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James Corbett is an outstanding researcher and journalist who has always refused to accept the party line and has provided outstanding documentaries ref the unfolding globalist agenda viz

How/Why Big Oil Conquered The World

The WWI Conspiracy (2018)

Who Is Bill Gates?

And perhaps most important of all:

The Media Matrix(2022)

All these documentaries are essential viewing if you want to understand the state of the world today.

Now Corbett has penned a withering demolition of the BBC:


In common I suspect with millions of others there was a time I believed the BBC was a reputable and trusted source of news coverage. Since the COVID Scamdemic I no longer believe that to be the case. And the signs are that thousands of other citizens have awoken to the fact that the BBC is nothing more than a government agency for propaganda. Who can forget the sight of thousands gathered outside Broadcasting House in 2020 chanting ‘Shame On You’...? It would seem people are waking up.

Corbett draws attention to a documentary he made in 2013 entitled:

The BBC Exposed

In this you will learn that George Orwell, otherwise known as Eric Blair, was for a time employed by the BBC as a propaganda agent and it would seem as though Blair/Orwell learned a lot from his time at the Beeb, not least the concepts of Big Brother and Newspeak which feature in his classic expose of incipient fascism – 1984.

The fact is if we didn’t realise the extent of media control over our lives prior to 2020 we certainly received a dramatic illustration throughout the COVID era when the BBC was in the front line of pouring forth fear porn - the daily casualties, the daily case numbers etc – ALL DEMONSTRABLY FICTITIOUS.

The BBC was in other words using their supposedly unassailable position as the guardians of Truth and Probity to dispense a fiction. And when the fiction that was COVID became so self evident that even the chronically dumbed down British public started to ask questions they rolled out Marianna Spring as their new Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent. Spring’s sole task is to counter, and thus attempt to invert, the truth as it leaks out and convince the gullible that truth is Misinformation.

It has become clear if the BBC wasn't the model for Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’, in other words the principle organ for the propagation of propaganda, it certainly could have been.

Next time your television tells you to rush out and get your COVID booster – TURN IT OFF!!!


It has to be admitted doing your own research is getting increasingly difficult as the Internet is being steadily locked down. Thanks to my daughter’s illness 10 years ago I was able to research a great deal of information that is no longer readily available. Your best starting point these days for information NOT BEING SHARED BY THE BBC would be the alternative media platforms Rumble or Bitchute. I highly recommend the following channel on Bitchute:



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