MP from a house comprising 650 representatives of the British people is willing to DO HIS JOB and fight for the rights of the British citizens that voted him into office....

When you view the video above don’t just listen to the (extremely concerning and compelling) evidence presented by Mr Bridgen, take note of the almost TOTAL ABSENCE of Members of Parliament in the House of Commons to debate an issue that directly relates to the health and security of the British people. What does this tell you?

It tells you that the vast majority of MP’s in this country don’t give a fig for the health and security of the citizens they represent. They ONLY care for the health and security of their jobs and social position.

I repeat: We’re in deep trouble....


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