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In an earlier post I questioned why it was that the subject of 5G and the dangers of EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) and the health implications thereof would appear to be a forbidden subject even in the alternative media?

More concerning is the way in which any doctors or researchers who stick their heads above the parapet and draw attention to this subject would appear to be targeted for silencing either through professional demolition or direct physical assault.

In this blog I have drawn attention to the work of Karen Kingston and Ana Maria Mihalcea, Md, Phd.

Karen Kingston did outstanding work researching the innumerable patents that exist for the employment of nano-technology in medical and biological systems. (See this Blog post August 21st)

Her Cease & Desist letter includes the following paragraph:

‘WHEREAS the engineered mRNA nanoparticle technologies in the COVID-19 injections are classified as electromagnetic devices per Pfizer’s Operation Warp Speed contract and Title 21 US Code 351(a)(2)(B), and the 2017 FDA Guidance on Drugs and Devices;23,24,49...’

There are innumerable patents for installing nanotechnology into biological systems, including human beings.

I don’t know why we would be surprised at these discoveries. Klaus Schwab and his flunkey at the World Economic Forum Yuval Noah Harari have been openly talking about the fact that a major part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is intended to be the fusing of biological systems with technological systems and AI. It’s out in the open.

What we seem to be overlooking is the fact that this is not something that’s going to be happening tomorrow. It’s already happening. The quest to fuse human beings with nanotechnology is already in full swing.

On this website and its accompanying book I have drawn attention to the work of the Italian researchers who discovered the chronic contamination in routine vaccines with heavy metals. This was back in 2016. I believe this introduction of heavy metals was but the preparation for what was to come in the COVID era.

With the COVID era and the introduction across the globe of mRNA vaccines the agenda to use vaccines as a means of introducing nanotechnology into the human body entered full operational mode – as is now becoming clear.

The reason nobody wants to talk about it is it is almost certainly responsible for the health catastrophe that is sweeping across the planet. The reason the mRNA technology was never introduced prior to 2020 was that it had not been perfected and there were KNOWN risks and dangers attendant. The researchers and pharma companies needed a pandemic in order to obtain Emergency Use Authorisation – which is what they got when the Director of the WHO announced a pathogen of international concern in March 2020. The rest is history.

There is a misunderstanding about the mRNA, a critical misunderstanding, namely that it is a natural biological product that is being employed. Natural biological mRNA cannot survive outside of a biological organism. This is why it has to be encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles. The lipid nanoparticles are not biological. Think of them as plastic or shrink wrap. This is what is being injected into anybody receiving an mRNA vaccine.


Lipid nanoparticles are but a part of the infestation of human blood being effected by mRNA vaccines.

In a press release headed NANOTECHNOLOGY IN HUMAN BODIES MUST NO LONGER BE IGNORED, DOCTORS WARN Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD from Humanity United Now, draws attention to a recent Symposium of doctors alarmed by what they are finding in patients’ blood:




‘October 9, 2023 – Most people still need to wake up to the fact that life-threatening nanotechnologies have entered their bodies through vaccines, insulin, various other medications, food, water and even the air, said three medical doctors in an online symposium on Oct. 6.

“The transformation of humans through synthetic biology and nanotechnology is currently happening in full force, and the human species is at risk,” said Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD, one of the speakers. Dr. Mihalcea is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician with a PhD in Pathology.

Another speaker, Dr. David Nixon, presented a video of microscopic images of blood cells. The video showed a rapidly moving, multi-colored, nano-sized dot that seemed to be directing the movement of a white blood cell. Dr. Nixon is a physician from Australia who has been one of the pioneers of darkfield microscopy for evaluation of C19 vials.

Dr. Len Ber, also a speaker, showed a video of swarms of micro-robots attacking red blood cells. Eventually the cells turn empty, which Dr. Ber said reflects an inability to maintain homeostasis. He was observing microscopic images of unvaccinated blood mixed with Carbocaine, a dental anesthetic made by Abbott Laboratories.

Dr. Ber said he sent the video to both the FDA and Abbott Laboratories. Even though both organizations confirmed that they received it, neither of them would explain what the micro-structures were. “That indicates to me that this is a weaponized technology,” Dr. Ber said.

Dr. Ber is a physician trained in Endocrinology in the former USSR. He is an avid advocate for establishing the use of directed energy weapons as a public health issue. He serves as a Board member to Targeted Justice.

Dr. Mihalcea demonstrated how nanostructures can grow by feeding off the energy of red blood cells. She showed a video of these cells deteriorating amidst a swarm of nano-sized quantum dots. “Scientific literature shows that nanobots can extract ATP molecules, which supply energy to the cells,” she said.

Dr. Mihalcea also showed continuing growth of nanostructures in a blood sample of someone who had died eight months previously. “Large spheres full of quantum dots continued to grow and replicate,” she observed. “It was as if these spheres were giving a certain life force to blood that was dead. The term ‘zombie blood’ seems appropriate.”

Dr. Mihalcea also reviewed findings from Clifford Carnicom, president of the Carnicom Institute. For example, he was able to grow artificial blood out of filaments from Morgellons disease fibers, which are similar to nanostructures found in current blood samples.

Dr. Mihalcea regularly treats patients for nano-contamination in her clinical practice. She has had significant success with intravenous ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) and high-Adose vitamin C. Most recently, she has shown that the red blood cell oxidative stress can be helped with Plaquex (a patented form of phosphatidylcholine). She also offers EDTA through supplements, transdermal creams and suppositories. Other helpful treatments include nattokinase, humic and fulvic acid, methylene blue, nitric oxide and NAC (N-acetylcysteine).

Dr. Mihalcea also strongly recommends reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields such as 5G and wifi, as well as avoiding close contact with cell phones. These EMFs fuel the growth of nanotechnology in the body, she said. She added that people can definitely help themselves by turning off wifi entirely and using cables instead.

“Based on the new patients I see in my clinical practice, the amount of contamination in the human blood has increased exponentially,” Dr. Mihalcea said. “Since January of this year (2023) I haven’t seen anybody come into my office with clean blood.”

A video of the symposium can be viewed at


All three presenters maintain Substack accounts.

Dr. Mihalcea’s Substack is Dr. Ana Mihalcea Humanity United Now

Dr. Nixon is at Nixonlab and Dr. Nixons Substack

Dr. Ber is at Dr. Len Ber Substack

One thing is clear the human race is being used as guinea pigs in a gigantic experiment and the collateral damage has already been enormous.

I always want to know WHY? Why would they be doing this? What’s the point?

I do believe that the issue of 5G is central. Whichever way you look at it, the aggressive rollout of 5G is about establishing a control grid across the planet. The very fact that it is a forbidden subject makes me highly suspicious. There is no escaping the fact that 5G has long been recognized as having the capacity to be deployed as a Directed Energy weapon.


The Brain Is the Battlefield of the Future. The WEF’s Stated Objective is “Altering the Human Being”

Also see

The questions we need to ask are:

Why are the known health risks of 5G technology being routinely ignored?

Why has it been the one subject that even the alternative media by and large refuses to discuss? And if someone does have the temerity to discuss it why are they immediately targeted – Dr Rashid Buttar and Karen Kingston being only the most recent examples?

Why was it the roll out of 5G exponentially increased when the rest of the planet was locked down in 2020?

Why was David Icke immediately banned from You Tube and all social media platforms the moment he drew attention in 2020 to a correlation between COVID19 and the roll out of 5G. Why is he now banned from travelling anywhere in Europe for entirely spurious reasons?

Why have the Telecommunications companies installing the technology been granted carte blanche to install it wherever they deem fit, and have further been granted immunity from prosecution should their product cause harm - no different from the immunity granted the vaccine companies when the COVID jab was being rolled out?


Why is it that recipients of COVID vaccine have been shown to be broadcasting MAC addresses for goodness sake?


It is clear to me there is a synergy between 5G technology and the technology being utilised in the COVID vaccines and we are not supposed to know about it. The very fact that as Dr Ana points out ‘EMFs fuel the growth of nanotechnology in the body’ indicates cause for concern...


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