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Somebody once said ‘there’s lies , damned lies and statistics – it wasn’t Disraeli.

It’s unarguable that statistics can be manipulated any way the statistician wants to manipulate them.

We saw the syndrome throughout the COVID era with the daily reports on how thousands of people were dying of COVID when actually they were dying of flu, neglect or Midazolam; how PCR was daily producing thousands of new cases of COVID – when a little research would show that PCR is not designed to diagnose anything; how the only people in the hospitals were the unvaccinated (a flagrant lie), how the unvaccinated were killing their children and killing Granny. All bollocks.

Statistics reflect the bias of the person using them.

But there’s one industry that has a vested interest in ensuring they interpret the statistics correctly, and that’s the Insurance industry. If they get it wrong they fail.

I was very struck early in 2021 by the testimony of Ed Dowd, former hedge fund manager for Black Rock, who performed a forensic analysis on death statistics in the COVID era and ultimately summarized his findings in a book entitled Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022, published a year ago in November 2022. Surprisingly it’s still available on Amazon.

The publisher’s blurb reads:

‘2020 saw a spike in deaths in America, smaller than you might imagine during a pandemic, some of which could be attributed to COVID and to initial treatment strategies that were not effective. But then, in 2021, the stats people expected went off the rails. The CEO of the OneAmerica insurance company publicly disclosed that during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, death in people of working age (18–64) was 40 percent higher than it was before the pandemic. Significantly, the majority of the deaths were not attributed to COVID.

A 40 percent increase in deaths is literally earth-shaking. Even a 10 percent increase in excess deaths would have been a 1-in-200-year event. But this was 40 percent.

And therein lies a story—a story that starts with obvious questions:

What has caused this historic spike in deaths among younger people?

What has caused the shift from old people, who are expected to die, to younger people, who are expected to keep living?

It isn’t COVID, of course, because we know that COVID is not a significant cause of death in young people. Various stakeholders opine about what could be causing this epidemic of unexpected sudden deaths, but “CAUSE UNKNOWN” doesn’t opine or speculate. The facts just are, and the math just is.

‘The book begins with a close look at the actual human reality behind the statistics, and when you see the people who are represented by the dry term Excess Mortality, it’s difficult to accept so many unexpected sudden deaths of young athletes, known to be the healthiest among us. Similarly, when lots of healthy teenagers and young adults die in their sleep without obvious reason, collapse and die on a family outing, or fall down dead while playing sports, that all by itself raises an immediate public health concern. Or at least it used to.

Ask yourself if you recall seeing these kinds of things occurring during your own life—in junior high? In high school? In college? How many times in your life did you hear of a performer dropping dead on stage in mid-performance? Your own life experience and intuition will tell you that what you’re about to see is not normal.
Or at least it wasn’t normal before 2021.’


Is this what they mean by the New Normal? If so it’s a sick joke.

In an interview with Naomi Wolfe for the Daily Clout in September this year Dowd referred to a concept common among Statisticians known as Standard Deviation – that is a deviation in any data set from what is recognised as being the norm. The chance of someone being hit by lightning during their entire lifetime would represent standard deviations of 3.8. If you think of how many people DON’T get hit by lightning – that is the vast majority of us – you can see that 3.8 standard deviation is HUGE. Dowd is finding standard deviations of 10.5 among the data sets he’s investigating, statistics that come from the ONS the Office of National Statistics in the UK. This is off the charts and could be said to be wholly IMPROBABLE.

Dowd has honed in on sudden cardiovascular death in the UK and has found

13% increase in 2020
30% increase in 2021
44% increase in 2022

He explains that these figures indicate signals so large that anybody with a practiced eye would find them IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. Dowd is seeing these signals across ALL the databases he’s investigating ALL the time.

Dowd points out that instances of sudden death are being dismissed as anecdotal, i.e. not statistically significant. What he’s saying as a statistician is that this is bollocks
. The signals are overwhelmingly significant and should be setting off alarm bells across all health authorities who, if they were doing their job, should be calling a halt to any novel medical intervention until such time as the signals have been explained and the cause of the signals addressed.


So the question we all have to ask ourselves is how many anecdotal events does it take before an anecdote becomes unassailable fact? Or to put it another way - how many more people have to die before somebody does something....?


In the last week alternative media has been full of the story of a New Zealand whistleblower, employed by the government to create payment systems for providers of COVID vaccines. Barry Young, like Ed Dowd, is a statistician – a data man. In the course of his work for the New Zealand government he repeatedly came across RED FLAG SAFETY SIGNALS that could not be ignored.

In an interview with lawyer and journalist Liz Gunn Mr Young explained his findings in a video that went viral. Young was specifically analysing batches of Pfizer vaccines. The underlying mortality rate in New Zealand should be only 0.75%, said Young. What he was seeing amongst recipients of the Pfizer jab was mortality rates ranging from 4.52% - 21.38%...
Young declares unequivocally the bottom line is this:


How can you ignore odds like that and still live with yourself....? Clearly Barry Young couldn’t.

Shortly after the interview went viral Barry Young was arrested. He was charged with “dishonestly accessing health data”. Note he was not charged with telling porkies....he was charged with accessing health data which he was paid to access in order to do his job...


As Andrew Bridgen has observed: ‘Why would NZ police arrest the whistleblowers if their evidence was debunked?’


Young has since been released from prison. In an interview with Alex Jones he made the following unassailable point:



And this is the whole point. The data doesn’t lie. The data only lies when it’s concealed or manipulated.

Yesterday I received in my email a report from Guy Hatchard entitled: ‘Korean Studies Indicate What Our Government is Hiding’


Dr Hatchard highlights three recent studies from South Korea on the harms caused by COVID injections. In light of the arrest of Barry Young Dr. Hatchard asks:

“Who do you believe? The researchers in Korea who have published analyses of millions of post-vaccination health records officially made available by their government or our government who are still refusing to make health records available whilst insisting that covid-19 vaccination is safe and effective?”


I received a letter from the NHS last week inviting me to line up for my COVID vaccine and informing me that the COVID vaccines are (and I quote) ‘proven to be safe’....


Whoever wrote that letter must know quite the opposite is the case:



I have found another politician I can respect. His name is Christian Terhes. He is the MEP for Romania. He grew up in a totalitarian state. He grew up in the Romania of Ceausescu.

We were in a totalitarian regime 30-some years ago in Eastern Europe or up to 30-some years ago in Eastern Europe. But you guys in the West, you were not. The problem is that we are witnessing right now the installation of a new totalitarian regime all across the globe. A few months ago, the WHO signed a contract or whatever, an agreement, with the European Commission to use the digital Covid certificate across the globe. It will be on your cell phone. They're talking right now at the European level about the digital vaccination certificate.
So clearly the direction is that we will not be able to exercise many basic fundamental rights unless we have a pre-approval from the government. This is the definition of a totalitarian state. You have the options, only the one that are provided to you or to us by the government. This is the reason why we need to fight together.’

Christian Terhes


Go to Robert Malone’s Substack and watch this man. His bottom line is ‘WE NEED TO SPEAK THE TRUTH’. You will hear him tell:

‘So a few days ago, the European Commission released an official answer to one of my colleagues, the Croatian guy. The one with long hair, Ivan Sincic. He asked, "In the amount of August this year, how many people died after being injected with this medical product?" And the answer was the following, and I quote, "11,977 people died spontaneously," and I repeat, spontaneously. They were injected and they died a few minutes later. 11,977, that's a lot of people. And they even clarify in the answer that this is not including people who died after side effects months or years after being vaccinated.'

And Mr Terhes concludes:

‘So what we see right now happening around us is pretty much a genocide.’



I urge you to listen to an important interview with Karen Kingston made by Peter and Ginger Breggin.

The Breggins have long been warriors in the fight against invasive treatments for psychological illness and ever since the inception of the COVID Scamdemic have been battling to awaken humanity to the true nature of the agenda being rolled out by the UN and its associated NGO’s.

Now they discuss with Karen Kingston – who has featured repeatedly in this blog – the dangers inherent in the mRNA vaccines being rolled out presently against COVID but being developed for every medical condition under the sun ranging from the flu to cancer.

The main concern with mRNA vaccines is that, as Karen Kingston has clearly demonstrated, and has been verified by innumerable other researchers, principally Ana Maria Mihalcea and David Nixon, these vaccines (which bear no resemblance to vaccines as we used to understand them) are being used as a means to introduce nanotechnology into human being; that is to effect a merging of biology and technology - with inevitably catastrophic effects on the human organism.

Breggin explains:

‘Biotech analyst and med-legal advisor Karen Kingston reveals in her interview with us that mRNA technology is the gateway into using nanotechnology in human beings in nefarious ways. She explains that nanotechnology particularly causes damage to the neurological system and, hence, to the brain, mind, and spirit. The industry has always known this, Karen explains, remarking that even gold nanoparticles without biomarkers on them just love going to the brain.
Karen says, “It is a very high risk to have these new biotechnology products that really enjoy going to the central nervous system,” breaking through the blood-brain barrier that protects our neurons and their incredibly complex and vulnerable signaling system.’

I’d say.


You can find the podcast here:


In 2020, when I first started researching the subject of medical malfeasance in depth I was extremely impressed by an interview with Dr Rima Laibow that I have referred to in my book.

Dr Laibow relayed how on her very first day at medical school a lecturer informed the class that a vast proportion of the patients they would be seeing throughout their careers would be suffering from the toxic effects of pharmaceutical medicine because all pharmaceuticals interfere with the body’s natural enzyme pathways. She took the lesson to heart and vowed never to prescribe a pharmaceutical product. And she has held fast to her vow throughout a long career.

In the same interview Dr Laibow relayed how she once had a distinguished patient from the so called elite class of society who informed her ‘It would soon be time for the great culling of the human race..'

We are in the midst of that great culling now.
Dr Laibow has been working tirelessly to uncover the mechanisms by which the culling is being achieved. She understands that it has been long in the planning. In a recent interview with Dr Ana Mihalcea she stated:

‘In 2011 the Department of Defence required all companies, licensed to deploy injectables in the USA, to sign contracts by which they agreed when instructed to do so by the Department of Defence (NOT Health and Human Services) to introduce nanotechnology into their products as instructed by the Department of Defence’

Laibow observes ‘You have to understand that this current campaign has been laid out, planned and structured legally, scientifically and medically, pharmaceutically for much more than a decade’


The fact that anybody having the temerity to question the COVID Scamdemic is to be labelled a domestic terrorist gives credence to the notion that the foundations for the Psyop were laid not by the medical but by the military industrial complex.

If you want to review further evidence of this unpalatable fact see here:

There is currently a huge push to get everybody to have a Flu and a COVID shot at one and the same time. This is because health departments across the globe have huge piles of unused inventory for the COVID shot. In Septemberof this year Albert Bourla said he expected 24% of the American population to get the COVID shot. By 31st October he had to admit: “So far, maybe 7, 8% have done it”. Uptake for the flu vaccine averages at 51% of the population. Include the COVID vaccine with the flu vaccine and you automatically increase your uptake from 7 or 8% to 51%......


How successful this rebranding campaign will be remains to be seen....

Thankfully it would appear the global population’s appetite for the clot shots is waning. But when you consider 70% of that population has already received at least one injection (and most many more), and you also consider the information divulged by Dr Ana Mihalcea, Karen Kingston et al , namely that the unvaccinated are becoming contaminated from the shedding of the vaccinated, and the accumulating evidence that nanotechnology is being included not just in vaccines but in regular medications such as insulin and dental anaesthetics, and throughout the food chain, it is impossible not to conclude we are ALL contaminated to some degree or another.

It is therefore essential we ALL take evasive action and concentrate on as many detoxifying protocols as possible, This means High Dose Vitamins, Supplements, Saunas, Sleep, and above all Alkalization and Oxygenation.

Nobody knows the extent of the contamination we are living through, and whether or not we can truly rid ourselves of it; but as human beings we have the inalienable right to self determination, and we have the duty to exercise that right. In the last interview he gave Dr Rashid Buttar made one final plea to humanity: Exercise your free will!

It may seem a simple thing but in truth it was our free will, our inalienable right to self determination, that was most under assault throughout the COVID19 Plandemic. Think of the whole thing as a training exercise – for that is what it was - a training exercise in obedience.

The millions, nay billions, who lined up to be injected with a highly dangerous, untested experimental concoction designed to change the very identity (for that is what DNA is) of every man, woman and child on the planet, would seem to indicate the training exercise was successful.

But it may just have backfired. Nobody can ignore the explosion of excess deaths sweeping across the planet and finally people are beginning to ask questions....and hopefully realise it is time now to exercise that inalienable right to self determination and free will we were all given at birth and learn to say NO to something that is demonstrably dangerous and does absolutely nothing for the public good whatsoever....


The only two politicians on the planet I have any respect for are Andrew Bridgen and Christine Anderson, a German member of the European Parliament who I have referred to previously in this blog and who has just given an excellent interview to The Vigilant Fox:

See https://vigilantfox.substack.hom/p/the-fight-is-on-with-christine-anderson?utm

You may not agree with everything she says. I don’t agree with her on Donald Trump for instance, nor for that matter on Elon Musk; but the main thing is she is speaking the truth as she sees it regardless of any consequences to herself. And that has become a rare eventuality in the corridors of power.

Another truth speaker is Britain’s Neil Oliver who gave a ten minute speech on GB News entitled:

'Whilst blood flows, legislation scuttles through Parliament stealing our ways of life'

that everybody needs to listen to:


For a transcript of his speech see:

Like Christine Anderson Neil Oliver really gets it. What we are witnessing is the demolition of Democracy and the instigation of Fascism. This is what COVID19 was all about. It was never about a virus - fake, real or imaginary...

Fortunately more and more people are waking up.

There’s a fantastic Protest song circulating on the net that sums it all up nicely. It’s called ‘W.H.O. Knew? A musical protest poem’ The title says it all. It’s 20 minutes long but worth every minute.

The poem is copyright or I’d reproduce it here; but you can find it at James Roguski’s Substack.
To give you just a flavour here are the opening lines:

So, congratulations on 75 years
of building collaborations,
and spreading viral fears
and paving a trail of tears
as you built each alliance
and censored each defiance
then spread your lies to the world
and had the gall to call it science.
Who knew that it was you
W.H.O. was the virus, the infection
slipping by us, with no detection.


PS You won’t find it on You Tube!


In a brilliant article published today by The Expose, a former virologist explains how he came to question the science upon which the discipline he worked in was based.

Simon Lee is a published Biomedical Scientist with over 30 years in his field nearly a decade of which he worked in the field of virology. Simon is the Science Officer of Anew UK

He writes:

‘I used to believe in viruses. I even did diagnostic tests for viruses in a hospital lab for many years. I never believed any of the COVID nonsense when it kicked off in 2020, but at that stage I did still believe that Coronaviruses were real. However, I didn’t believe that they could cause anything more serious than the common cold.

I was aware that some people did not think that viruses were real and that the pictures of alleged viruses were in fact usually exosomes, which are particles produced by cells that are damaged and are dying.

So I decided to investigate these claims for myself and began to do some detailed research into the foundational science that supposedly underpinned the diagnostic testing that I used to do.

I discovered some brilliant people like the Kiwi couple Dr Sam Bailey MD and Dr Mark Bailey MD, Mike Stone and his brilliant viroLIEgy website, Dr Thomas Cowan MD, Dr Andrew Kaufman MD, Christine Massey MSc, Dr Stefano Scoglio PhD. There are many others too (see the signatories to the virus challenge further down). I quickly came to recognise that virology is a fraudulent pseudoscience and that there is no good evidence for the existence of pathogenic human viruses.


The takeaway from this article should be this:

It’s not just whacky conspiracy theorists who are questioning the pseudoscience of virology. It’s highly qualified medical professionals who have taken the trouble to take a step back and examine the foundation principles upon which the science of virology is based and who have had the courage to acknowledge those principles MAKE NO SENSE and therefore can be designated as FALSE i.e. WRONG!

Dr Mike Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer is one such professional. Simon Lee is another. We need many many more to do the same...


James Roguski has drawn attention to the heroic efforts of just ONE British MP to alert the British public to the multiple harms being inflicted upon them by a supposed medical intervention i.e. the COVID vaccines.


A Voice Crying in the the only way to characterise Andrew Bridgden MP’s efforts

The Vigilant Fox has supplied a useful summary of Bridgden’s speech:

Bridgden’s speech concluded thus:

“In conclusion, Mr. Deputy Speaker, the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are not safe, and they’re not effective, despite there only being limited interest in the chamber from colleagues. And I’m very grateful for those who have attended. We can see from the public gallery there is considerable public interest. I would implore all members of the House present, and those not, to support calls for a three-hour debate on this important issue. And Mr. Deputy Speaker, this might be the first debate on excess deaths in our parliament. Indeed, it might be the first debate on excess deaths in the world. But very sadly, I promise you, it won’t be the last.”


I don’t need Mr Bridgden to alert me. I’ve witnessed for myself the health catastrophe that has ensued upon the roll out of the COVID vaccines – in my family, in my local community and, from the evidence presented by official sources, across the globe.

Nevertheless I am extremely grateful that just ONE MP from a house comprising 650 representatives of the British people is willing to DO HIS JOB and fight for the rights of the British citizens that voted him into office....

When you view the video above don’t just listen to the (extremely concerning and compelling) evidence presented by Mr Bridgen, take note of the almost TOTAL ABSENCE of Members of Parliament in the House of Commons to debate an issue that directly relates to the health and security of the British people. What does this tell you?

It tells you that the vast majority of MP’s in this country don’t give a fig for the health and security of the citizens they represent. They ONLY care for the health and security of their jobs and social position.

I repeat: We’re in deep trouble....


James Corbett is an outstanding researcher and journalist who has always refused to accept the party line and has provided outstanding documentaries ref the unfolding globalist agenda viz

How/Why Big Oil Conquered The World

The WWI Conspiracy (2018)

Who Is Bill Gates?

And perhaps most important of all:

The Media Matrix(2022)

All these documentaries are essential viewing if you want to understand the state of the world today.

Now Corbett has penned a withering demolition of the BBC:


In common I suspect with millions of others there was a time I believed the BBC was a reputable and trusted source of news coverage. Since the COVID Scamdemic I no longer believe that to be the case. And the signs are that thousands of other citizens have awoken to the fact that the BBC is nothing more than a government agency for propaganda. Who can forget the sight of thousands gathered outside Broadcasting House in 2020 chanting ‘Shame On You’...? It would seem people are waking up.

Corbett draws attention to a documentary he made in 2013 entitled:

The BBC Exposed

In this you will learn that George Orwell, otherwise known as Eric Blair, was for a time employed by the BBC as a propaganda agent and it would seem as though Blair/Orwell learned a lot from his time at the Beeb, not least the concepts of Big Brother and Newspeak which feature in his classic expose of incipient fascism – 1984.

The fact is if we didn’t realise the extent of media control over our lives prior to 2020 we certainly received a dramatic illustration throughout the COVID era when the BBC was in the front line of pouring forth fear porn - the daily casualties, the daily case numbers etc – ALL DEMONSTRABLY FICTITIOUS.

The BBC was in other words using their supposedly unassailable position as the guardians of Truth and Probity to dispense a fiction. And when the fiction that was COVID became so self evident that even the chronically dumbed down British public started to ask questions they rolled out Marianna Spring as their new Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent. Spring’s sole task is to counter, and thus attempt to invert, the truth as it leaks out and convince the gullible that truth is Misinformation.

It has become clear if the BBC wasn't the model for Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’, in other words the principle organ for the propagation of propaganda, it certainly could have been.

Next time your television tells you to rush out and get your COVID booster – TURN IT OFF!!!


It has to be admitted doing your own research is getting increasingly difficult as the Internet is being steadily locked down. Thanks to my daughter’s illness 10 years ago I was able to research a great deal of information that is no longer readily available. Your best starting point these days for information NOT BEING SHARED BY THE BBC would be the alternative media platforms Rumble or Bitchute. I highly recommend the following channel on Bitchute:



Today’s The Expose carries an incredibly important article by Simon Lee, Science Officer, Anew UK bearing the title:

The Gain of Function (GOF) Lab Leaked Bioweapon Story is Pure Science Fiction

It is a rare and wonderful exercise in simple logic and critical thinking, the sort of thinking which seems to have deserted the human race in recent years.

The question is this:

How can we define something as being a variant of something if we don’t know what that something is....????


Until you’ve isolated something you can’t say you’ve got a variant of it. It’s impossible.

Similarly until you’ve isolated it YOU CAN’T IMPROVE IT....!!!!! THERE’S NOTHING TO IMPROVE.

Therefore all talk about Gain of Function Research – research designed to improve the function of a virus is nonsense!!!

SARSCOV2, the supposed ‘virus’ causing the COVID19 HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED, any more than HIV, Measles, Chickenpox, Smallpox, SARSCOV1, MERS, Avian Flu, Bat Flu, Dog Flu, Cat Flu or any other sort of flu that we’re supposed to believe is occasioned by a marauding ‘virus’ DOES NOT EXIST!!!!

What DOES exist is POISON, that is biological preparations inimical to the smooth functioning of the human immune system, and the world we live in is awash with poisons = of that we can be absolutely certain. And the worst poison assailing the human race in recent years is VACCINES.

In order for a poison to be really effective it needs to injected into the bloodstream. And as we know this is happening on a routine basis......



In an earlier post I questioned why it was that the subject of 5G and the dangers of EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) and the health implications thereof would appear to be a forbidden subject even in the alternative media?

More concerning is the way in which any doctors or researchers who stick their heads above the parapet and draw attention to this subject would appear to be targeted for silencing either through professional demolition or direct physical assault.

In this blog I have drawn attention to the work of Karen Kingston and Ana Maria Mihalcea, Md, Phd.

Karen Kingston did outstanding work researching the innumerable patents that exist for the employment of nano-technology in medical and biological systems. (See this Blog post August 21st)

Her Cease & Desist letter includes the following paragraph:

‘WHEREAS the engineered mRNA nanoparticle technologies in the COVID-19 injections are classified as electromagnetic devices per Pfizer’s Operation Warp Speed contract and Title 21 US Code 351(a)(2)(B), and the 2017 FDA Guidance on Drugs and Devices;23,24,49...’

There are innumerable patents for installing nanotechnology into biological systems, including human beings.

I don’t know why we would be surprised at these discoveries. Klaus Schwab and his flunkey at the World Economic Forum Yuval Noah Harari have been openly talking about the fact that a major part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is intended to be the fusing of biological systems with technological systems and AI. It’s out in the open.

What we seem to be overlooking is the fact that this is not something that’s going to be happening tomorrow. It’s already happening. The quest to fuse human beings with nanotechnology is already in full swing.

On this website and its accompanying book I have drawn attention to the work of the Italian researchers who discovered the chronic contamination in routine vaccines with heavy metals. This was back in 2016. I believe this introduction of heavy metals was but the preparation for what was to come in the COVID era.

With the COVID era and the introduction across the globe of mRNA vaccines the agenda to use vaccines as a means of introducing nanotechnology into the human body entered full operational mode – as is now becoming clear.

The reason nobody wants to talk about it is it is almost certainly responsible for the health catastrophe that is sweeping across the planet. The reason the mRNA technology was never introduced prior to 2020 was that it had not been perfected and there were KNOWN risks and dangers attendant. The researchers and pharma companies needed a pandemic in order to obtain Emergency Use Authorisation – which is what they got when the Director of the WHO announced a pathogen of international concern in March 2020. The rest is history.

There is a misunderstanding about the mRNA, a critical misunderstanding, namely that it is a natural biological product that is being employed. Natural biological mRNA cannot survive outside of a biological organism. This is why it has to be encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles. The lipid nanoparticles are not biological. Think of them as plastic or shrink wrap. This is what is being injected into anybody receiving an mRNA vaccine.


Lipid nanoparticles are but a part of the infestation of human blood being effected by mRNA vaccines.

In a press release headed NANOTECHNOLOGY IN HUMAN BODIES MUST NO LONGER BE IGNORED, DOCTORS WARN Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD from Humanity United Now, draws attention to a recent Symposium of doctors alarmed by what they are finding in patients’ blood:




‘October 9, 2023 – Most people still need to wake up to the fact that life-threatening nanotechnologies have entered their bodies through vaccines, insulin, various other medications, food, water and even the air, said three medical doctors in an online symposium on Oct. 6.

“The transformation of humans through synthetic biology and nanotechnology is currently happening in full force, and the human species is at risk,” said Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD, one of the speakers. Dr. Mihalcea is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician with a PhD in Pathology.

Another speaker, Dr. David Nixon, presented a video of microscopic images of blood cells. The video showed a rapidly moving, multi-colored, nano-sized dot that seemed to be directing the movement of a white blood cell. Dr. Nixon is a physician from Australia who has been one of the pioneers of darkfield microscopy for evaluation of C19 vials.

Dr. Len Ber, also a speaker, showed a video of swarms of micro-robots attacking red blood cells. Eventually the cells turn empty, which Dr. Ber said reflects an inability to maintain homeostasis. He was observing microscopic images of unvaccinated blood mixed with Carbocaine, a dental anesthetic made by Abbott Laboratories.

Dr. Ber said he sent the video to both the FDA and Abbott Laboratories. Even though both organizations confirmed that they received it, neither of them would explain what the micro-structures were. “That indicates to me that this is a weaponized technology,” Dr. Ber said.

Dr. Ber is a physician trained in Endocrinology in the former USSR. He is an avid advocate for establishing the use of directed energy weapons as a public health issue. He serves as a Board member to Targeted Justice.

Dr. Mihalcea demonstrated how nanostructures can grow by feeding off the energy of red blood cells. She showed a video of these cells deteriorating amidst a swarm of nano-sized quantum dots. “Scientific literature shows that nanobots can extract ATP molecules, which supply energy to the cells,” she said.

Dr. Mihalcea also showed continuing growth of nanostructures in a blood sample of someone who had died eight months previously. “Large spheres full of quantum dots continued to grow and replicate,” she observed. “It was as if these spheres were giving a certain life force to blood that was dead. The term ‘zombie blood’ seems appropriate.”

Dr. Mihalcea also reviewed findings from Clifford Carnicom, president of the Carnicom Institute. For example, he was able to grow artificial blood out of filaments from Morgellons disease fibers, which are similar to nanostructures found in current blood samples.

Dr. Mihalcea regularly treats patients for nano-contamination in her clinical practice. She has had significant success with intravenous ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) and high-Adose vitamin C. Most recently, she has shown that the red blood cell oxidative stress can be helped with Plaquex (a patented form of phosphatidylcholine). She also offers EDTA through supplements, transdermal creams and suppositories. Other helpful treatments include nattokinase, humic and fulvic acid, methylene blue, nitric oxide and NAC (N-acetylcysteine).

Dr. Mihalcea also strongly recommends reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields such as 5G and wifi, as well as avoiding close contact with cell phones. These EMFs fuel the growth of nanotechnology in the body, she said. She added that people can definitely help themselves by turning off wifi entirely and using cables instead.

“Based on the new patients I see in my clinical practice, the amount of contamination in the human blood has increased exponentially,” Dr. Mihalcea said. “Since January of this year (2023) I haven’t seen anybody come into my office with clean blood.”

A video of the symposium can be viewed at


All three presenters maintain Substack accounts.

Dr. Mihalcea’s Substack is Dr. Ana Mihalcea Humanity United Now

Dr. Nixon is at Nixonlab and Dr. Nixons Substack

Dr. Ber is at Dr. Len Ber Substack

One thing is clear the human race is being used as guinea pigs in a gigantic experiment and the collateral damage has already been enormous.

I always want to know WHY? Why would they be doing this? What’s the point?

I do believe that the issue of 5G is central. Whichever way you look at it, the aggressive rollout of 5G is about establishing a control grid across the planet. The very fact that it is a forbidden subject makes me highly suspicious. There is no escaping the fact that 5G has long been recognized as having the capacity to be deployed as a Directed Energy weapon.


The Brain Is the Battlefield of the Future. The WEF’s Stated Objective is “Altering the Human Being”

Also see

The questions we need to ask are:

Why are the known health risks of 5G technology being routinely ignored?

Why has it been the one subject that even the alternative media by and large refuses to discuss? And if someone does have the temerity to discuss it why are they immediately targeted – Dr Rashid Buttar and Karen Kingston being only the most recent examples?

Why was it the roll out of 5G exponentially increased when the rest of the planet was locked down in 2020?

Why was David Icke immediately banned from You Tube and all social media platforms the moment he drew attention in 2020 to a correlation between COVID19 and the roll out of 5G. Why is he now banned from travelling anywhere in Europe for entirely spurious reasons?

Why have the Telecommunications companies installing the technology been granted carte blanche to install it wherever they deem fit, and have further been granted immunity from prosecution should their product cause harm - no different from the immunity granted the vaccine companies when the COVID jab was being rolled out?


Why is it that recipients of COVID vaccine have been shown to be broadcasting MAC addresses for goodness sake?


It is clear to me there is a synergy between 5G technology and the technology being utilised in the COVID vaccines and we are not supposed to know about it. The very fact that as Dr Ana points out ‘EMFs fuel the growth of nanotechnology in the body’ indicates cause for concern...


I have entitled this website and its attendant book The Disease of Modern Medicine for a very good reason. Medicine as currently constituted under the auspices of the World Health Organisation and its associated regulatory bodies, all controlled by a single massive vested interest, namely the Pharmaceutical Industry, has become the greatest source of disease and suffering on this planet.

One man who understands why this is so is David Marks, who has just published an article on Substack entitled Anatomy Of A Protection Racket


The article concludes:

‘The abhorrent means of extortion of an organized crime protection racket are now the standard practices of the pharmaceutical industry and their cronies; government agencies and doctors are their enforcers. This reckless atmosphere allows associated criminal activity, including the engendering of disease through negligent oversight of toxic causes and experimentation with pathogens.’

I couldn’t put it better myself.


I launched this website out of a real sense of outrage when it appeared the MHRA in the UK had totally ignored the advice of the JCVI:

Here is what I wrote on the front page:

‘On the 3rd September 2021 the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) announced it was not recommending the Pfizer Covid-19 injection be offered to all children over the age of 12.

The assessment by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) was that the health benefits from vaccination are marginally greater than the potential known harms. However, the margin of benefit is considered too small to support universal vaccination of healthy 12 to 15 year olds at this time.

The JCVI cited the following –
“For the vast majority of children, SARS-CoV-2 infection is asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and will resolve without treatment. Of the very few children aged 12 to 15 years who require hospitalisation, the majority have underlying health conditions.”


Nevertheless in a document published on the UK Government’s website entitled COVID-19 RESPONSE: AUTUMN AND WINTER PLAN 2021/22 you will read this:

‘Third, following advice from the JCVI and UK Chief Medical Officers, the NHS will offer those 12-15 year olds not covered by previous advice with a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The NHS, working with school immunisation teams, will offer a first dose of vaccine to 12-15 year olds from next week, the week commencing 20 September. The Government will consult the Royal Colleges and other professional groups on how best to present the risk-benefit decisions about vaccination in a way that is accessible to children and young people as well as their parents.’



A total disregard for the truth seems to be par for the course these days

On 20th September 2023 the WHO issued a press release with the following headline:


No mention of the fact 11 nations objected to the Political Declaration, making it impossible to implement via consensus – see previous post.

James Roguski observed ‘It’s all theatre’, i.e. the UN and the WHO are giving the impression of an accord having been achieved when it’s no such thing. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

The truth is no longer currency. Everything is Spin. Remember when we first started hearing about Spin doctors in the corridors of power? The first I was aware of was Peter Mandelson, ‘spinning’ all the lies issuing from Tony Blair’s New Labour government.

What is a Spin Doctor? Presumably somebody adept at spinning an unpalatable fact until it looks like a palatable fact - that is, a master of deceit, somebody adept at pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Let’s call it what it is: somebody adept at telling porkies...

James Roguski has written:

I am aware that this is very confusing.

The powers-that-be had hoped to have their high level meeting and pretend to formally adopt the Political Declaration and be done with it. However, it didn’t quite work out that way.

The President of the United Nations General Assembly ONLY APPEARED to “adopt” the Political Declaration, but the process of adoption HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED. The document still needs to be formally voted on by the full General Assembly at some future date.

The events at the United Nations today (September 20, 2023) were a last-minute attempt at political theatre that was forced by the objections made by eleven nations. (See Broken Silence article referred to in previous post on this Blog)


Roguski continues:

It seems like the eleven nations have gotten their way by insisting that the United Nations follow their own rules.
Today was political theatre.

Apparently, this “Political Declaration” will be submitted for a formal vote at some future meeting of the full General Assembly.

The United Nations lost this skirmish.

The war for your mind, body and life continues.


For a full analysis of the shenanigans at the UN on 20th September see:


In an interview with Mike Adams the ‘Health Ranger’, former employee of the WHO Astrid Stuckelberger makes the important point that the WHO is powerless to implement its prescriptions without the backup of the United Nations. So everything hinges on what transpires at the UN. We need to keep watching...



An important article from the Substack account Exposing the Darkness details how the medical fascist state is being manoeuvred into position in America and how it’s all being done under the cloak of sanctioning emergency powers to combat a deadly disease. We all need to take note. As the article makes clear there are alarming parallels between the way the bureaucratic infrastructure is being assembled in America with the way in which mass genocide was sanctioned and coordinated in Nazi Germany. If it’s happening in America you can bet your bottom dollar it’s happening in the UK and across the so called free world.


The article concludes with a quote from Senator Rand Paul:

“It’s time for us to resist, they can’t arrest all of us. They can’t keep all of your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed. Although I’ve got a long list of ones they might keep closed , or might ought to keep closed. We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and bureaucrats. We can simply say no, not again.”


And this is the same conclusion reached by a remarkable woman sat in the European Parliament, who is almost a lone voice of sanity: Christine Andersen. She’s worth listening to:


This is how she concludes her speech:

Take the power away from them! Simply say no. Once you do that, they don’t have power over you anymore. You will feel so free. Simply say no.

“And considering what we’ve heard today, and considering what we’ve seen in the last three years. Considering what we know they want to implement, heck, you might even be well within your right to tell them to screw themselves and go to hell! That’s where they belong. What will you get out of that? I can tell you. Once you’ve done that, once you’ve told them to just go to hell, they no longer have power over you. You will have an incredible feeling — kind of like a sensation of freedom will swap through your body. I promise you will feel so relieved.

“And this is the state of mind that I would ask all of you to get to. Simply don’t let them grind you down anymore. You are worth it. You are deserving of just standing up for yourselves. And tell them all to go to hell. Thank you very much.”

See for the full speech


The evidence mounts daily of the health devastation that has been caused by the COVID19 Vaccination campaign, but they’ve only just gotten started....


An article entitled Some nasty little surprises in the Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines” published today 25th September 2023 by The Expose concludes thus:

‘There is now overwhelming evidence of serious injury and death due to these pharmaceutical products, and yet this is still only slowly making its way into general awareness.

The entire process of development and approval appears to have been designed to conceal the dangers and rush these harmful products onto the market and force billions of people to take them. It is inconceivable that any of this was accidental. It appears to have been completely intentional.

The harm is not accidental but rather it is purposefully built into the mRNA technology. And they fully intend on doing even more harm in the future:

“While it remains necessary and urgent to inform the public of the risks and the manifest damage done by the COVID-19 vaccines…It is clear that the mRNA vaccine technology will soon be extended to pathogens other than SARS-CoV-2…we must expect these future mRNA vaccines to cause the same grave harm that is already manifest with those directed against COVID-19, and to do so in much the same manner. We want to help you understand that this harm is built right into the mRNA technology and that you must do everything you can in order to protect your children and yourself from these future poisons dressed up as medicines.”
Michael Palmer MD, Sucharit Bhakdi MD, Margot DesBois BA, Brian Hooker PhD, David Rasnick PhD, Mary Holland JD, Catherine Austin Fitts

This article only covers a few of the nasty little surprises in the Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines”. Other nasty little surprises have been discovered by independent researchers, and there are, of course, other types of Covid-19 “vaccine”.

We have truly entered a new Dark Age in human history. Your best defence against this evil is the light of knowledge. Don’t die of ignorance.


Somebody recently recommended to me a book called The Escape Artist.

If you google ‘The Escape Artist’ you’ll be presented with a novel by Brad Meltzer, a TV series starring David Trennant or a 1982 film starring Griffin O'Neal and Raúl Juliá.

However if you scroll down (and I suspect Google would rather you didn’t) you’ll come across the book that was recommended to me, a book by Jonathan Freedland with the same title.


This book carries an incredibly important message for humanity at this time

The book is about two prisoners in Auschwitz Nineteen-year-old Rudolf Vrba and fellow inmate Fred Wetzler, who, in April 1944, managed to escape the horrors of the camp with the primary purpose of alerting the world to what was transpiring there.

Once having escaped and reached civilisation the prisoners hit a problem. NOBODY WANTED TO BELIEVE THEM.

What they had to relay was SO egregious, SO horrific, SO unbelievable, everybody they told said ‘That can’t possibly be happening. Not here. Not in the middle of the 20th century. Not here at the apex of the civilised Western world. You’re having us on....’

I come up against the same syndrome every day when trying to relay the message on this website. ‘You must be mad – They wouldn’t do that’.

But they are, demonstrably so.

Just as 80 years ago they were torturing, maiming and killing millions in the Nazi death camps.

The only difference now is they’ve researched and refined their methods.

The justification is almost the same. They’ve dropped the issue of racial purity, so central to the Nazi propaganda machine, because that would be just a little too controversial in a world besieged by Woke ideology.

And yet the messaging is the same. We are in the midst of a public health emergency. Therefore we have to prioritise public health and hygiene, and this means the normal standards of common decency and observation of sovereign human rights no longer apply. The ends justify the means. You will obey. Roll up your sleeves....